Top 11 Remote Hostels Around The World

Written By Aranya Agarwal.

Travelling means different things to different people. To some, it is a restorative activity, and to some, it is like a party. In all cases, the hidden essence behind travelling is nurturing one’s soul, and getting away from the hustle-bustle of the towns and the cities to discover oneself.

But, due to the mass commercialization of the tourist destinations in the world, travelling could sometimes lead us wanting to go back home at the earliest. 

Amidst the expansion of the travel industry, the real aesthetic of travelling has been left behind. Now travelling means staying in luxury hotels and eating the same food that one might prefer in one’s native town, it has become just a mere change of location. 

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Have you ever had a travelling experience that makes your heart filled with satisfaction and calm? An experience that brings an authentic smile to your face, making you ready to face life’s tough blows. An experience that might make you lose the pain of breaking up with your loved one, or losing a dream that could never be found again. 

Well! if you haven’t, or had, and want to experience that feeling again. Then below are some of the best remote hostels in the world, that would bring you closer to nature and to life once again. 

1. The Treehouse, Austria

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A hostel that brands itself as the real Austria, The treehouse is a paradise on earth for the ones who are ardently looking for some quality time alone or with loved ones. The treehouse is surrounded by mountains and anonymous lakes which will surely make you feel closer to nature.

You can go hiking in the mountains, or sit and ponder the beautiful surroundings alongside the lakes. Moreover, during winters, the hostel becomes quite a vibrant place as many people visit the place for skiing. 

2. Sobe Pri Lovrizu, Slovenia

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Another great marvel from the most beautiful continent in the world – Europe. Sobe Pri Lovrizu is a family-run hostel and is ideal for people looking to have a gala time in the remote towns of Slovenia.

Enriched with culture and community-feeling, this hostel provides an essence of the local culture of the town, and the people there make us feel like one of their own. Moreover, the views surrounding the hostel are just blissful and relaxing, filling our minds and soul with utter peace. 

3. Cabo Polonio hostel, Uruguay

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If you are looking for a place to ‘really’ escape from your monotonous life, then this is it. This seaside hostel is the remotest of the remote. Moreover, according to the different sources, this hostel does not have a numerical address, instead, there is a defined path that one has to venture on to reach the hostel. Moreover, this hostel is a storehouse of history.

It has numerous tales to tell people who wish to reside in the hostel. From cultural to haunted this hostel is a great place for travellers who are seeking thrill in their lives.

Also, one interesting fact about the hostel is that it doesn’t have any traditional source of electricity, it is completely operated through solar energy, and is thus one of the most sustainable hostels in the world. 

4. Earth Lodge, Guatemala

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A treehouse hostel… exciting right? The earth lodge is an eco-friendly hostel that provides treehouses as one’s hostel dorms. A great way to live with nature, this is definitely the most sustainable hostel on the list.

Moreover, the hostel provides a splendid view of the volcano, at a backpacker’s price. The various provisions that the Earth Lodge provides are amazing food, great views, affordable pricing, and yes a remote location. 

5. Book and Bed Tokyo, Japan

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A unique and a remote hostel, in one of the most bustling towns of the world. Book and bed Tokyo is an ideal destination to get away from the world into the land of fantasies and dreams.

A heaven for all the book lovers, this hostel looks like a bookstore at first but as you slide open the shelves you discover a small nook with a bed and a reading light, and of course! All the books for you, to have a great time reading.

The hostel provides you with a cozy place to peacefully enjoy the books and has a great time alone with your best friend – books. 

6. Projekt Kodu, Estonia

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Situated in the forests of Estonia. This natural retreat is perfect to get rejuvenated and relaxed amongst the chirping of the birds and whirling of the winds. Projekt Kodu is exactly the kind of destination that we all have in our Pinterest feeds.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains, the hostel also provides great hiking destinations that help us to become a part of nature a little more.

Eating and sleeping amongst the forests bring a different kind of enthusiasm in life, and surely brings us closer to the authenticity of life.

7. Glenmalure Youth Hostel, Ireland

Picture Credit- Irish Youth Hostel Association

If the culture of lockdown suited you, and you want to take your experiences to the next level, then you should definitely give Glenmalure hostel a try. Away from the world, this hostel is located in a beautiful country-side setting.

The hostel has no running water, no wifi, and no electricity whatsoever. It will definitely give you a feeling of living in the era before industrialization.

Moreover, the place provides some best scenic views and great destinations for hiking and passing time with peace. You would rarely find someone there, except the native people.

So, if you are looking for a place to do some soul searching or a place away from the tantrums of city life, then Glenmalure hostel is the best choice for you.

8. White Desert Whichaway Camp, Antarctica

Picture Credit- Lifestyle Asia

Well! how can we talk about remote hostels and not bring the remotest continent in this world? A hostel located in Antarctica should definitely be on the bucket list of all the adventurous souls.

Only twelve guests are allowed in the camps at once, and they all are flown to the camp through a chartered plane, exciting right?

One unique and quite exhilarating fact about the camp is that a world-famous chef is cooking the favourite dishes of the residents all day in the camps. It is definitely the right kind of place you would want to splurge your money on. 

9. Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

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This hostel would set a benchmark for your travel adventures. A remote hostel situated primarily in the rainforests of Costa Rica, there is only one way to get to the hostel, and that is through river rafting. To all the adventurous souls out there wanting to feel the thunder, Pacuare Lodge is for you.

Surrounded by trees is the great residence, that you’ll reach after an exhilarating journey through the river, the residence is surrounded by trees and on a good day you can catch yourself dancing on the chirping of the birds and feeling the fresh air filling your lungs

10. Village house, Vietnam

Picture Credit- India

Want an easy-paced lifestyle for a while? Then you must visit the village house in Vietnam. It is a cosy place that is run by a small family in the country. You can enjoy a free bike ride near the Phong Nha national park and explore the beautiful surroundings of the place.

You can even hang out with other residents there and have a lazy time together. One exciting fact about the hostel is that it is situated near a UNESCO world heritage site, the Phong Nha cave, and it is just a doorstep away from the hostel, so you can even enjoy the underground river and the amazing scenic views that the site has to offer.

Experience the culture of Vietnam and an easy-going lifestyle at this remote hostel

11. Lizard Island, Australia

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Last but definitely not the least, Lizard island is a luxury hostel situated in Queensland, Australia. Away from the world, this hostel is located directly on the Great Barrier Reef and offers the visitors with spectacular sunsets and secluded picnics.

Moreover, the amazing hostel consists of the infamous white powdery beaches and luxurious resorts, which are reserved for the fortunate ones. With great spa treatments like no other and amazing food, this place is definitely a paradise on earth.

It is rightly said that just like food is for our physical well being, similarly travelling is for our soul and mental well being. 

Through these splendid and heart-warming remote hostels, surround yourself with the fantasies of wonderland, or amaze yourself with the changing colours of nature. 

After all, the beauty of the world exponentially increases when you are away from your worries and the chaotic lifestyle of the towns and the cities. 

Wake up to the tranquil chirping of the birds, or to the whining sound of the winds. Fill your lungs with the petrichor that you encounter during your hikes.

Feed your heart with the delicious feasts offered by the hosts, experience the culture of the place, dance to the beats and sing-along the music, and most importantly enlighten your soul with an exciting getaway to these remote places. 

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Aranya Agarwal is a contributor at The Strong Traveller. She is a graduate student in Sociology and has an ardent interest in writing about different cultures and travelling experiences. She is a keen promoter of minimalism and tries to be sustainable in her lifestyle as much as possible. With an academic background in Sociology, understanding cultures and different needs of the society is amongst her strong pursuits. She has worked with several non-profit organizations and believes in the idea of ‘living every moment to the fullest’. A vivacious person at heart, you can catch her strolling around the streets with dogs by her side.

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