Top 12 Most Scenic Fairytale Towns And Villages In Greece

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Written By Nikita Chandola.

Greece, also known as the Hellenic Republic, is a country that is surrounded by sea from three sides. It is a country of thousands of islands dotting the Ionian Sea to the west, to the Mediterranean Sea to the south to the blue Aegean Sea in the east.

It is the southernmost country of Europe and is covered with beautiful landscapes, which are conspicuous not only for their rugged beauty but also for their complexity and variety. 

This beautiful destination, on everyone’s travel list, offers, not only thousands of islands and rugged landscapes but also the most mesmerizing towns in the world. These places will leave you in awe and after reading about them in this post, you’ll surely think of planning a trip to Greece, just like I am thinking of doing it (keeping in mind the Covid-19 situation).

Here is the list of six awe-struck towns of Greece which are definitely worth visiting if you are likely to take a trip to this European country.

1. Kastoria, Macedonia

Picture Credit- Pixabay

If you have a dream to capture every beauty you see, the photogenic city of Kastoria will enthral you to its core. It is a city in the region of western Macedonia of northern Greece and is built on a narrow peninsula amidst the beautiful lake of Orestiada.

A picturesque view giving the impression of a floating island, the best way to explore this place is to take a stroll along the lake’s coast and you will be overwhelmed by its tranquillity. The promenade shaded by the beach, plane trees as well as neighbouring forests ooze a mystical atmosphere.

If you are intrigued by a place’s history, especially monuments and churches, let me tell you Kastoria won’t disappoint you. The place provides you with more than 50 historical Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) and post-Byzantine churches, from the time of 9th to 19th century and that is not it.

Picture Credit- Pixabay

If you are in Kastoria don’t forget to visit the Kastorian Museum of folklore which was built in the 17th century by the Aviazi family. It has a collection of local artefacts which will give you an insight into their living at that time.

Other than that, one amazing place you should not forget to visit is Dragon’s cave. You’ll be able to experience the incredible stalactites and stalagmites. There are many other places to visit in Kastoria, and the best time is to visit in spring or autumn. The town of Kastoria with its lake surrounded by mountains will definitely be worth your visit. 

2. Plaka, Athens

Picture Credit- Athens Survival Guide

If Greece is a part of your bucket list, then its capital city should definitely be a part of it. Athens is the capital of Greece and Plaka is one of the beautiful neighbourhoods in Athens. Athens has a special charm that beckons you time and again.

It is a mixture of urban charm and ancient history (for all the history lovers out there, this place is for you). But what forces people from all over the world in the neighbourhood of Plaka. Shadowed by Acropolis, the charming village of Plaka is the place for all historical and architectural ruins born out of majestic ruins.

Picture Credit- HelloTravel

Knowing about a place’s history is how you connect with a city and its people and therefore, you should visit the monumental Arch of Hadrian (built by the Roman leader), above which is the colossal temple of Olympian Zeus, the Acropolis Museum (which has ancient artefacts).

If you have read about Julius Caesar and are curious to know more then you should not forget to visit The Roman Agora ( it was created between 19 and 11 A.C., in honour of Roman emperor Julius Caesar).  Other than museums and ancient monuments, Plaka also offers deliciously irresistible Greek cuisines with amazing views.

Picture Credit- Greeka

If you are a night person then Plaka is here to give you a night of fun with late-night pubs, bars and unique cocktails! Don’t forget to visit the other part of Plaka, that is Anafiotika. It is the northernmost location and an oasis of calmness and serenity.

You’ll be mesmerized with the greenery and colourful landscape it offers. Plaka, with its Greek charm, makes it an ideal place to visit in Athens. This is just a sneak peek, Athens has a lot more to offer! 

3. Nafplio, Peloponnese

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If you’re a romantic at heart, you should definitely not miss the most romantic cities of Greece. Nafplio is almost two hours away from the capital city of Athens and a sight to behold. Nafplio is a town strongly influenced by Turkish, Venetian and Frankish culture, traditions and architecture over the centuries.

For history lovers, every place is heaven but Greece definitely has a lot to offer. Nafplio Archeological Museum in Venetian building on Syntagma Square is a must-visit if you want to learn about Greek history.

The town is full of impressive remnants of the past from its three castles and fortresses; The Palamidi castle (built by Venetians, you will have to climb 999 steps but it will reward you with the stunning view from top), Acronafplia (the oldest castles of Nafplio with parts of castles built in Bronze Age), and the Broutzi (located on a tiny island has known a long history of its own).

Picture Credit-

The town also offers you the perfect summer getaway with picturesque restaurants and cafes, town centres and dynamic beaches like Arvanitia, Tolos and for something quiet Kastraki is perfect.

It’s a walker’s paradise with narrow streets, neoclassical mansions and hidden squares; it is as delightful as you could imagine right now. Also, don’t forget to take a romantic stroll at sunset around the Arvanitia Promenade, it is the most popular walk in the town, dominated by the rugged landscape.

4. Naxos Town, Cyclades

Picture Credit- Seabourn Cruise Line

The largest island in Cyclades, Naxos Town or Chora is a quiet, peaceful and uncrowded town in Greece. It is green hills and mountains which makes Naxos quite different from other islands in Cyclades.

There are many places you should visit while in Naxos town including Mount Zas (a.k.a Mount Zeus), the highest point in Cyclades which will give you the panoramic view over Naxos. As per Greek mythology, Zeus was raised in a cave on this mountain.

The Portara (Temple of Apollo) should be in your list as it is the famous landmark of the island and it has a huge door standing on a small islet for centuries. And for all the romantic souls out there, visit this place at the sunset time, when the sky turns gold!

Picture Credit- Kids Love Greece

One of the activities which you should participate in if you are an adventure junkie, is Hiking, as it is very popular in Naxos, they have a well-organized hiking network which you can go with guided tours or by yourself.

If you like nature and adventure then Potamia village or Mount Zas are the places you won’t regret trading with beaches. Another sport which you should try is kitesurfing and windsurfing in Mikri Vigla beach. Other things to visit when in Naxos Town is exploring the castle Kastro in Chora (the capital city of the island).

You will find yourself entering the castle from a wooden door, amongst the whitewashed churches, monasteries, and schools (a perfectly picturesque location, like films). Visit the marble village of Apiranthos which is considered to be a crown jewel of Naxos, a few kilometres away from Filoti.

Picture Credit- Naxos Hotel

Its most impressive feature is its architecture and it is a very well preserved and strong traditional character village. Visiting an island, you don’t miss the chance of being on the beach. It won’t matter if you’re a beach person or not, beaches of Greece, especially that of Cyclades island will make you one.

Agios Prokopios, Plaka and Alyko beaches should be on your to-do list. These are few of the things to do while in Naxos town, don’t forget to include other places and tasty cuisines of this place in your list.

5. Mykonos Town (Chora), Mykonos

Picture Credit- The Spirits Business

If you want to party till you forget all your worries, Mykonos is the perfect place in Greece for you. Mykonos is a party animal paradise which will make you fall in love with the in-crowd and loud music. You’ll be blindsided with the whitewashed cubic houses and will be awe-struck with purple bougainvillaeas contrasting with white walls, a perfect photogenic location (which we have also seen in many Bollywood films).

One of the places which you can visit when in Mykonos is: Mykonos Windmills which was built by Venetians in the 16th century, close to the harbor so that the transportation of mill grain ships becomes easier.

But now it has become a symbol for the island, and the mills are definitely worth taking snaps of. Delos is the other place to explore it is a few kilometres away from Mykonos coast and is declared a UNESCO heritage site.

Picture Credit- Travel Geerce Travel Europe

Next must recommended place to explore is Alefkandra (Little Venice), because of its waterside which is the reason behind its nickname Little Venice. The restaurants are built in narrow pathways less than a meter above sea level. Sunsets are immensely beautiful here, so don’t forget to book your tables at the time of sunset and you’ll be amazed by the last rays falling on windmills.

Old Harbour, Delos Archeological museum and Matogianni Street are few of many places to visit when in Mykonos. You will want to stay as long as you can in this fashionable and arty town of Greece and get perfect share-worthy shots of white cubic houses and windmills. 

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6. Parga, Epirus

Picture Credit- Greeka

Parga is a small town in the northwestern part of Greece and is mostly visited because of its mesmerizing beaches and laid back atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful places with its colourful old town with an island feel.

Parga offers you the amazing views of the Ionian Sea, the town which has the most photographed location is Panagia (Virgin Mary) and you should not forget to visit it. If you want to get the all-embracing view of Parga then take the path to Agia Eleni church.

Also, another place which is undeniably the main attraction of Parga and should not be missed is Venetian castle. When we say Parga is a place to visit for its gorgeous beaches then you should definitely visit Krioneri (opposite to Panagia islet), Valtos (down the hill of Venetian castle) and Lichnos beach and have a tan day of your life.

Picture Credit- Parga Cruises

The place has a particular charm with its archaeological sites, colourful houses, dreamy villages and lively promenade which light up because of lined up restaurants, cafes and bars. There are many more places to explore when in Parga, so do visit this beautiful town of Greece and explore the unexplored.

Greece is a country full of historical and fairytale places but amongst them these few towns and islands I highly recommend to visit as they will make you fall in love with its history, and simplicity. Let’s be curious and visit the small towns and villages of Greece! It won’t disappoint you.

7. Fiskardo, Kefalonia

Picture Credit- Depositphotos

Fiskardo or Fiscardo is a popular fishing harbour village and a community on the largest Ionian island called Kefalonia. The whole village of Fiskardo demarcates the original Venetian architectural villas untouched by the 1953 earthquake. 

Fiskardo is quite a cosmopolitan area and is also the island’s most exclusive resort with wine menus, classical music, luxury boats, megayachts and some of the priciest real estates in Greece.

The town also has a lively nightlife and both locals and tourists on ferries or yachts from Lefkada arrive at Fiskardo to enjoy it’s late night bar scene and unique atmosphere.

8. Stemnitsa, Trikolonoi

Picture Credit- The Blog of Dimi

Stemnitsa is a mountain village in the municipal unit of Trikolonoi, Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece. The region of Arcadia above Olympia is famous for beautiful mountain villages. The village is full of stone houses and charming narrow streets. Shops lined up for selling the most delicious local honey and auspicious Greek jewelry are found in many places. 

Stemnitsa is situated in western edge of Mainalo mountains and above the left bank of the river Lousios. The folklore museum of Stemnitsa portrays the lifestyle and culture that presides in Stemnitsa.

9. Delphi

Picture Credit- Greeka

Delphi was developed in the 8th century B.C.  was an ancient religious sanctuary dedicated to the Greek god Apollo and the shrine of his oracle. The town of Delphi lies on the slopes of Mount Parnassus above the Gulf of Corinth. 

Delphi is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Greece due to its natural beauty and the importance of Greek mythology that presides here from the Classical period of ancient Greece.

Delphi is also confirmed by scientists to be the navel of the Earth that is the central point of Earth. Many travellers in today’s time visit Delphi to experience the glorious Oracle of Delphi and the history of ancient times.

10. Monemvasia, Laconia

Picture Credit- Greek Boston

The castle town of Monemvasia is situated just off the coast of the Greek Peloponnese. In the medieval times, Monemvasia was built at the backside of a huge sea rock so that locals could avoid enemy attacks. The town is surrounded by teal waters of the Aegean Sea with cliffs rising hundreds of meters from the sea.

The meaning of the name Monemvasia is a single passageway as in the earlier times a paved pathway or a causeway had been constructed to connect the castle entrance to the mainland to mitigate the only option of reaching Monemvasia via a boat. 

Monemvasia is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world. A breathtaking sea view awaits you from the top of the castle and also a walk around the paved ways of the castle town is like no other experience. While walking these narrow paved ways you will come across Byzantine churches and the Church of Christ Elkomenos.

11. Chania Town, Crete

Picture Credit- Car Rental

The old city of Chania is small, historical and picturesque. Chania is built on the ruins of ancient Kydonia, which according to mythology was founded by king Kydon and was one of the most important cities of Crete.

The old Venetian harbour here is lined up with authentic Greek cafeterias and restaurants. The back streets and narrow walking lanes are full of shops, boutiques and panoramic vistas. Two of the most beautiful beaches in the world are situated here, namely, Elafonisi and Balos. Elafonisi beach is famous for it’s pink sand near Chania town.

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12. Metsovo, Epirus

Picture Credit- Touropia

Metsovo in Epirus, Greece is a place for travellers who love mountains, folklore and great food. Metsovo is also sometimes called “the Switzerland” of Greece as it has amazing alpine sceneries. 

It is located in the mountain ridges of Pindos in northern Greece. The people living in Metsovo, mostly Vlachs, very dearly guard the tradition and architecture presiding in this town village for many many years. The Vlachs are descendants of the nomadic sheep herding people who speak Aromanian, a Romance language. Metsovo is famous for its beautiful and colorful hand woven textiles made by the Vlach population.

Metsovo has many activities that tourists can enjoy like skiing, wine-dipping, hiking, tasting the unique cuisine of Metsovo and experiencing the folklore. This town village is truly a hidden gem of Greece. 

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