What Not To Pack When Traveling To The United States?

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Sometimes when we look at the sky and see the birds, we feel the urge to be like them. We want to fly, fly away and flee from our monotonous hectic life.

But when it comes to leaving, we forget how those birds migrate; we pack anything and everything we get in our hands. But unlike birds, we humans think ahead of time. We make travel plans and make a checklist of essentials we have to take along.

We pack everything that comes to our mind, from waterproof jackets such as PVC rainwear to toiletries. But most of the time, we forget that smart packing is the key to a wholesome travel experience, and we should keep in mind the weather of the place we are heading to.

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The USA is a huge country, and climate conditions vary from very hot western US to the unforgiving harsh cold winters in Eastern US. You may need your PVC raincoat or other essentials if you are travelling to a notoriously damp and wettest area of the country like Hawaii.

Travelling is a fun experience. We have made it easy for you to double-check whether you have frantically shoved unnecessary accessories and extras into your luggage.

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The chances are that you will not need most of what you have packed during your visit to the US. So, don’t forget to organize and repack your bags.

Deciding whether or not you should pack some extras can be a complicated task. We have finalized a counter checklist for you to avoid the dreadful experience of hauling around hefty luggage during your vacation.

1. Rain Wear and Unnecessary Gear

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Travelling can be a mess if you have to carry around extra weight wherever you go. So it would help if you stuck to only those things you use daily.

If you are travelling to western US states like California, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Texas during summers, we suggest you not add rainwear or other unnecessary clothing like winter coats. If you aren’t a hiker or planning a camping trip, don’t pack your own sheets, tent, or hiking boots.

If you travel in the Winters (December to March), you must add the PVC rainwear/raincoat to your luggage bag.

2. Food

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Travelling makes you interesting and adventurous. The quest for new friends, new tastes, and new cultures is all that traveling is about. It is okay to pack some of your favourite snacks to enjoy during your flights, but it isn’t wise to bring a whole feast. Food and eatables constitute a significant part of cultural heritage.

Every culture around the world has its native, traditional food. There are certain delicacies in every place.  So, plan on buying some coffee or cereal when you arrive and explore your destination to the fullest. Food culture is a way of preserving heritage.

Religious occasions have specific traditional cuisine in some places. To understand how culturally vast this world is, one must be willing to eat what the new environment brings for you.

The world is a wonderland, and you should wander freely and avail yourself of every opportunity to understand it. Open your heart to the world of new food tastes and textures.

3. Toiletries and Makeup

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To get the most from your travelling experience, set yourself free in your new destination if you are thinking of saving on these toiletries.

The chances are that you will find them in your hotel. Consider this space-saving idea and carry only a makeup kit and a few essentials you think you can not live without them. 

4. Non Essential Devices

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Gadgets are the real distractions of today’s world. If you aren’t a travel blogger or vlogger, your vacation time is limited, and you must return to work.

You can use your gadget anywhere and anytime, but you can’t have a unique cultural experience everywhere. Secondly, travellers are the main target for theft.

The choice is yours whether you risk losing your gadget or stay a while away from it and leave it behind at home because all you will need is a cell phone or a camera at most to capture the best moment of your travel experience or to stay connected to your loved ones.

5. Books and Magazines

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Book reading vs. e-reading is a long debate. We agree that the pleasure of reading from a hardback book can’t be replaced.

But if you have a tablet or a kindle that you are already planning on taking along with you on vacation, we have friendly advice for you: not to bring those paperback books/magazines with you. Electronic gadgets are lightweight as compared to books.

They provide vast reading options, and you can load as much as you want and choose according to your mood of the moment.

Closing Thoughts

After a good read of this article, we believe that you have packed sufficient luggage only in a spacious bag while keeping it lightweight.

You have all the space you require for your medication and first aid box, so never forget to add them and embrace yourself for a new peaceful journey ahead.

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