Top 25 Essentials Things To Pack For Travelling- Your Ultimate Checklist

Written By Yukti Lunawat.

As much as people like travelling, they try to escape from the process of packing their luggage. They try to keep it for the last day and end up forgetting some of the most important things. They realize it the same as and when their need arises.

There is a smart way of avoiding this situation. When packing for a trip, it is always better to have a list of all essential items handy to avoid any last-minute hassle. It is advisable to start this process a few days before the travel date.

Simply treat this as a packing checklist and tick off each item as you go. It really depends on what kind of trip you’re about to embark on, whether it’s trekking a mountain or an adventurous one on the beach.

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However, you should try and stick to the essentials and basics only, because the more you carry with yourself, the more worried you will be. 

It can be tricky to remember everything that you need to carry. So, we have compiled 25 items that we think you should definitely pack and carry with yourself on a trip. 

Packing mishaps can range from inconvenient to disastrous. Here’s is a list of things that you should take along on any trip:

1. Masks And Sanitizers

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Carrying masks and sanitizers has become very important during the pandemic and will remain this way for a long time even after even after the pandemic.

While travelling you will come in contact with many people so make sure to carry a good number of masks. You can also get hold of some masks while travelling but it is always better to have it ready in your bag. I personally love the masks which are color coordinated with my outfits. So I make sure to carry masks which would go well with most of my outfits.

Also, you can keep 3-4 bottles of hand sanitizers handy so that you will not have to worry about buying them while you are enjoying your vacation.

2. Packing Cubes

packing cubes
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Packing cubes are zipped fabric containers and are a savior when it comes to organizing your clothes. It creates more space in your bag and makes packing and finding clothes so much easier than just inserting all the clothes in your bag. It also keeps clothes clean and dry. It prevents you from overpacking stuff and helps to easily identify which clothes you would need for which day.

You can pack all your loungewear in one cube, then all your shirts in one cube, pants in another and so on. These cubes are quite durable and therefore it would be a good investment to get them.

3. Comfortable Travel Pillows

Neck pillow
Picture Credit- Road Affair

While travelling, long hours on flights and trains are quiet common and we all tend to simply doze off during that time. Sleeping on flights or any other modes of transport while travelling without a proper neck support can be quite detrimental and can leave you with a severe neck pain all throughout your vacation days.

Neck pillows help to properly support your neck so that you can sleep in a relaxed position. Getting the right neck pillow is very crucial as not every design will be suited for your comfort. We recommend to check the following points while finalising one for you. Your neck pillow should stay put on your neck, it should be machine washable and comfortable enough.

Memory foam pillows i.e. the water pillows are good ones as they keep on changing its shape while adjusting to your body structure.

4. Identity Proof

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The importance of carrying identity proofs all the time and everywhere during your travel is known to every one. While travelling domestically, do a check if you are carrying all your national identity proofs. When travelling abroad keep good care of your passport, visa and other cards as well.

There are certain monuments and tourist destinations where you have to show you identity proof to enter. It is always better to go prepared.

Always know where to report or seek for help if any of your cards go missing or is stolen when at your travel destination.

5. Backpack

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Should your luggage increase during the course of the trip (courtesy shopping!), your safely tucked foldable backpack will come to your rescue. These backpacks can also be used otherwise. When you plan to leave for the day, early in the morning, you might want to carry some snacks or water bottles, charger, wallet, etc.  

6. Charger And Power Bank

Power bank
Picture Credit- Banggood Blog

Laptops, mobile phones, portable speakers have become more important than our clothes. But without their respective chargers, they are of no use.

You might for once forget your best pair of shoes but if you forget your mobile phone charger, you will see your world tumbling down, at least for the first few days or till you buy a new one. 

When you are planning to stay out for long hours and are not sure whether you will have access to a plug point or not, a power bank will come in handy. All you need to do is, keep the power bank charged at all times and carry the charging chord of your mobile phone. 

7. Adapter

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Ever had cake without sugar? That is exactly how you will feel when you have your device charger but not the right adapter to plug it in. When travelling internationally, a multi-plug worldwide adapter is a must. 

8. Sunglasses

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It is essential to have your polarized sunglasses with you. You might want to carry two pairs. A top-quality pair will protect you on a day-to-day basis whereas a cheaper one can be used on the beach. 

9. Sunscreen

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This is a really important product that you must carry on every trip. It helps you to stay protected from the harmful UV Rays of the sun which may cause severe sunburn. There are many variants available in the market with different ranges of protection. You may buy a spray, a lotion, or a normal cream with SPF. 

10. Umbrella

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You never know when Heaven might start pouring! It is better that you go prepared with a folding umbrella so that you are not forced to be rained in. Folding umbrellas are convenient to carry as they do not take a lot of space. If you are visiting a place like London, umbrellas and raincoats should be the first items on your priority list. 

11. Water Bottle

Water Bottle
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You should carry your own water bottle when travelling. This has multiple benefits. You can stay hydrated. You do not have to waste time and money to stop and buy water bottles. As these bottles are reusable, they are safe for the environment. Almost all backpacks have a bottle compartment so it is easy to carry as well. 

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12. Medicine Kit

Medicine Kit
Picture Credit-eMedicineHealth

Medicines are sold by different brand names in different countries. You must carry your regular as well as emergency medicines at all times. You might consider carrying painkillers, anti-allergens, digestion aiding tablets, etc. This way you will not have to run to the departmental stores with the generic names when the emergency situation arises. 

13. Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit
Picture Credit- Pixabay

There are small sewing kits available in the market with a few basic colour threads, two to three needles of different sizes, hooks and buttons. They help resolve wardrobe malfunctions. 

14. Headphones

Picture Credit- Unsplash

For long journeys, and especially on solo trips, your headphones will be your travelling partner. Music will keep you calm and entertained at the same time. You might alter your playlist according to your mood. 

15. Books/Kindle

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For those who find solace in reading, a book will surely make it your list of top 10 travel essentials. You can either carry a paperback or e-books or a reading device like Kindle. If your travel itinerary is packed with car, train or plane journeys, a book is a good way to keep yourself occupied. 

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16. Hat/Cap

Travel hat
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To keep your face and head protected, you can use a cap or a hat. They are not very expensive. They also add a style quotient to your outfit. They are easy to carry as you can attach them to your jeans or bag. 

17. White Shirt

White shirt
Picture Credit- Styleholic

A white shirt is a MUST! You can pair it up with anything and everything which means you can wear it a number of times in different ways. It is a smart way to cut down on the number of clothes you carry. 

18. Comfortable Shoes

Travel shoes
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If you plan on doing a lot of walking, you should invest in good quality and lightweight shoes. It is important that you wear it a few times before the trip to be sure that they are comfortable. Wear your bulkiest pair on the flight to save space in your suitcase. 

19. Comfortable Loungewear

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After a tired day, you would ideally want to slip into your pyjamas or night suit and crash the bed. You need to get a good sleep so that you can wake up relaxed and start afresh the next day. Comfortable loungewear helps you sleep well. Make room for at least two sets. 

20. Self-defence Tools

Pepper spray
Picture Credit- Outlook Hindi

If you are going on a camping or trekking trip, don’t forget to carry swiss knives. Pepper spray is always a useful tool. 

21. Personal Care   

Personal care
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You should not neglect your personal care while travelling. You should stay hydrated, moisturize your skin, eat good food and sleep well. Your personal care kit might include a specific day and night creams, moisturizer, shampoo, etc. Make enough room for them while packing. 

22. Swim Gear

Swim wear
Picture Credit- Jetsetter

If you love to swim and enjoy water sports, don’t forget to take your swim gear along. If you plan to go for a swim only once or twice, then one costume is enough. But if it’s a beach vacation, you might consider carrying three to four options. Washing is always an option so you should not go overboard with it. 

23. Woolen Garments

Woolen clothes
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If you are going to a cold place, carry warmers, jackets, socks and gloves. Make sure you have everything you need to keep yourself warm. The last thing you want on a holiday is to get sick. Check the temperature of that place before going.

24. Perfume or Deodorant

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To avoid bad body odour, carry deodorants and perfumes. If you do not wish to carry the full-size glass bottles, there are many miniature versions available that are travel friendly. 

25. Camera

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Last but not the least, you would want to capture all your memories and experiences so that you can cherish them for the rest of your life.

Invest in good quality and high-tech camera. Nowadays, a mobile phone does the job of clicking pictures very well but there is an old school charm in using an actual camera. Also, when your mobile storage is full, carrying a camera might actually prove to be resourceful. 

Also, do not forget to carry some snacks so that when there is no food available nearby you can fall back upon your stored food and can avoid straving yourself. Always pack dry snacks like protein bars, nuts, etc. so that none of your other stuff gets affected.

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Yukti Lunawat is a contributor at The Strong Traveller. She is a 2nd year student and works tirelessly to succeed in all her endeavors. She relishes the opportunity to learn about new cultures through travel, food and art. Writing and painting allow her to express her creativity, while reading affords her the chance to explore a new adventure every time she picks up a book, especially handy in the context of a pandemic.

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  1. Interesting to observe, in the “good old days” it was just underpants socks, a quality sleeping bag, maybe a camera if one could afford it and above all a lot of maps, so one could not get lost in those foreign place. Now we have a facemask on the top of the list! The art of travel has evolved, now it is all about gadgets and comfort. As my daughter points out regularly, I walked the earth when Einstein was still alive.

  2. Great checklist, got it all packed into my suitcase, unfortunately I think it’ll be sometime before we’ll all be able to move around the world freely, however when we do, I’ll be ready to go.

    1. Yes. We hope that the wait will end
      soon and we can freely travel once again, soaking up the beauty this world.
      Thanks for reading and for the lovely appreciation 🙂

  3. Great checklist, I totally agree! I have actually never packed self-defence sprays and stuff but it is agreat thing to have, I will try to think about it when we can travel again! Also agree 100% with the adaptor, it’s soooo annoying to forget about these!

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