Thrillophilia Kedarkantha Trek Review: The Queen of Winter Treks

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Google can really delight you with their collection of images, and as a person with the habit of searching up every new place that I hear about, it serves a lucrative purpose.

This time, it was Kedarkantha, a summit trek that I read about in one of the Thrillophilia Himalayan Trek reviews. Based in Uttarakhand, the trek is one of the most popular ones. The trail is of easy-moderate difficulty, which gave me the courage to commence upon it on my own.

So, I booked a solo slot to commence this trip during the peak season in December. The trek started from a small village named Sankri, and our group was escorted there from Dehradun by Thrillophilia’s representatives.

Upon reaching there, we met the guide, and the next day we set our journey to this place called Juda ka Talab. It has a lake, which is laden with several mythical folklore.

The water had frozen, and our surroundings were all covered in snow. Flakes of snow fell from the pine branches upon our hair while we were exploring the place, and bone-chilling winds made my squinted eyes flutter all the more.

The next day, our group was supposed to reach the base camp, but we were hit by a blizzard during the nighttime, so we had to wait longer for the weather to clear completely the next day. We started our journey late, and the sun was directly over our heads.

One thing about undertaking a snow trek is the fact that they can give you snow burns. The white snow reflects the sun’s rays and harms the skin, so it is advisable to take proper precautions like sunglasses and sunscreens.

Also, it feels colder when the snow melts under the sun, rather than when it snows. It was a struggle to reach the base camp, and the guides were really supportive of all the travelers. One of the drawbacks of this was the excessive crowd.

However, it had a positive side to it as well, I could meet and engage with a lot of people on this trip which made my trekking experience fun and memorable. Although I like to trek in peace, over virgin trails and off-beat routes, sometimes a little bit of adjustment does not harm.

The first aid kit came into use to a great extent as well, as some of the trekkers were facing difficulty in endurance. The sun was almost setting when we reached the destination, shedding a soft golden glow over the entire camping area.

The view was hindered to some extent so there was a slight remorse for not being able to enjoy the view properly. However, the next morning our group was supposed to make it to the summit, so we set out early at around 4:30-5 AM, while it was still dark.

It was a full moon night and the entire space shone silver under the white-blue light. Similar to what I observed in the accounts of other travellers who shared their trip experience review of Thrillophilia.

All the regrets and tiredness vanished when I climbed up to an impeccable sight of snow-capped mountain ranges and a vast valley below.

Conquering a summit is a unique feeling, it fills you up with a sense of success and achievement that gets you closer to what you wish to be in life.  My heart was so full at that moment.

Anyway, with a glimmer in my eyes, I started the descent along with our group. We reached the base camp and this time the clear weather allowed for a much better view. After having some breakfast we started down towards Juda Ka Talab, our first destination on the trek.

Spending the night there, the next day we got back to Sankri and stayed there for another day. Finally, we were driven back to Dehradun, bidding adieu to the world so surreal, into that of suffocating smog and buzzing horns.

It’s always a jerk to return from a trek, it seems to belong to a whole new realm. So, with a heart full of gratitude to the management, tour guides, porters, and especially the reviews of Thrillophilia, I thank the entire organization for making this trip so smooth yet so happening.

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