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9 Extreme Abu Dhabi Theme Park Rides That Can’t Be Missed

Abu Dhabi is the place in the Middle East for theme park aficionados. It’s home to no less than three of the most popular and best-known adventure parks in the world: Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. 

Yas Waterworld is a wild and wet adventure playground themed around Abu Dhabi’s pearl diving history. There is plenty for all ages and even the most daring thrill-seekers to enjoy. If you love speed and anything motor-themed, then Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the place for you.

This indoor park has some world record-breaking rides. Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is a cinema-themed leisure destination packed full of rides and exciting entertainment.

All are situated on Yas Island, one of the UAE’s premier entertainment destinations. This means you can get to all three theme parks easily from your Yas Island hotel and also enjoy all the island has to offer.

On Yas Island, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to action-packed activities, shopping and dining. For adventure lovers, it’s an ideal place for a getaway. 

If you are heading to Yas Island in Abu Dhabi to experience its record-breaking parks, here are the theme park rides you can’t miss. 

1. Liwa Loop, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

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Fear factor: Liwa Loop is the first freefall drop waterslide in the Middle East.

The weather is warm all year round in Abu Dhabi, which means cooling off at a water theme park should be at the top of your list. Yas Waterworld has it all: truly thrilling rides and slides, gentler experiences for the youngest in the family, and everything in between. 

Liwa Loop is one of its premier rides. Eager riders line up to begin the ride in a capsule. It’s not for the faint of heart. The capsule floor soon gives way to send you plummeting from a jaw-dropping height into a dramatic looping waterslide to complete the ride.  

2. Formula Rossa, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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Fear factor: This is the fastest roller coaster in the world!

The attraction of this ride is clear: You’ll ride faster here than on any other ride in the world. You’ll also get to feel the same exhilaration as a Formula One driver.

The coaster accelerates at 0 to 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds from a height of 52m. This gives a surge of 4.8Gs that you’ll feel in the pit of your stomach. It’s hard to imagine a bigger thrill. 

The biggest question is: Do you dare to climb aboard?

3. Batman Knight Flight, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

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Fear factor: Prepare to soar through the dark skies of Gotham City.

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is a Hollywood-inspired theme park with something for every generation. It’s not without its thrills and spoils, however. Top of the list of its adrenaline-fueled rides is Batman Knight Flight. You can expect plenty of twists, turns, climbs, drops, spins and rolls on this roller coaster. 

The premise of the ride is to act as a test pilot aboard a new urban patrol vehicle designed to keep the streets of Gotham City safe. You’ll launch from the Bat Cave and thwart plenty of Batman’s arch enemies along the way. Every second of this ride is electrifying.  

4. Dawwama, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

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Fear factor: This is the world’s largest six-person tornado water coaster

Dawwama is considered to be the region’s most exhilarating water experience and is definitely one of a kind. It is a six-person ride, meaning it’s a thrill you can share with family and friends. The ride uses hydromagnetic technology to create a unique, high intensity experience.

First you slither from high through the world’s longest six person water slide, before hitting a 20m-high funnel to end the ride. Phew!

5. Flying Aces, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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Fear factor: The ride includes the world’s highest roller coaster loop.

Flying Aces involves climbing aboard a bi-plane to tackle some immense twists and loops. The ride is inspired by Ace of Aces aviator Count Baracca. Its height of 63m, 51-degree incline, and top speed of 120 km/h will surely set your pulse racing.

6. Scarecrow Scare Raid, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

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Fear factor: Get goosebumps aboard this dramatic flight experience

If spooky is your thing, then look no further than Scarecrow Scare Raid. This ride combines the terrifying Scarecrow from Gotham City with a plane ride like no other. It’s an intense few minutes as you spin and barrel roll through the wild world of the Scarecrow in a series of acrobatic feats.

7. Jebel Drop, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

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Fear factor: Experience a ten stories high plunge on this ride.

Jebel Drop is hugely popular with guests of Yas Waterworld. With a minimum height of 120cm, it’s one that all but the smallest thrillseekers can enjoy. 

As the name suggests, Jebel Drop is all about the drop. Riders plunge from the best vantage point in the park, making it a high speed ride with a view. 

8. Turbo Track, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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Fear factor: Confront a zero-gravity fall on this heartstopping ride. 

If you are a fan of back-to-back rides, you’ll love Turbo Track. The ride dares you to race towards the sky and features both a vertical climb and a zero-gravity fall before reversing the experience. Turbo Track takes thrill-seekers up and out through the theme park’s iconic red roof before plunging you back inside.

9. Justice League Warworld Attacks, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

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Fear factor: Face off against the world’s arch enemies

Last but not least is a ride with a difference. Justice League Warworld Attacks is a 5D immersive experience that pits you against all of fiction’s greatest super-villains.

Join Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and other DC heroes in defeating intergalactic tyrant Mongul and his allies. The ride takes you through iconic DC locations in a classic good vs evil confrontation. 

There’s plenty to wow even the most experienced adrenaline seekers at these three parks. Yas Island Abu Dhabi is a world-class destination for leisure and entertainment. Make it your next theme park booking for a thrilling adventure. 

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