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Written By Mallika Grover.

While traveling is fun and exciting, packing for the trip on the other hand can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking. While the idea of a gorgeous vacation away from work sparkles joy in our eyes, the thought of prepping up for the same holiday makes us anxious, especially if you are a perfectionist.

However, the most important thing to do before taking your flight is to pack your suitcases and pack them precisely. Sometimes, it becomes a bit tedious and overwhelming while you are pulled between the fear of overpacking and underpacking.

Moreover, to avoid last-minute rush and overstuffed suitcases it’s advisable to organize your bag on time and organize it practically.           

Here are a few simple tricks that can help you pack quick: 

1. Understand Your Personality 

Travel personality
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The most important of all is understanding your personality. Often you will come across individuals who pack their bags, a week before travelling, on the other hand, there are also individuals, who prefer organizing their suitcases a day or two prior. However, there is no perfect time or ideal time to do so.

It all depends upon the individual’s personality. Instead of searching hastily on google the ‘perfect time to start packing for a trip’, you should start following your heart and do what is comfortable according to you. 

2. Study Your Destination Properly


A lot of times, We ignore this but honestly having a proper understanding of our holiday destination makes packing extremely easy. We are often stuck in a paradoxical situation, continuously requestioning ourselves, “what should I take and what should I leave behind”.

Well, a proper study of the destination solves our dilemma. For instance, if you are going on a holiday to Phuket you would obviously pack more beachwear, summer dresses, casuals footwear, and not formal pants and dresses, blazers, leather shoes, or bags.

While studying your destination you will get an overview of the weather there, only if you are traveling in rainy months then you would carry umbrellas and raincoats.

Also, a lot of places have certain codes of conduct and rules for their tourists, being aware of these norms helps one prepare better. Thus, having a vivid idea about the culture, the rules, the weather, etc of the destination helps you pack easy. 

3. Choosing The Right Travel Bag

Travel backpack
Picture Credit- Pixabay

After you are well-read about your destination. The next important step is to choose the right bag for you. It is always advisable to decide the size of the bag according to the days you will be away from home.

For instance, for a weekend a one-nighter is enough, likewise, for a fortnight a small or medium-sized suitcase is good to travel with depending upon your comfort. Often people prepare a list of things that they will carry first and then choose a bag accordingly.

Honestly, I would advise first picking the bag that you want to travel with and then create a list of items, this keeps one in check and you will not end up mentioning unnecessary things in your list and would keep them precise. However, You can always follow whatever is comfortable for you.

Also, don’t forget to carry a small handbag to accompany you during your flight. 

4. Make A Detailed List

Travel list
Picture Credit- Pixabay

Well, this is pretty simple. Before starting to pack it is essential to make a detailed list of things that you will carry. It’s better if one creates the list according to different categories, for instance, clothes, footwear, documents, medicines, accessories, etc.

Also, make a separate list of the items that you do not have handy and need to shop, fix a schedule when you would do so; because you see, a lot of times due to the last-minute rush we forget to pick up things from the stores.

Make your list so precise that you clearly mention the items you will put in your suitcase and the things that will be in your handbag. People often use phone apps to make a list; but if you want to make it colorful and vibrant, using sticky notes and journals is a great option. 

5. Carry Minimal Clothes And Footwear 

Minimal Clothes And Footwear
Picture Credit- Pixabay

“Confused”; We end up carrying loads of clothes and footwear with us, only to realize after the trip half of the outfits come back untouched. So, it’s very important to behave sustainably and carry fewer clothes.

Moreover, you should carry versatile clothes which can be paired and teamed up with quite a few dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, etc. This way we are not even repeating clothes and not even carrying them in bulk. It is better if you see the weather forecast and then pack.

Plan out the pairs you would like to wear and pack them according to the days; don’t keep more than two extra pairs of clothes. Hence, Carrying versatile clothes and shoes is always a better and safer option, instead of overloading your bags. While packing, always keep in mind the permissible weight.

6. Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes
Picture Credit- The Savvy Backpacker

Packing Cubes are a lifesaver for every traveler. It is one of the best and easiest ways to organize your suitcase. Creating sections for items isn’t really helpful because when you land at your destination, you end up opening a suitcase that is in a mess and not an inch closer to what you had packed, back at home.

Now, packing cubes help us in segregating all of our things in a precise and systematic manner. Interestingly, these cubes are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns.

Using different kinds for different items helps us in identifying what we need without even opening and checking all the cubes simultaneously. However, zip locks can be sometimes used as an alternative to packing cubes. 

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7. Roll Up Your Clothes

Rolling Up Your Clothes
Picture Credit- Travel Wanderlust

Rolling up your clothes is an effective way of saving space in your bags and suitcases. Rolling up also helps in avoiding wrinkles in most of the clothes.

There are tremendous youtube videos that talk about different and easy techniques to roll clothes in an organized manner. However, a lot of travelers are not comfortable with this technique, and if you are one of them please feel comfortable following the method that suits you.

8. Avoid Carrying Fragile Items

Fragile Items
Picture Credit- Meyer Moving Company

Carrying fragile and glass items can be risky. However, if you can’t do without the item remember to be very careful while packing them.

It’s also a good idea to bubble wrap such items and then pack. Another sustainable way to pack them and save space at the same time is to roll them inside t-shirts or jeans. Perfume bottles should be packed similarly to avoid leaks and stains. 

9. Keep Your Mini First Aid Kit Handy

Mini First Aid Kit
Picture Credit- Everything safety

Carrying a personal safety kit with you is always a good idea. But make sure to take a small one with all essential items, avoid carrying a heavy kit.

If you are under any medical treatment, always take your medicines along and carry a doctor’s prescription as well. However, there are certain restrictions on carrying liquids and medicines in your handbag, so make sure to check all the guidelines before packing.  

10. Use Luggage Tags

 Luggage Tags
Picture Credit- Road Affair

Luggage tags are one of the easiest and quickest ways to identify your luggage and also prevent it from getting interchanged. Over time, we have varied attractive luggage tags available that too in different shapes, with cute doodles and some interesting quotes on them.

Using such tags makes one’s luggage unique and vibrant. Moreover, make sure to use these tags in your suitcases and bags with all your details and contact information. 

11. Carry A Comfortable Handbag

Comfortable Handbag
Picture Credit- Pixabay

Travelling can be comfortable only if you have all your requisites with you. Henceforth, a small easy to carry handbag is a great company one can have.

Put all your essentials in it; everything and anything you would need while traveling- your passports, tickets, wallet, cards, sunglasses, dry snacks, a scarf or hoodie, travel pillow, a small journal and pen, charger, earplugs, tissue, antiseptic ointment, important medicines and so on. Also, if you are a vivid reader don’t forget to carry your favorite novel along. 

12. Weigh Your Luggage Before Leaving Home 

Weigh Your Luggage Before Leaving Home
Picture Credit- The Points Guy

Lastly, always weigh your luggage before leaving, this keeps one mentally prepared if there is any discrepancy between the airport’s scale and what you measured at home. Moreover, it helps one avoid issues of overweight luggage. It is always a good idea to carry a kg or two less than the permissible level.

Moreover, Enjoy every tiny part of your journey right from the time you book your tickets to your dreamland and try to organize your bags too, happily and easily this time. 

You see, traveling is one of the best ways to discover the world and to discover yourself. Away from the hustle and bustle, a trip to set your soul free, to walk the unknown streets of an old city, disguised as new to you as you are unfolding every story of that city is bliss. 

Every lane, every road, every stranger, every house, every little boutique, every corner, town, city, country has a story to narrate; and One of the best ways to understand the world is through the art of storytelling.

So, step your feet on the lush greens, breathe through the air of joy instead of the usual despair, sprinkle dreams and hope within you and rediscover the world through your own narrative. 

Feature Image Credit- tetris.com

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    1. Yea that had been a problem with me too. But these tips really personally helped me overcome a lot of travel packing problems. It’s more organised now and less problematic.

  1. Where is the fun of surprises, for having to deal on the spot with getting what one needs or realising that one does not need anything at all? Yes, today’s generation, all too easy aiming for perfection, avoiding all the risky bit that made travelling in the past so interesting. Why not trying out to go with a toothbrush, a water bottle, a spare pair of docks and a sleeping bag. They might discover ways to overcome their insecurities.

    1. That’s a great way to discover places and also finding new ways to deal with things which we are so used to be doing with all the amenities and things in place. But personally, I feel, I would love to have that kind of an experience sometimes and then for a few instances I would also like to have things packed well. Not too much packed, of course, a person can pack everything but still forget some important stuff at home. So whatever little I have packed, I want it to be organised so that even if the security check personnel at the airport asks me to open my bag and show him or her something I can do that very easily without swamming the whole place with my stuff while locating what he or she wants me to show.

  2. I do realise the world has changed and is getting too complicated for my taste, whenever I have to go through these performances at the airport I tell myself it will be the last time, but I still prefer those hand on adventures without much fuss and ado. just a map, good boots, and a hat!

    1. I can totally relate to you. Adventure doesn’t feel like an adventure if there are too many preparations for it. Travelling while discovering is actually when we get to learn something from those experiences and they are the most memorable ones.

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