Northwards from Delhi


I wanted to go somewhere. The last few months had been stormy at the university. The transition from a constantly tense environment was much awaited, but difficult too. Just as the campus was settling down, the city came under open attack. Continue reading “Northwards from Delhi”


When we were little kids, we used to listen to various stories from our parents before going to sleep. This beautiful practice has helped us to develop our mind into building our own world within ourselves. But the more we grow up, the more we think due to that creative part of our brain and the less we tend to put it into real action. Continue reading “CHAPTER-1: Thoughts into Simple Words, ONLINE MONEY MAKING WITH CONTENT WRITING!”

Korean delicacies to try out in Kolkata this Winter

Korean food restaurants are not that much popularly seen in Kolkata or even in other parts of India. In a street full of restaurants buzzing with food lovers, you might find one Korean restaurant in comparison to five Chinese and three Japanese restaurants. Continue reading “Korean delicacies to try out in Kolkata this Winter”

Backpacking through New York


I had been in New York for about a month, and the city, I discovered is beautiful.
Something is always happening, and somewhere or the other there’s always
something you’re welcome to join. Continue reading “Backpacking through New York”

Top 5 Habits of Successful Digital Entrepreneurs

Success is not a one day story. But in order to be a successful digital entrepreneur, you need these 5 core habits in your life! @ishaniroy1314 Continue reading “Top 5 Habits of Successful Digital Entrepreneurs”