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My Journey Through Cape Comorin- Part 1

Written by Vishwa Kiran.

A change in life will be odd and it will lead us to a new beginning!

The so-called success and failure can induce us personally, they have a large effect on us. We are not taught to handle both success and failure equally. We did not even think about a way to handle them. We celebrate our success wholeheartedly and we worry about our failure.

The success deserves to be celebrated and failure ought to be worried. These are two nature designed things which we should approach in a different way. We have to be wiser enough to handle it. We cannot grasp them very quickly in life or, we even fail to realize that in our lifetime. It’s all about fate and anyone of it either triumph or disaster will dominate us. Some people are able to predict dominance and they become aware of it. And some can’t even recognise that in their lifetime. Most of them will understand that in the end, which seems useless. In the end, time makes sense for many of them!

The time which will move us from everything and it has the power to change anything in life. In science, time is considered as a stubborn illusion. But in a human’s life, time is an essential one. When everything fails, time gives us a helping hand in multiple ways. In science, it can be considered as an illusion, but in the real world, it is not at all an illusion. 

Time can rejuvenate anything in life and nature has given the power to it. It is very hard to move on in the harder times and yet nature has the solution for everything. “Time can heal anything in life”. Time takes its own time and at last, it leads… so wait for it.

The only way you can kill time is by “travelling”, a journey towards a need can change you and it can alter anything in our life. Nature has provided us with the sagacity to handle the time in the most effective way. One can refill the most beautiful memories by travelling, making the haunting memories less active. It will take us to a completely new world. I am not saying that travelling will always be easy. We will face more challenges while travelling. Those challenges will take us out of some past bitter happenings in our life. 

And don’t dream about luxury things. Travel in the way nature does, it will definitely relieve you, I can assure it. 

guest writer- the strong traveller

Travelling towards a new place will always have a large effect on us. And it’s according to the place we visit. Some will feel like visiting mountain ranges or some other place they like the most. But for me, I always dream of visiting coastal areas. When I stand on the seashore as the waves crawl in my feet, my mind will take me to the happiest memories which I had in my life. This brings patience in me and it relieves me from all those nagging memories. Struggling for hours by working in the office will make sense, only when you travel to these ideal places”.

These are the thoughts running in my mind continuously, while I am travelling to the “Tip end of India”. I believe being at the tip end will definitely bring me out of some memories which still pester me in the deep inside of my heart. “Somewhere in the deepest part of my life”, I have been cursed by my mistakes in life and to get out of it, I am travelling to “Samuthra (the goddess of the sea)”. Her eternity and immortality make sense to me. It takes me out of the distress which I faced in my past life. I fell in love with her and I feel her as my immortal companion.

When these thoughts are running in my mind, I get disturbed by my friends, who were mocking me for my absence there. We are on our way to “Kanyakumari” on the train. The train goes too fast as if it understood my longingness.

We had lots of fun while travelling on the train. I chatted with them for some time and after that everyone slept on their seats. I came near to the window seat not to miss nature’s beauty especially at night, which always makes me feel satisfied. 

Image by Wikimedia Commons

“We reached” I announced and everyone got up. The time now is 4:30 in the morning. Everyone hardly slept that night and everyone looked tired. We went out of the railway station; we walked for some distance and did not prefer any cab because we wanted to see the beauty of Kanyakumari in the dawn. We walked one kilometre on a narrow road and we reached the hotel. Everyone felt tired and rested in the room for a few hours. To begin our journey in a devotional manner, we planned to go to a temple.

We went to the Bhagavathy Amman temple. After getting blessed from God, we went to the seashore to get blessed from my soulmate. And she wholeheartedly welcomed me by spraying the water towards my face. My face reflected the happiness of being here in the present, which I hardly do in my lifetime. Being an introvert, I always have a companion in me, who has always been there for me in my life till now. The view of Vivekananda rock and the statue of Thiruvalluvar is so clear from here.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari, Image by Pixabay

We took a photograph and some of my friends became busy with that. I just separated and walked away from them. I saw the waves approaching me and it suddenly went away from me. When the waves approached me, it felt happy in me and when it went away, my eyes shed a tear. It’s obvious in life, right? After all, life is a losing game. When someone accompanies us in life, we become so happy. When somebody leaves us, we can’t tolerate those and we suffer the most due to their absence in our life. I am 21 now, but I feel like I have come across so much in life and I know, I still have to face many struggles in my life. 

Image by Author

I can see the deepness of those blue oceans, it’s so long and wide. If we were left alone in a small boat in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by water. The situation will frighten us like anything. Even though we were attracted by her everlasting beauty, we have to maintain the limits, which we should not cross without any precautionary measures. I see them as if we want to travel in the middle of the ocean, we need a boat or ship for our survival, likewise, If we want to sustain in this immortal world we need “Love” for the endurance in being in this world. “Life, which leads and love, that heals”. I strongly believe in it.

Kanyakumari, Image by Pixabay

A large wave splashed upon my face and suddenly I came to normal. I started searching for my friends, they were still busy taking photos. “It’s becoming late and we have to see more places”, I shouted. They nodded and we left from there. 

Then our plan is to go to Vivekananda rock, in which we have to travel in a small ship to reach there. I am so excited about that and we bought tickets for that. They told us to wear life jackets and I suggest that if you travel in ships, don’t sit in the seat. Travel by standing in the ship, you can feel the waves which take you up and down. You can feel her (Samuthra) presence in you. We saw a shark which seems to be happy in its journey towards nature designation. It seems jumping in joy and it resembles as it is on its journey towards its own need like us. It is quite a small journey in the ship but I felt like it wanted to last all my life. It made me worry about it.

Image by Author

And then we reached there, Vivekananda rock, where Swami Vivekananda attained enlightenment. This place is believed to be spiritual and It didn’t attract me much, but the ocean around me allured me towards it. Those waves approaching around the place just hit the rock so hard. It felt as if it wanted to reach me and splash my body with water. I lost in my thoughts there and I became unconscious. I didn’t remember what happened at that moment. I just admired her beauty as much as I could. 

We saw the Swami Vivekananda statue and prayed for him in the absence of mind. I can’t even feel his presence there. Everyone there forced us to feel his presence. But I can’t, it reminded me of one of the saying of Swami Vivekananda “You can’t believe in God until you believe in yourself”. And this satisfied me and I felt I am in the process of life. I have to face more in my life and I am at the beginning of life’s journey.

When those thoughts aroused in me, I felt his presence completely in me. It just took to many thoughts and I stopped those. I want to spend time here and I don’t want to argue with my inner voice anymore. We left from there and we spent our time there taking some photographs.

My friends truly believe in freezing the moments, it didn’t attract me much. But after some days, I realized how important a picture was. It not only freezes the moment, but it also makes you realize your presence there even after so many years. I laughed and giggled by seeing them taking so many pictures. Suddenly they got diverted by a girl, who wore a yellow colour t-shirt and a jean. Everyone there started noticing her, but I ignored her and started hugging the wind which blown fiercely towards me. My ignorance carried many stories behind it and now I don’t want to go deep into it.

At last, they returned after an hour and mocked me about my ignorance. I didn’t care about it and I told them it’s time to leave. All of them nodded and we waited for the ship to arrive. 

The wind around started cuddling with us and it felt as if it was insisting us not to leave the place. The wind-blown violently towards us and we enjoyed the moment. We felt complete because nature wholeheartedly welcomed us and now it’s trying to make our stay in there for some more hours. 

Finally, the ship arrived and we travelled in it by standing in the entrance of the ship, so that we were able to see the ocean clearly. We saw a big statue of 133m and it’s a statue of Thiruvalluvar, who wrote the couplet Thirukural. It consists of 133 chapters and 1330 couplets. In which he explained, how a human being should live his life. All these are his guidance for the future generation. And he is celebrated by the world as a wise man.

His words are glorified as wonders, he kept huge values in two lines. Speaking about him in all the stages made him look like a celebrity and none of them realized him as a preacher, he is someone who is beyond all those. I memorized many of the couplets, but no one taught me how to apply them in practical life. Something in life is always left as a question and we will wait for those answers.

Those two lines and seven words carried value in it, which human beings felt hard to follow. Being unable to follow, instead of learning his couplets, they started exaggerating him as a celebrity. He is not the man to be celebrated. He should be worshipped for giving us those valuable words. He should be considered as superhuman, for his wonderful work to mankind. Lots of questions arose in me and my thoughts stopped because we reached the land. I looked puzzled for some time and came to normal.

Image by Author

We had fun in the city of Kanyakumari and purchased some toys for our remembrance. We left from there to our room. It’s 7 pm now and my dream of seeing seashore at night has finally arrived. We walked in the road and felt the cool breeze around us. I am longing for years to see the ocean at night. The darkness will be filled everywhere and many of the fishermen will go fishing especially at night. The immortal sky dressed in a black colour outfit to make the moon look beautiful and to make the stars glint and glow in the unending sky. The night rules everywhere in the world. Life shivers at night. We human beings make ourselves strong by experiencing life. Experience makes us handle the situation around us. Experience seems worthy always for everyone. 

We reached near the seashore and I can feel it from here. She, the ocean dances, as the air plays a soothing melody. I felt complete. A journey felt worthy of seeing her beauty in the dark. 

Nature seems innocent and valued as most precious things, which humans got in his life. Nature created human beings for their own sake. I think it felt like it needed somebody to admire her own beauty. The darkness around me and the eternity of her quivers me like anything when I deeply looked into it. Without my knowledge, a drop of tear rolled through my eyes and spilled in the ocean and was lost in those waters forever. Worries always seem to be lost when we fill our life with all-new wonderful memories.

We have to be like an ocean, but not as a drop of tears which only carries pain. Tears always relieve a haunted heart. Suffering meant for those who suffer and keep on judging life. A man always directed towards some common need of the society by the guidance of fate. Everything here is already proved by our ancestors. Their path is the guidance for our peaceful survival. If a human thinks as he wants to behave like animals, he can but an animal cannot behave like a human. Animals are ruled by nature.

They have their own rules for living. But we, humans, don’t have any rules for living. We call ourselves a human because we follow humanely. We create many paths and we are separated by those. We came out of humane and started behaving as we wished. 

If you consider waves as your “Life” and sands as your “Experiences”. Waves collect sands from the deep inside of the sea and put it on the ground. Only when you are directed by the air, which I consider as an external force, you can collect the sand and leave it in the ground, in which you can stand on the sands (Experiences) and admire your waves (life). 

But who can direct you? the words of an experienced one can direct you. I see those words by Thiruvalluvar can direct us towards our ultimate living. One cannot always be his own, he needs something to hold on and believe when you suddenly got up from bed due to some noise which afraid you, you hold something tight to make you calm. It’s the same in your life also, we need something to hold on in our harder times. In my view only belief makes you reach the height, so believe in something to make your life peaceful.  

Sunset at Kanyakumari, Image by Pixabay

The day ended with a smile and we are planning to see the sunrise at the tip end of India tomorrow morning. This is what Kanyakumari is famous for. We also planned to visit Thiruparappu falls and Muttam beach, where I got answers for many of my questions. The journey which enlightened me. I stop here because it seems too large and stay tuned for Cape Comorin part 2.

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