Top 10 Historical Places To Visit


For me, it is the direct contact with the past that makes any visit memorable. It’s always thrilling to follow in the footsteps of those, on whom you spent your history lessons listening about. It feels real, more than just a myth meant for dusty old textbooks! So, just like me, this top 10 historical places will force all history lovers to have a quick getaway. Continue reading “Top 10 Historical Places To Visit”



It’s one of the well-known holiday destinations and in everyone’s bucket list. Glitzy Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. A huge city of superlatives from the largest, longest, tallest, highest and fastest is the best holiday destination. Nothing here is done in cheap, in other words, it has everything world class. Apart from modern Dubai, Bastakia which is known as old Dubai has a lot of history to offer you. Don’t forget to take a trip to Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates, just an hour away from the city. If you have only 3 days to spend then relax, below down is Dubai itinerary;

1. Burj Khalifa

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The skyscraper of Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world of 828meter. The 162-story tower is an amalgamation of local cultural influences with new leading technology to achieve high performance in an extreme desert climate. At ground level, it is surrounded with beautifully designed gardens and water features like Dubai Fountain; it’s the world’s tallest performing fountain. The tower’s design is inspired by geometries and patterning systems embodied in Islamic architecture. At the 124th-floor observation deck, you can view 360-degree Dubai, at night the experience gets double.

2. Dubai Mall

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Dubai Mall, known for its Dubai shopping festival is one of the largest malls in the world. From forever21 to Burberry to Ralph Lauren, you will get through more than 200 brands and can grab your hands in any of your favourite brands. It has an ultimate entertainment package with ice-skating rink, gaming zone and cinema complex. Also, make a way to the largest indoor aquarium and underwater zoo, which showcase the most diverse collections of aquatic life and zoo takes you to meet penguins, jellyfish, seahorses, crabs and plenty more. Dubai Mall is also an entry ticket to Burj Khalifa.

3. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Scenic View of City at Sunset
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Erect on its own artificial island on Dubai, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah a sail-shaped building is one of the most expensive hotels in the world, with 9 signature restaurants and an opulent full-service spa. You can best experience European cuisine in Al Muntaha, Burj Al Arab’s signature fine dining restaurant. With best spas, dines and unlimited offers to water sports at Wild Wadi waterpark makes it the best luxurious hotel.

4. Jumeirah Beach

If you are tired from the city tour, then take on a relaxation day to Jumeirah beach. You can experience a perfect day on the beach and under the sun, with an astonishing view of Burj Al Arab. Or else, you can also take a walk on the beach, it’s all yours and don’t worry if you are a family person there is enough space for children to play and make sandcastles.

5. Palm Jumeirah

An artificial archipelago and Nabeel’s flagship project Palm Jumeirah is world’s largest man-made island. Villas, apartments and hotels, it has since then become a tourist destination and residential. As its smallest in the trilogy of Persian Gulf, others are Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira (but they are incomplete currently). Subway/tram is best to take you straight through the heart of the island. One should see and experience the visit to the largest island.

6. IMG worlds of adventure

There something for all who love adventures and everything fun and kiddies. The IMG world is Dubai’s first mega theme park which will make you nostalgic and forced to be a kid again. It’s a four epic adventure zones with first two the famous Marvels and cartoon network characters, then to real size dinosaurs which can make you bend down in your knees to IMG Boulevard.  It has an extensive range of retail outlets, plenty of options for everyone to dine. With full enjoyment and fun, IMG world of adventure is a sure to visit place.

7. Desert Safari

Human Riding Camel on Dessert Under White Sky during Daytime
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There’s a saying that Dubai trip is incomplete without desert safari and that’s true. Apart from, all pristine beaches and high-rise buildings, the plain vast desert of Dubai will leave you stunned with magical sight and offers endless sports and fun. Be it a 4*4 vehicle ride or slow camel ride to high hot air balloon experience; view Dubai in your way.

8. Ferrari world

Grab your seatbelt; you’re going to experience the fun-filled and fastest rides in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari world. Be entertained with the Ferrari-inspired shows and live music. Don’t miss out this one! You will experience all emotions in just one ride.

9. Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

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Located in the Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed is the largest mosque in the country. The design has been inspired from Persian, Mughal, and Indo-Islamic. From the largest carpet to beautiful chandeliers, everything is magnificent here. It’s important to cover your head with a scarf before entering the mosque, and for women’s they must also cover their hands and wrist. It’s a beautiful mosque to visit once!

Dubai has much more to give you, apart from all these high rises and luxurious places. It has a lot of history in old Dubai. You can also choose a trip to old Dubai (especially for history buffs) for a different view of the city!

PONDICHERRY: Where Souls meet Country


Have you ever been to any of such place(s) where you feel like to stay forever or if not forever then for a little while (more than you planned) because it’s such a peaceful place? Pondicherry is one such place, where you would like to stay, around beautiful beaches and enjoy the sunrise or take a bicycle tour to explore the city or click photographs with a lively color scheme in the background.

The territorial town in southeastern of Tamil Nadu is the most charming and peaceful city of South India. Life of people here is very calm and composed. Along with that, the residents of the city are down to earth and very admirable. It still has that old French charm (it was a French colonial settlement, until 1954) away from France giving you an authentic feel of French culture and allure. Despite the French colony, some part of the city also gives you the Indian authentic feel. So, to make your trip a good one here’s an ultimate guide to Pondicherry.


How to get there

If you’re travelling to Pondicherry, your best way is to take a flight till Chennai. Then, from the airport grab a taxi or the best is to book an Ola cab, it will be reasonable. It will take almost 3hours to reach Pondicherry! If you’re heading from Bangalore then take flight as they run daily flights to Puducherry. According to my opinion, the best way is the road option. It’s well connected by bus from Chennai and Bangalore.

Few things to do out of many in Puducherry:

1. Manakulavinayagar temple

It is a must visit, an ancient Hindu temple in the Puducherry devoted to Lord Ganesha. It’s located in White town, 400mts away from the Bay of Bengal. The walls of this temple are painted with astounding paintings from Hindu mythology. You will find the main deity of this holy place rested on the golden chariot. Which makes this place a magnificent glory, devotees are also entertained by temple elephant Lakshmi who showers blessings and gathers coins from tourist.

2. Monumental walk

Pondicherry has a number of great monuments to get to know more about the town. This walking tour is a great way to explore the heritage and architectural beauty of this city. On this tour, you will be visiting Asia’s tallest Gandhi statue, French town hall building, Dupleix statue, old lighthouse, park monument and many more. One must take this monumental tour for a different perspective!

3. Aurobindo Ashram


It’s the spiritual place founded by Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa who was called as ‘the mother’. Today, many devotees come in search of peace; the focus is to surrender to the divine principle and being open to divine forces. It’s a meek place, unlike typical temples but the atmosphere is sacred. You must visit this place for a peaceful retreat.

4. Rock beach


Rock beach is amongst the most recommended place of Pondicherry. It’s calm and chaos together, and making beautiful turmoil of waves. One can have their most lovely and peaceful time (especially in evenings) while sitting on rocks watching the formation of waves!

5. Surfing at Serenity beach

This beautiful beach greets visitors with a panoramic view. If you love water sports than surfing in serenity beach you can’t miss. Along with that, you can also relax around with a book and a beautiful view.

6. Visit Churches

The city has many churches to visit, and it attracts a number of tourists. The most famous churches you will find here and should visit are Eglise De Notre Des Anges, The Basilica of the sacred heart of Jesus, and Church of our Lady of Lourdes. They vividly represent the French culture and showcase intriguing architecture.

7. Shopping in Pondy Bazaar

The trip can’t end without buying anything which resembles the taste of a local place. Pondy is heaven for those who love handmade art pieces or souvenirs. The guide accompanies you to tell stories related to the area and it’s a unique way of exploring the market so that the visitors will come to love. Other than that, you will get to taste the local cuisines at famous café.

8. Visit Auroville


Have you ever visited any town or city developed with an aim to create harmony amongst different nationalities and cultures? If No, then take-out some time from Pondicherry and visit this town which is known as “The City of Dawn”, 14km away from Pondy. Auroville is a township developed to ensure that people find the meaning of peaceful living with one another… And it’s truly is, as you will find different nationalities people live in harmony! Matrimandir is a middle point of this township which glows in the sunlight, and is considered the sign of peace, serenity and tranquillity as it takes you to another level of solitude.

Just visit the French connection of India once!

Top 10 best weather places in the World

In the world full of diversity and variations there are some places with a pleasant climate all the year. The top 10 places with best weather year-round are listed below.

1. Canary Islands, Spain
Canary islands, located near the shores of Africa are Spanish territory. The cold Canary stream which passes over the islands makes the climate cool. Air temperature remains moderate, neither too high nor too low. Usually, the temperature remains in the range of 20°C to 26°C throughout the year. The island of Tenerife gets heavy rainfall, unlike other islands. This island is also known as ‘Island of Eternal Spring’. The islands offer clean air and comparatively dry air, which make the islands more comfortable.



2. Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil has a pleasant weather. In summer, the temperature is about 27°C and in winter it is near 20°C. The summer is moderately warm and rainy whereas the winter is sub-dry with a strong wind flow. In summer days, rainfall is abundant. The city is located on a high plateau, which makes the climate tolerable. Formation of a cyclone or tornado is uncommon. Because of its excellent weather conditions, around 12 million people visit the city every year.

sao paulo


3. Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu is one of the largest islands of Hawaii, located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. The island is also known as ‘The Gathering Place’ because of its population and excellent weather conditions. The weather remains warm and sunny around the year. The weather makes the island most popular destination in Hawaii. Temperature remains in the range of 25 to 30°C throughout the year and the weather is almost dry. Rainy season is uncommon here. It experiences rain in the winter, but the sun reappears after a rainstorm.

oahi hawaii


4. San Diego, California, USA
San Diego is a city in California, well known for its beaches and climate. The weather is one of the main reasons why most of the rich people choose this place. Summer is warm and dry with an average temperature of 25°C and a mild winter with around 19°C. Spring season also feels like summer. So, a warm sea can be enjoyed throughout the year. The Pacific Ocean and mountains make the weather so good and healthy. Cold streams passing around California brings the temperature in a moderate range. San Diego River flows from east to west.

san diego


5. Sydney, Australia
Sydney, the state capital of New South Wales has excellent weather around the year. Climate conditions are categorised by warm summer, cool winter and average rainfall throughout the year. The temperature in summer remains around 30°C and 20°C in winter. The activity of the cyclone or thunderstorm is rare. Snowfall is also uncommon. Sydney is surrounded by mountains in the west and sea in the east. The geographical position of the city makes the climate enjoyable.



6. Mombasa, Kenya
Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya. Being close to the equator it has a tropical climate. The temperature remains in the range of 20- 30°C around the year. A little cloudiness is common. Here the climate is wet and dry and the amount of rainfall depends on the season. In the month of April and May, most rainfall can be seen.



7. Nice, France
Nice is one of the most popular cities in France. The city has mild Mediterranean climate conditions with temperature in the range of 20-27°C. This feature attracts a lot of people. Apart from the beautiful sea, the city is surrounded by mountains to the north. This city has one of the warmest climatic conditions corresponding to the latitude. Summer season is usually hot and sunny. Rainfall is moderate and about 50 days all around the year.

France Nice.jpg

8. Costa Rica
Costa Rica, a country in Central America is located near the equator. The climate is tropical year round. Temperature remains in the range of 19-27°C. The main seasons are summer and winter. Rainfall occurs in the winter of over 5000 mm per annum. The country is subdivided into many microclimates depending on elevation. The weather remains very warm and comfortable year round.

costa rica.jpg

9. Kunming, China
Kunming city in Yunnan has a fantastic climate all year. It is also known as ‘Spring City’ because of its perfect weather. Weather is neither too warm nor too cold. Mild climate with warm, humid summer and cool dry winter is its speciality. Weather is almost dry except the rainy season. Annual mean temperature is 16°C.


10. Loja, Ecuador
Loja is located in Southern Ecuador in the bottom of Cuxibamba valley. The average temperature is 16°C year round. Variation of temperature is very rare. Though the days are warm and nights are cold and often wet. The absence of sunlight during the morning is common because of its location in the valley. The city is blessed with an average rainfall of 60mm.



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Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Shantiniketan is a famous town near Bolpur in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. It is mainly known for the famous university Vishva Bharati, set up by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, one of Bengal’s greatest figures. It is well-known for its contribution to education, art, and literature.


In 1862, Maharshi Debendranath Tagore, father of Rabindranath Tagore found this place very peaceful. He renamed it Shantiniketan, which means abode (Niketan) of peace (Shanti). In 1863, he founded an institution here. In 1901, Rabindranath Tagore started a school. Later he established Visva Bharati University here.


Shantiniketan is well-connected by rail and road from Kolkata. The train journey is short (about two hours) and scenic, to enjoy local food and music. It is good to reserve your seats in advance.

Road trip to Shantiniketan is amazing and refreshing as well. It will take approximately three hours.

What To See

Vishva Bharati university campus, the most important place in town which opens for visitors after 1 pm. This university offers a variety of courses. The most renowned ones are Sangeet Bhavan, the music department, and Kala Bhavan, the art department.

Some Rights Reserved, Photo Courtesy Debarghya Roy

Amritakunj is the open air classroom which is absolutely unique. Kala Bhavan is a worth visiting place where you can witness the works of some of India’s most renowned artists and watch students engrossed in creating their own masterpieces. Continue reading “Shantiniketan, West Bengal”