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Sustainable Travel- Top 6 Green Hotels In The World


Written By Zoya Ali.

Travelling can be expensive for many. It starts from booking flight tickets to finding the best hotels. Finding the best hotels are hard but mostly finding the best hotels that are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly hotels not only help in bettering the environment but also, help you.

The air around will be fresher and the area around cleaner. It should be a priority for everyone who is looking for a hotel to look for an eco-friendly one, for the betterment of your health and safety and the environment.

Sustainable hotel
Picture Credit- Tatler Hong Kong

Travelling itself contributes to many environmental problems and 8% of all carbon emitted is from travelling and people who travel. Trying to be sustainable and eco-friendly while travelling is very important. Hotels can’t be too eco-friendly as they are looking out for your best interests and trying to give you as much comfort as possible.

There are many eco-friendly hotels all over the world. Eco-hotels or green hotels are hotels that are environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. Tourism around the world affects the host country majorly from increased pollution to decay of the environment.

A very good example of this is the coral reef in Australia is almost dead because of the amount of pollution caused by tourists. The coral reef has reached such a devastating point where it will be impossible to revive the coral reef yet the scientists are still trying their best.

Sustainable hotel
Picture Credit- Wanderlust Travel Magazine

Travelling can put a lot of stress on the host country environmentally and hence it is best to try to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

The only downside to staying in a sustainable hotel is that it is a little overpriced. If you are going on a holiday with a budget, we recommend not looking for a sustainable hotel as many of them are overpriced.

It will cost you as much as staying in a resort and will take a lot of money. There are also cheap sustainable hotels but it is not easy to be sustainable mostly for a hotel and therefore they charge a lot. 

1. Six Senses, Fiji

Six Senses, Fiji
Picture Credit- Six Senses

Six Senses- Fiji is on a private island surrounded by forests and beautiful waves. The entire hotel is powered by solar energy and there is no piece of plastic anywhere in the province. They channel all the rainwater and purify it till drinkable; it is a self-sustaining unit.

There are two kinds of rooms, one bigger with a swimming pool and the others are smaller and without a swimming pool. The six sense Fiji grow their own organic produce as well as having their own desalination plant to use the seawater.

Six Senses, Fiji
Picture Credit- Ministry of Villas

They also have hens and roosters who roam freely and provide them with eggs and further away from the hotel a beehive area to provide the hotel with their own fresh honey and honeycomb.

Furthermore, they protect endangered animals like the iguana of the islands in the hotel’s forested area, they also hire the locals of the island to help on the hotel and work at making handicrafts to help the locals gain an income.

Six Senses, Fiji
Picture Credits- Best Awards

Despite helping the community of the hotel so much they also don’t have a reasonable price for the amount of luxury and clean environment they provide. The prices they offer are 75157₹ for a two-day stay including all the facilities with free breakfast. 

2. Casa De las Olas, Tulum, Mexico

Casa De las Olas, Tulum, Mexico
Picture Credit- ViaMichelin

Casa De las Olas, Tulum is the only property in Mexico that has a LEED review with a platinum rating.  LEED-certified buildings that are sustainable.

The entire building is powered with solar energy and every piece of trash is hand sorted. The toiletries provided by the hotel are so natural they are almost edible.

Casa De las Olas, Tulum, Mexico
Picture Credits- Cancun to Chichen Itza

The food served is entirely natural and healthy. With approximately ₹19,500 for a 3-night stay, the minimum amount of time you can stay there is 3 nights.  The hotel’s accommodations are extremely stunning and you get to stay in small houses surrounded by greenery.

There is an open space with a dreamy sea breeze with trees and nature all around. Overall, the Casa De Las Olas is a very amazing self-sustaining unit with the beauty of nature amazing you from all around. 

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Casa De las Olas, Tulum, Mexico
Picture Credits- Olive Oil and Lemons

3. Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA

Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA
Picture Credit-

The entire property in Manhattan is powered by wind power plants and also harvest the rainwater to water their plants. The entire hotel uses low-power LED light bulbs to help save and conserve energy.

All the furniture is made out of reclaimed wood. This beautiful property overlooks the canal and the beautiful city of New York. This hotel experience is on the cheaper side. 

4. Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador, is a stunning property surrounded by clouds and mountains all around. It is the only property around for miles and miles. Being in the middle of nowhere the hotel has to be a self-sustaining unit, harvesting all it needs from the nature around it and always trying to be more sustainable.

The entire hotel is free of single-use plastic and has employed an expert team of naturalists and has also started researching the biodiversity around it.

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador
Picture Credit- Travel Babbo

The visitors can also go around and explore the forest around and hike. Mashpi also collaborates with local communities to help them explore the forests and hire them as a guide for hikes and explorations of the guests of the hotel.

Mashpi being in such a unique, beautiful and isolated location has to be self-sustaining and hence the price is very sturdy. The plan for one night is 1,02,035 with all the accessories of the hotel- spa, hikes etc. free.

5. Svart, Norway

Svart, Norway
Picture Credit- Departures

Svart, Norway is going to be the world’s first energy-positive hotel. The hotel is built by using local materials with a design that will have a low impact on the environment. The hotel has its own sustainable farm to provide for the 4 restaurants Svart has and is a 100-room hotel.

The hotel is going to save 85% of the annual consumption of energy used by the entire hotel. The hotel’s ambitious plan is to go off the grid in 5 years and be self-sustainable in terms of the energy it uses and waste management.

Svart, Norway
Picture Credit- Travel Triangle

The hotel is in the middle of a water body but the design and building of the hotel do not and will not harm any of the biodiversity present there. The hotel has not yet opened to the public and hence we do not know the prices it will provide. 

6. Wilderness Safaris Serra Cafema, Namibia

Wilderness Safaris Serra Cafema, Namibia
Picture Credit- Rethink Travel

Wilderness Safaris Serra Cafema, Namibia is a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Hence has to be completely solar-powered. The hotel protects and respects the space of the indigenous tribe- Himba and peacefully lives together. They have a tour around the area to show the guests the beautiful landscape and exotic wildlife.

The hotel is seen constantly helping the local communities and spreading awareness and educating people about the beautiful people and their daily life.

Wilderness Safaris Serra Cafema, Namibia
Picture Credit- Rhino Africa

As the hotel is in the middle of nowhere and there is not much air pollution created by it, the night sky at the Wilderness Safaris Serra Cafema is amazing. This self-sustaining unit along with the locals have been helping and protecting the wildlife.

The hotel has protected and saved 1000+ birds, 50+ amphibians, 250+ mammals, 200+reptiles near the province of the hotel. Furthermore, has spread awareness about the tribals’ and helped the local community thrive. 

All these amazing hotels around the world minimize hotel impact on the environment. This helps the h0ost community thrive and minimizes tourist impacts. Some of the hotels listed here have gone further and beyond the call of duty and make sure that their presence there will only benefit the environment around them as well as others.

eco friendly
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Helping locals with income, education and spreading awareness, helping the biodiversity thrive and being energy positive. Being sustainable as a hotel and making sure the guest experience luxury is a hard task but these amazing hotels have taken it as a stride to solve the problems of the future.

Most sustainable hotels are expensive but it will be worth it as it will better your health and experience there and reduce your impact on the host country.

All the hotels listed have environmentally friendly initiatives that reduce your impact on the host country and the environment by installing energy-efficient applications and renewable energy programs.  Most hotels that aren’t green or should go green to help the environment.

eco friendly
Picture Credit- Island Buzzy

Going green and getting a green certificate will also help the hotel attract guests who are environmentally conscious. Helping the environment in 2021 should be everyone’s priority from business and hotel to people and homes.

Everyone should be trying to benefit the environment around them to help in not causing another global issue. Everyone at this point mostly hotels should be doing their part in benefiting and helping the environment to reduce their effects and their guest effects on the host countries environment.

Going green is not easy for travellers or hotels but it is the conscious effort and thought that counts. In 2021 let’s all come together to save the environment.

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