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6 Fun Things You Can Do This Weekend

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After a hectic weekday shuttling from home to the workplace and back, you deserve a weekend filled with fun and pure bliss. However, your weekend wouldn’t automatically offer you the treatment you so desire. You need to be able to draw up a plan on how to enjoy your weekend and activate them when you finally get that min-holiday. For those who lack ideas on how to spice up your weekend in anticipation of another week, here are some ideas to consider

1. Catch up on your favorite book


A lot of us have many fabulous books on our to-read list. Unfortunately, due to work, we haven’t had the chance to complete or even begin reading these books. If you are yet to complete one of your favorite novels or a nonfiction book, you can dig into them during weekends.


2. Do Yoga

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If you are often very busy during weekends, you may want to consider dedicating some time to wellness activities like Yoga. Yoga, unlike typical exercises, is an old practice that involves physical poses, focus, and deep breathing. Its benefits range from increased flexibility, stress reduction, weight reduction, improved energy, vitality, performance, etc. If you are new to Yoga, you can sign up for a local class to get started. Those familiar with this activity can watch yoga videos online to perform a routine from the comfort of their home.

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3. Engage in thrilling outdoor activities

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With the weekdays coming to a close and the weekend around the corner, you may want to begin plans on how to put your mini-holiday to use. If you have been eager to enjoy some thrilling outdoor activities, we advise that you include camping and hiking in your list of plans. For the best experience, ensure you get all your gears and equipment ready beforehand. You can decide to go solo or invite family and friends. Most people prefer the latter, though.

4. See a Movie or play

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Have you been itching to watch a particular movie but haven’t had the time due to your crammed weekday schedule? With the weekend approaching, you can book a spot in your favorite Cinema. And yes, you don’t necessarily have to go alone. To spice things up, consider going along with a loved one. Alternatively, if you would love to see something in real-time, you could visit an art theater to watch a play. Both options can help you relax and have fun.

5. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while

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When was the last time you spoke to your childhood friend? What about your high school buddy, that folk who helped you at the grocery store, or your uncle? There is always someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Taking time to call that person during the weekend will go a long way in affirming your care and repairing the potential disconnection. We bet they’ll all be happy to hear from you, so make that call!

6. Throw an impromptu party

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Everyone loves parties. If your hectic weekday schedule has put all of your party plans on hold, you can consider throwing one during the weekend. It is an impromptu party, so you don’t need to bother about forking out a huge amount of money to finance. Gather a few friends, ensure that your sound system is functional, hang a few decorations, get some drinks and chops, and you already have yourself an impromptu party; easy-peasy!


If you are always busy during weekdays, you may want to use your weekends to the fullest. Ensure you begin planning before the big day so your plan does not suffer any setbacks. And when the fun time comes, do not hold back. You deserve the thrills and spills!