Unsolved Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle

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Time Travel…

Uncountable Storms…

Magnetic disbalance…


All happens in this area of 1.5 million square miles, in the Atlantic Ocean called the Bermuda Triangle. ‘The Bermuda Triangle also known as the devil’s triangle is a loosely defined region in the western part of the northern Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.’

Bermuda Triangle
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Legend has it that when Christopher Columbus took his first voyage to the new world, he reported that a great flame of fire (probably a meteor) crashed into the sea one night and that a strange light appeared in a distance a few weeks later.

He also reported erupted compass reading, the arrow of the compass wouldn’t point north. Scientists have not yet figured out what has caused and causes all these peculiar incidents. Almost everyone who passes through the Bermuda triangle dies, disappears, faces storms, tornados and yes… time travel.

One such case has a survivor called Bruce Gernon, who was flying from Andros Islands (Bahamas) to the coast of Florida in a flight called Beechcraft Bonanza.

Bruce Gernon
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Bruce had flown through the Bermuda triangle many times and done this flight about a dozen times and had never experienced anything mysterious.

Until December 4th, 1970. The normal time for a flight from the Bahamas to the coast of Florida would have taken 1 and a half hours approximately. Bruce took off the land and as soon as he reached 1000 ft., he saw a small black cloud which kept growing bigger.

Bruce is an experienced pilot who flew through the cloud and came out from the other side. But then at about 11500 ft. he saw another mysterious black cloud but this one was massive. There was no way around it- as he got out of the first one, he took a deep breath and went into the cloud.

It wasn’t raining inside the cloud so Bruce started getting worried. After which Bruce started seeing flashes of white light like lightning but it wasn’t lightning- they were so bright they would light up the entire cloud.

Bermuda Triangle
Picture Credit- Proof of Aliens Life

Bruce kept flying for about another 30 minutes, he had lost radio contact. Now the cloud was cylindrical and the plane was flying through its center, it was at least a mile wide. About a minute later he saw light at the end of the tunnel, he kept up his hope and flew straight ahead determined to get out.

But, all of a sudden, a baffling thing started to happen- the walls started becoming narrower as if they were closing in on the plane, all the navigational and electronic instruments started malfunctioning as if the plane was in control of someone else or in some kind of current.

About 20 seconds later Bruce burst out of the cloud and the radio turned on he asked them to determine his location. He felt weightless for 5 seconds. The dispatcher couldn’t see his plane on the radar after some time they could and told Bruce he was already above Miami.

Bruce was astonished he didn’t believe them but when they came out of the clouds, they saw they were on top of Miami. It had only been 47 minutes, and his plane couldn’t go faster than 180miles/hour, so it would be physically impossible for the plane to have taken 47 minutes.

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Bruce was shocked so when he landed safely, he started investigating. The fuel too hadn’t been used to its full potential. Bruce later confided in many professors and scientists but none could give him the answer he wanted.

Bruce later went on to write a book called ‘A Fog- a never published theory about the Bermuda Triangle’. But on the day of the flight 84 sunspots were spotted and a solar wind of 440mps which could have had a disturbance in Bruce’s plane but that doesn’t explain why it didn’t happen to other planes.

Bruce believes it was because of the electric fog he was in; others believe it was dark magic, the same dark magic that caused the expansion of the universe. ‘But Dark Energy is just a theory attempting to explain the unexplainable.’ Bruce’s story is one of the strangest and most baffling stories ever but, just imagine the story’s the people who disappeared have. 

Bermuda Triangle
Picture Credit- History.com

There have been many other disappearances in the Bermuda triangle like FLIGHT 19, when 5 planes on December 5th, 1945 went missing together. The flight pilots were all in the navy and training, they were under the supervision of an experienced pilot who would never let them go so far, they’d get lost.

Till this day there are arguments about how this incident happened. In 1948 a passenger jet disappeared in a flight heading to Miami from Puerto Rico. With 29 passengers and 3 crew members on board, the strangest part being the weather was clear throughout.


Experts believe that after 50 miles off the coast of Miami it could have been hit by a strong wind that threw it off course, years later divers found a similar flight but they couldn’t confirm it due to the lack of details and registrations.

In 1948 again a plane went missing with 25 passengers and 6 crewmates. All of these disappearances remain a mystery till this day, we might never know the reason about why and how they disappeared. 

But we do have theories about how 2000 ships and 200 aircraft might have gone missing. We might never know the actual reason to the Bermuda Triangle but there are many interesting theories like: 

1. Are Aliens Behind It?

Aliens In The Bermuda Triangle
Picture Credit- Pinterest

The disappearance of over more than 1000 people in The Bermuda Triangle and stumped even the greatest of scientists and this why the Alien beliefs have kicked in. Though there are absolutely no evidences to prove this theory, it is the simplest resort to fall back upon to solve this mystery.

Even the Late conspiracy theorist Charles Berlitz has written in his book ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ that there may be a case of extra-terrestrial interference and this fact might be the reason behind the disappearance of Flight 19.

2. Giant Gas Bubble Explosions

Methane Gas In Bermuda Triangle
Picture Credit- Daily Express

It is proved that there are sizeable amounts of methane gas existing on some spots of the ocean floor at the Bermuda triangle. The gas becomes solid under the high pressure of the ocean, chunks of the ice-like substance can break off and form gas bubbles that rise up to the surface and explode.

A study in the American Journal of Physics found out that such bubbles could sink a ship. But even though the bubbles can sink a ship doesn’t mean they did, there is no evidence. 

3. A Hole Of Electromagnetic Forces

Bermuda Triangle
Picture Credit- Pixabay

Bermuda Triangle is an area where the Earth’s compass has problems facing North. This won’t severely damage a vessel but it could significantly make one go off track. 

4. Is It A Passage Into Deep Space?

Wormholes In The Bermuda Triangle
Picture Credit- Chatty Matters

One of the most interesting and yet far fetched theories are wormholes. Wormholes are spacetime shortcuts that could in theory even potentially allow time travel.

Wormholes could be the reason almost all vessels aren’t found; others say another reason for vessels not being found after the crash is because they flow away with the gulf stream. Wormholes haven’t been proven to exist as of now.

But, the theory behind wormholes is that gravity acts as a tunnel that connects many points in space in such a way that a trip between one of these wormholes would take much less time than normal. The first wormhole like substance was found while studying the mathematical solution for black holes.

In wormholes you can travel faster than light and go backwards in a wormhole would allow you to travel to the past and vice versa to the future- this could have been what happened to Bruce. Wormholes are a farfetched theory not only because they haven’t been proven but also because it’s very unlikely, they would exist on earth.

5. Water Sprouts

Bermuda Triangle
Picture Credit- guardian.ng

Are tornados of the oceans. The water of the ocean is sucked hundreds and thousands of feet into the air, which could lead to large waves which would carry the vessel away. 


6. Maybe There’s No Mystery At All

One of the most boring theories of all is that there is nothing wrong with the Bermuda Triangle at all and it’s just a coincidence. 

I personally believe that Methane Explosions is a good theory but the most interesting and fun theory is Wormholes, and if one day we are able to prove that wormholes exist ad there is one in the Bermuda triangle I’ll be packing my bags and I’ll be off before you can say Bermuda.

The Bermuda Triangle- undoubtedly one of the most mysterious places on Earth. This area of 1.5 million square miles has the strangest and most baffling stories and theories in the world.

With tornados taller than the Burj-Khalifa and clouds stranger than the triangle itself. This patch of water is one of the most interesting areas on Earth. Read about the Triangle, its stories and theories and be amazed.  

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