Top 5 Best Tourist Attractions To Visit Jordan- The Buried City

Written by Aroona Banerjie

It is often said that Jordan enjoys being tagged as the city harbouring many fables and tales around it. Dipped in mystery, the country of Jordan is the favourite place of those who wish to seek the unknown and venture into the deepest of mysteries. The biggest site of attraction still remains Petra, in Jordan for the visitors. However, limiting oneself to visiting Petra, isn’t what should be done.

Petra, Image by Pixabay

Petra might be the jewel in the crown of Jordan, but there are other places also, to visit. Presence of desertic views to the massive ruins present and the old crumbling architecture further adds to the charm of the lost city. Jordan never fails to surprise the tourists who visit it at all.  However still if you feel visiting Jordan isn’t a good option, refer below to find out why we feel the opposite. 

Visiting only Petra, even if the treasuries of Petra might seem enchanting, it would be a total loss, as there are other things and places to visit in Jordan. 

So here are the top 5 places to visit in Jordan

1. Amman

Amman, Image by Pixabay

Being the Capital of Jordan, Amman is likely to be the first stop of any tourist as it is the cheapest city to fly to. Being one of the biggest and the most beautiful cities to visit, Amman draws tons of visitors every year to witness the charm. Although the city is littered with massive buildings, the best part of the city is the viewpoints it offers.

Temple of Hercules, Image by Pixabay
Amman Citadel, Image by Pixabay

Having many ups and downs, the city offers breathtaking views sure to enchant you. Jordan is known for its ruins and mysterious buildings. Thus Amman offers that in plenty, which cannot be missed. Also, the Roman theatre still remains the best attraction point.

Roman Theatre, Image by Pixabay

2. Ruins of Jerash 

Gerasa Jerash, Image by Pixabay

As said before, the ruins of Jordan are the best and the most diversified and complete. The ruins of Jerash are considered to be the main reasons to visit Jordan, as the ruins are the best-preserved ones out of Italy.

guest writer- the strong traveller

Comparing it to the ones of Pompei, they are more unique and breathtaking as it gives a gist of what beauty and mystery when combined together look like. Being only 30 minutes from Amman, you can have a nice trip quickly Along with visiting Amman. Thus, mark it up on your list, that you can’t afford to miss Jerash as it is one of the best day trips in Jordan. 

Image by Pixabay

3. Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, Image by Pixabay

Deemed to be one of the second most famous places in Jordan, Wadi Rum is a must-visit place if you would want to witness the Arabian desserts, Wadi Rum is the absolute place for you. Many fun-filled activities which you can pursue while in Wadi Rum include the hot air balloon rides or riding light aircraft to get an aerial view of the area.

Image by Pixabay

The best however would be camping at night under the stars in the sands of Wadi Rum. It is a wholesome experience and a big mood as you get to visit the landscape and the views of the desert. 

4. Petra

Image by Pixabay

Known as the ‘rose-red city’ Petra is famous for being the city with the best ruins and most mystery undercovered. Being the seven wonders of the world, the buildings and the awesome viewpoints which provide a major satisfaction to the visitors is the main reason why tourists visit Jordan.

Petra is in a desertified area and surrounded by many rocks and architectures done and built by some of the oldest civilizations on earth. Petra normally takes about a whole day to visit however if you take too many pictures, it might cost you another day too. Going on a hike, all the way at the top is recommended but can be difficult, however is worth it absolutely. 

Image by Pixabay

5. Dead Sea

Image by Pixabay

Since most of the people would want to visit the Dead Sea in Israel, it is better if you would drop a visit to it in Jordan itself. Not many differences though, still the one in Jordan is much better as there are fewer tourists so not much crowding of the areas and you can freely enjoy your visit there.

Why is the Dead Sea famous? Well, the dead sea is famous because of the high concentration of salt in it, which makes the swimmer float rather than drown. However since the salt concentration and the temperature is huge, one needs to be wary of the same and take precautionary measures. Being the most fun-filled and amazing one of a kind experience, it is definitely a must-go-to place to visit while in Jordan.

Although Jordan is an Islamic country, still it is much better when it comes to the traditions and hospitality of the tourists. So if you want to explore architecture at its finest, Jordan is the place for you! 

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