Cleopatra- The Woman of Surpassing Beauty

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The last queen of the Macedonian Dynasty, Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemy XII, who ruled and made Egypt the strongest economy of that time, over the span of three strong decades.

She was known for being equivalent to the God- Isis, who was known to be the princess and queen of the throne and wealth and prosperity. She was a dominant ruler, starting to take the country of Egypt by its reigns from the young age of 18.

Cleopatra was left orphaned by her late father who left the throne to her and her 10-year-old brother- Ptolemy XIII, Ptolemy XIV, and Caesar’s son- Ptolemy XV Caesar. She during her region was known to be famous for influencing Roman politics and administration quite actively.

According to Fable, she was known to be extremely enchanting and known for her seductive moves which she used to solidify the political bonds with other countries. She was deemed to be charismatic and intelligent, merged with a strong level of intellect, which she used to strengthen Egypt’s allies and political aims. She knew a plethora of languages, which furthermore added to her irresistible charm. Also known to be ruthless, she murdered the families, who opposed her ways of politically empowering the nation.

Legend has said it that she seduced and was the lover of Julius Caesar, who was the then king of Rome. She reportedly had a son with him- Ptolemy Caesar. Both Julius Caesar and Cleopatra were determined to utilize each other to the maximum for their political benefits. Having decided so, Caesar provided Cleopatra with financial stability and a strong army so that she could get back on the throne again.

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Caesar, on the other hand, was explicitly attracted by Cleopatra’s beauty and drawn towards her intelligence. Thus, they both were staying besieged in Alexandria. After the victory, if a brief war, won over by Caesar, he invited Cleopatra to visit Rome, along with her brother, husband and her son. She was in one of Caesar’s private villas, where she witnessed her golden statue’s dedication in the temple of Venus Generic, the family of ancestors to which Caesar belonged. Ironically, Cleopatra was in Rome, when Caesar was murdered.

After the death of Caesar, Mark Antony took control of the situation in Rome. Thus, as Cleopatra was present there, he sent for her to come over and enquire about her involvement in the murder. When Cleopatra arrived, she looked breathtakingly beautiful and sophisticated, as she was in white robes, which were the ensembles of the Egyptian goddess- Isis. Mark Antony, who associated himself with the God Dionysus, was instantly attracted to her beauty and charm. Caesar’s personal heir  Octavian noticed the budding relationship between Cleopatra and Antony and made attempts to his then existing wife- Fulvia, who was making drastic attempts back in Italy, to save the marriage. Every here and there, Octavian who was short-tempered, had a clash of opinions with Antony and to many, a rebellion seemed not far away.

Blinded by the bond of love, Antony and Cleopatra fled to Alexandria, where he treated her as an independent monarch, thus giving her the freedom and authority she always craved for. Having twins with Antony- Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene, she was leading a content life with Antony. Historians believe that her love affair was burgeoning and the centre of attraction for many rulers all over the world. Egypt was at its peak at the moment and everything seemed right, until a forecasted rebellion attack by Octavian, who wanted to claim his rights as an heir.

When seen, that the war was being lost by the mighty Cleopatra, she and Antony decided to commit suicide. Her last wish was to be buried beside her lover, Mark Antony. Cleopatra is still seen as an icon of a prudent ruler, who was far-sighted and truly, an enchantress.

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