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Written By Mousumi Tah.

Portugal though a small country is a land full of urban and rural beauty. There is immense amount of beauty to be discovered. The country promises a vacation full of photogenic scenes. Venturing into the villages will reward you with most charming fairy tale villages.

The size of the place could be roughly 38% of the U.K. Even though it is smaller in size, it does consist of various things, namely, Miles of sandy beaches, buzzing and affordable culinary vineyards; The cities there are very full of culture.

Along with that, the charm of the villages is also a factor to enjoy there. Do check the list of places out and visit with your dear ones to make beautiful memories.

1. Obidos

Picture Credit- Travel Passionate

The walled, medieval city of Obidos. Excellent place to stop by during a road trip. It is between Ports and Lisbon. Walk the beautiful walls of the castle and village.

Do sample the beautifully famed town speciality, that is, Ginja. It is a fruit-flavoured liqueur that can be shipped out of a chocolate cup! Do explore the place and enjoy its amazing beauty!

2. Talasnal

Picture Credit- Imgur

This Portugal’s village has a beautiful view. We can surely say that Portugal’s Central Interior has many towns built. And those are also built from a special rock called Schist. It is also said that TPG U.K.’s favourite is Talasnal.

The place is said to be perched high among the pines. That is so, in the Serra da Lousã, a mountain range. If you like hiking, especially in the mornings, it can prove to be the ideal stop. As it is surrounded by wooded hills and, that is why it can be an ideal stop.

3. Sintra

Picture Credit- Wallpaper Cave

Sintra is said to be the most famous landmark, which is in Portugal. If you visit Lisbon, your journey could be considered incomplete without a visit to Sintra. A day trip to Sintra is really worth it.

Sintra’s mountain has other wonders as well. They are the castle of the Moors. It also consists of several beautiful beaches, such as Adraga, and it is said to be in its complete form due to the jagged rock formations.

4. Aveiro

Picture Credit- Booking.com

Aveiro’s location can be described as slightly towards the South and near Costa Nova Beach. The beautiful place consists of picturesque houses, striped designs, which are lining near the beach.

Aveiro is also known as the Venice of Portugal, the reason for it is its beautiful canals and colourful Gondola boats, that are called Moliceiros that cruise them. This amazing place is another ideal and worth visiting! It is said to be more of a beautiful town than a village.

5. Azenhas do Mar

Azenhas do Mar
Picture Credit- Wikipedia

Azenhas do Mar is also known as Portugal’s “Cinque Terre”. It is so, because of its looming sea cliffs, which are again similar to those, which are, along the Italian Riviera. It is said that Azenhas do Mar can also prove to be an awesome as well as epic day trip from Lisbon as well.

You can also combine your trip with a visit to the aforementioned Sintra town, and it can be worth it. You can get the best viewpoint for the pictures from the top, that is the view of the village is captured best when captured from above.

It is said that you can also get to see its awesome scenery and admire it if you head to the Saltwater pool below. There you can admire the tides that form in the saltwater and capture its beauty as well.

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6. Monsanto

Picture Credit- TrekEarth

Monsanto is said to be one of the unique villages in Portugal. It also has numerous of its buildings put together and then built into extremely large boulders.

Do take your time and remember to visit and appreciate the top of the villages to wander around along with appreciating the view there. Beautiful integration, as well as seamless of human-made structures and those, are moss-covered boulders which are of prehistoric times.


7. Estremoz

Picture Credit- Touriosity

The Estremoz village in Portugal is extremely beautiful as well. You can say it is two villages in one instead. Its walled upper town, that dates back to the 13th Century and the other side, that is, the lower town of the place, was fortified in the 17th Century.

Now, about the place, Estremoz is known for its marble! Along with all its amazing factors, this adds to its beauty as well. Also, do remind yourself to look out for it, that is, the marbles, in both obvious as well as mundane places.

Those can be on doorsteps, in shopping places, you can also find them on pavements. Do explore the place and enjoy its beauty alongside!

8. Santana

Picture Credit- European Best Destinations

Santana is in Madeira, which is an Island in Portugal. Madeira consists of several villages which you can explore. But Santana could be one of the most distinguished among them.

It is because of its coloured, that is, red, white and blue houses which have thatched roofs. Do visit the place and its crafty shops and explore it and its green trails, which is in Parque Florestal das Queimadas.

9. Favaios

Picture Credit- portugalpatrimonios.com

If you are aware of the Douro Wine route, you’d probably know about a number of villages there, while wandering around. And along with that, you might know that Favaios is the perfect place for a snack.

Do visit the bakery places there and enjoy their speciality, that is, four corners bread. And, about the museum, Pão e Vinho (bread and wine), you should surely go there and learn about the edibles you have just ingested!

10. Tavira

Picture Credit- The Haphhazard Traveler

Portugal consists of the Algarve region, whose Southern side is really loved by the British Travellers, and that includes Tavira. The town is around the Gilão River. The village also consists of a castle.

Do explore the whitewashed medieval town and admire its beauty along with it. You would also love to head to the long and sandy beaches nearby Tavira island. Do enjoy exploring the beauty of the amazing place!

11. Ericeira

Picture Credit- Pinterest

Ericeira is known as the surf capital of Europe. It is also known for its surfing culture of Portuguese in the place. Ericeira is a set of quaint villages on the cliffs, which are above the sea.

This is also because you can enjoy several surfing beaches in nearby places. And about the cuisines, you can relish anything from Portuguese cuisines to vegan smoothies, that is, according to your tastes and preferences. Many kinds of cuisines are available to enjoy.

So, do enjoy your best here when you plan your trip to visit the beautiful place and make beautiful memories as well, similarly!

12. Nordeste

Picture Credit- Adventure Travel

The Azoree are said to be some of the most exotic islands on the earth, along with being beautiful. Near the hilltop Arnel lighthouse, there is the village of Nordeste s São Miguel island and it is blustery and remote as well.

And as you will be exploring the village, do not forget the São Jorge Church and do visit there too! Enjoy your time and make it worthwhile while you visit the place! Plan the trip with your dear and near ones and live in the beauty of the place and make memories as well!


13. Marvao

Picture Credit- Portugal Travel Guide

The Alentejo region consists of the Marvao village. Amid the rolling hills, and vineyards, that are near the Portuguese-Spanish border, sits Marvao. With an imposed castle and walled fortifications, the hilltop villages are on the top of the landscape.

And, that is, of the Parque Natural da Serra da São Mamede, along with imposed castles and walled fortifications. While you explore the place and admire its beauty, do enjoy a glass of local wine, the best time could be during your trip and especially grab a bottle to take to your home.

Although, in the International market, the kind of wine scene Alentejo has, remains relatively unknown. So, as we know the extremely beautiful place and now we can plan for the trip and explore and experience its beauty as well.

14. Piódão

Picture Credit- portugal Travel Guide

Piódão is located in the natural amphitheatre of the hillside in the Serra da Açor region. There, the houses are tightly grouped and have been existing since the medieval period.

Due to the region being pretty isolated, it is not disturbed by the outside world, which is said and believed to be fortunate as well. Most of the houses in the village are schist-made and dark-grey stones are found in the countryside as well as it is pretty common there.

This is what, in between the beautiful green, makes the visibly grey-coloured village stand out. Do visit the extremely beautiful place while you are planning your trip and admire the scene of the place!

15. Ferragudo

Picture Credit- Pinterest

Ferragudo is a white-washed fishing town at the western border in the municipality of Lagoa in Algarve. Situated on the banks of a small offshoot of the Arade River along the Southern Algarve Coast.

Ferragudo occupies a heavenly location as it resides far away from the main resort locations and offers a peaceful ambience. This hidden gem is the perfect base for coastal walking, local-living, and offbeat exploration.

Now, these were the list of the beautiful and amazing villages that were briefly described and listed above. And if you are planning your trip or want to social distance and relax as well.

These places are great to visit as well. The beautiful villages are also great for visiting, tasting wine, hiking or even admiring castles! So, as per your preference, do pick a beautiful place, two or even more, as per your time when you are planning a trip for yourself or you and your family. Explore the amazing beauty there and make memories as well.

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