Top 5 Most Scenic Road Trips You Must Take In India

Written by Anusha Kala

In a place like India, which has so much to offer, there’s always an opening for holiday, whether it’s an epic adventure or a weekend getaway. Whether it’s one inspired by watching movies or it’s simply just one’s love for travel, everyone wants to go on a legendary road trip, at least once in their lives!

A road trip is a perfect opportunity to enjoy great music and try exceptionally new and exciting things. A well-planned road trip can be exhilarating and it exposes one to enigmatic and exciting new opportunities and great food. Road trips are exciting and being behind the wheel comes with its set of benefits. So here’s a list of the road trip locations in India one should undoubtedly visit, places that offer good meals and magical memories. 

1. Mumbai To Goa

western ghats- mumbai to goa
Image by Pixabay

When one says the word “road trip” a Dil Chatta Hai inspired Mumbai to Goa trip is undeniably a must-do. A Goa road trip is one that every travel enthusiast wishes to experience at least once in their life.  The palms, golden sands, dance parties, and yoga retreats come to mind when one thinks of Goa, paints a happy picture, and the best way to go is on the road. 

The Pune-Kolhapur route via NH4 can be covered in 10 hours non-stop and is the safest and most scenic route winding through the Western Ghats. NH66, the alternate route is perfect for those who want more of an adventurous route full of adrenaline and thrill. This journey is one of the prime picks among travel lovers, and with good reason. The route is very impressive, and with a good playlist, it can be the perfect road trip. The ideal months are December, January, and February, with lush greenery and cool breeze. 

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2. Manali To Leh

Image by Pixabay

Leh Ladakh is an incredible location, set among the Himalayas and it evokes a sense of dreamlike euphoria. The shortest distance is around 473 kilometres and would require at least two to three days, to travel comfortably. The Manali to Leh road passes through the Rohtang Pass and the entire location has a rustic and charming feel.

On reaching Ladakh too, the exuberance and heavenly beauty of this place is unparalleled. Pangong Lake and the ancient monasteries are some of the phenomenal attractions of Leh-Ladakh, that one should definitely visit when there. Often, people who are thrill-seekers bike all the way and that is an unparalleled experience that one will never forget. Driving through the criss-cross terrain and snow-capped mountains is something that will really win one’s heart forever. 

guest writer- the strong traveller

3. The Golden Triangle (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur)

Image by Pixabay

This list had to include the classic Golden Triangle, which binds the three historically and culturally vibrant and distinct cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur via the Yamuna Expressway and NH8. This road trip is both striking and picturesque, and the homely and authentic restaurants line the scenic roads.

The distance between each city is around 200 to 250 kilometres and is doable in a week but an extensive trip is ideal, so one can visit the historic sites in Delhi like Jama Masjid, Mughal Red Fort, and visit Chandni Chowk, a lively bazaar that highlights the essence of Delhi.

Agra, the city on the banks of the Yamuna river, houses architectural and historical marvels like the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, and finally, Jaipur is a remarkable treat for anyone interested in art, and architecture. The Pink City is the epitome of history and one can soak in the rich culture and customs while visiting the Hawa Mahal and historic Amer Fort, among other places. The ideal time to start this road trip is between August and March, once the heat has ebbed and the weather is pleasant and perfect.

4. Old Silk Route in Sikkim

Image by Pexels

Perhaps one of the must-take roads trips to go on to explore the exotic North-East India. The roads are rough and it’s a thrilling ride, to say the least. The region is spectacular and remarkably thrilling, besides all the history that it was once a part of. The base destinations of Silk Route are Icche Gaon, Ramdhura, Sillery Gaon, Reshikhola, Aritar, and Mankhim.

The route also offers some of the world’s high altitude lakes and the mighty heights of Nathula Pass. One can use any one of these as a base destination for starting their journey to Silk Route. Each destination offers a different charm, and this is one road trip one can go on solo as well as with their friends. 

Every bend on the road gives a wonderful view which creates a chain of extraordinary moments along the way. One can appreciate the glaciers, alpine meadows, and thousands of wildflowers and cherry blossoms that line the way. In fact, one can drive to the Nathula Pass and just lean over and view the Indo-China border. The fitting months to visit Sikkim are from September to June. The highlight is undoubtedly the lip-smacking momos and hot noodles, in the cold.

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5. Chennai To Pondicherry

Image by Pexels

This road trip calls out to nature admirers, with its picturesque route, with the sea on one side and the reflection of the sun on the water. An ideal midway stop is Tiruchirappalli, with its beautifully sculpted temples and fortresses and is a treat for photography enthusiasts. Another pit stop one can make is at Mahabalipuram.

A must-visit UNESCO World Heritage Site where one can enjoy the stunning beaches and even indulge in water sports like surfing. The trip is as incredible as the destination. Once in Pondicherry, one can enjoy the serene beaches, soak up the sun and sand and watch the world go by. 

For those who love water and the shore, Pondicherry is an absolute dream. From watching the surreal sunset at this beach, while the sky is orange and pink to the thrilling collection of water sports. It’s not a long drive, approximately six hours long of untapped beauty filled with gorgeous waterfalls and clear lakes. Any time between October and February is a great time to take this trip.  

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guest writer- the strong traveller

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