Marleshwar Waterfalls: Behold the Magnificence of Nature

Written by Gauri Kuwalekar.

Marleshwar is a place in Sangameshwar subdivision of Ratnagiri district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This beautiful state has some of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in the entire Indian subcontinent. These beautiful waterfalls in Maharashtra are a blessing to the tourists and all the local people because they surely do help you get rid of the scorching city heat.

The Marleshwar temple is situated in a place with sky-piercing tall peaks, straight, big rock structures, valleys surrounded by dense forests and tremendous waterfalls in the rainy season. You can reach a place by travelling from Sangmeshwar railway station and then taking a bus to devrukh, Maharashtra.

Sangameshwar-Marleshwar Road, Image by Wikimedia Commons

You can also take your car to the base of the hill but from there you have to climb approximately 530 steps to reach the Marleshwar temple.

Marleshwar entrance, Image by Wikimedia Commons
Image by Author

The beautiful land of Marleshwar offers myriad landscapes and experiences to enchant its visitors. It offers serenity and is a culturally rich destination. It is home to various temples that will give you an escape from the monotony of daily life. Waterfalls are located in exotic locations in the hills of the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges which make them the ultimate attraction to hike and trek and witness those scenic waterfalls dropping from lush green surroundings. It’s the best place to be visited for nature lovers and weekend gateway for city dwellers as well as for adventure seekers.

You can find many century-old trees on the way to this waterfall. Right in front of the temple, the pure white and beautiful Dhareshwar waterfall flows like the Ganges which is held safely by Lord Shiva on his head. But during rainfalls, the sight of this huge waterfall is terrifying. This waterfall is a major attraction for all the devotees and tourists. It is risky to swim in its cascade and take a bath under this waterfall during the rainy season as this region experiences huge waterfalls. You can do so while in the months from November to January when the flow of water is moderate.

Also, you cannot expect when flooding will happen. It is the best place to relax near the waterfalls by hearing its sounds, birds creeping noises and to see this eye-soothing multi-drop waterfall. These waterfalls simply take away the breath of spectators by the scenic views that the falls exhibit.

Sitting in Marleshwar, these falls are as picturesque as it can get. They have charm and the chilling waters falling into a plunge pool is nothing less than eye-catching. The freshness and mist of these water droplets falling on your skin is an experience to behold. If witnessed with the monsoon, these are at their full and utmost volume and give ample chances to capture beautiful moments.

One of the boards had a poem saying :

आकाश दर्शन पर्मेशवर, गिरी दर्शन मारलेश्वर

गिरीचे मस्तिका गंगा, मारलेश्वरी अस्ति गिरी गंगा

(meaning)Just like the sky has God, the mountain has Marleshwar. And just like the Himalayas have Ganga, Marleshwar too has Giri Ganga (Waterfalls of Marleshwar).

Image by Author

The temple in Marleshwar has its unique history. Lord shiva’s idol is situated inside a cave in which other than the holy lanterns, you are not allowed to light any other kinds of lights. The Temple can be reached by climbing approximately 400-550 steps which are lined with refreshment stalls to keep the climbing pilgrims refreshed.

Tourists also enjoy the taste of authentic food cooked over chulhas. There were local drinks shops selling anything from Nimbu Pani, Kokum Sharbat, Aam Panna and also you can enjoy tea and Bhajjis from stalls present. Within the rock cavities of the caves, the non-venomous snakes can be found but they have never been known to harm anyone.

Lord Shiva is famously known for possessing a snake around his neck. We get to witness this as a symbol at the Marleshwar temple. One can also plan trekking, A trek through Chiplun to reach Marleshwar Temple is a 3-day trek through Chandoli Forest. Since it is not a one-day trek, the destinations are broken down into three parts.

The alluring scenic spot, the holy temple and the grand waterfall in front surrounded with dense forests and the mysterious silence tends to create a long term impression on your mind.

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