Mysore Dasara

Top 10 Major Attractions and Facts of the Mysore Dasara Festival

Mysore Dasara is the most important festival of Karnataka. Every year millions of tourists visit Mysore on Vijayadashami to witness the grandeur of the Dasara festival. Here are the major unmissable attractions and facts about the Mysore Dasara festival that every travel enthusiast must know.

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Durga Museum Of Kolkata- Get The Pujo Feeling All Year Round

The whole ambience during Durga Puja in the streets of Kolkata is unparalleled. The amazing artworks prepared for months to be showcased during Durga Puja celebration are preserved in the Durga museum at Rabindra Sarobar after the celebrations are over.

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Top 10 Mesmerizing Sites To Explore In Purulia, West Bengal

The lush green lands of Purulia attract people from all around the country. It is a part of the Chota Nagpur plateau hence unravelling wondrous natural beauty. In order to be enriched in the mystic charm of Purulia check out these top places that you must visit here.

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