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Top Reasons to Buy Hip Bag

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In the modern rhythm of life, it is always necessary to have important things with you that you may need at any moment. It is not always convenient to take large accessories with you, a waist bag is an optimal solution for carrying things on a hike or during sports training.

Why do I need a waist bag?

Men’s hip bags have a wide range of applications because men do not always carry a large number of things with them. The accessory may be needed in different cases:

● Hike
● Hunting
● Fishing
● Bicycling
● Event outside the city

Putting all things in your pockets is not very convenient and safe. The men’s belt bag has several compartments for phones, documents, and small items. The volume is 0.7–4 liters, you can choose the optimal convenient size for each case. Also, a belt bag may be needed in summer in urban conditions, because open pockets on a shirt are not safe for storing documents.

Types of waist bags

Accessories can be divided into groups according to the main characteristics:

  1. Multifunctional (large volume, extended shoulder strap, multiple pockets)
  2. Casual (one zippered compartment and a phone pocket)
  3. Sports (1-2 compartments for small things)

For the fair sex, there is a women’s belt bag. The models are distinguished by a brighter design, some manufacturers create themed collections of accessories of different sizes.

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The hip bag can be made of polyester, the models are especially relevant for walking in rainy weather. The material has good water-repellent properties, does not dye clothes, and has a long service life.

A leather belt bag looks stylish and more formal, suitable for urban conditions. The material is easy to clean with special tools, is not subject to fading and changes in the density of the structure. A leather bag will also be a good gift for a colleague on an official holiday.

Textile models are simply irreplaceable in nature on sunny days. They are optimal for short walks, all the material with accessories is suitable for machine washing. The bag is adjustable to the desired position, providing a comfortable fit to the body.

Unloading of pockets and freedom of hands

The belt is the very place where your jewelry, firstly, will not get in the way, and secondly, will always be at hand and in sight. You do not need to take off your backpack to take out your passport, money, tickets or smartphone, and stuffed pockets will not pull down your trousers.

Water supply

Models with a flask holder or special running unloads can become faithful companions on jogging or long walks, where, apart from water and a light snack, you were not going to take anything anyway. By the way, not so long ago, the usual-looking models appeared, but with a hole for the outlet of the drinking system tube.

Replacement or addition to a small backpack

A waist bag may well save you from having to carry small backpacks of 10-15 liters. This is especially true for summer when your back is covered with perspiration even without a backpack. Another trick is to hide an ultra-compact backpack in a bag and get it out in case when one belt bag is clearly not enough.

A bird will fly out

A separate topic is belt photo bags, because with such a thing you do not need to take your backpack off your shoulders every time, and you will get access to the camera right on the go.

In addition, the photo equipment gets a separate place and no longer claims to be the volume of the already clogged main backpack.

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Gentleman’s Set

Perhaps this argument will seem ridiculous, but for men, a waist bag is also an additional protection for the groin. And also a replacement or safety belt, if you suddenly lost weight on the way or forgot your favorite belt at home.

This is not a bag, but a purse!

Since everything that could have been scattered in your pockets is now in one place, it will become somewhat easier and faster to pass all kinds of “clearances” and inspections at the airport or train stations. By the way, if anyone has forgotten, the waist wallet does not count towards the total weight of hand luggage.

For those who are in the saddle

For all the above reasons, this simple accessory is perfect for cyclists. A snack, a go-pro, a phone, a portable speaker with music, tools, a navigator, and, finally, an additional flask of water — there are a lot of options.

And finally, it’s worth saying that in an extreme situation, if you suddenly have to say goodbye to your luggage, all the most valuable things will remain on your belt.

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