Written by Nikita Chandola.

Health is Wealth! I used to get scolded from my parents for not eating healthy, not having a healthy lifestyle. It was really a heavy task for me to have a daily routine as I was idle. Despite all this, I tried to balance my work life and to have a healthy lifestyle. For that, I started with a healthy routine to keep me fit and happy.


We all need some kind of push to keep us going and motivated. If you don’t have a regular basic healthy routine than one needs to include some tips and to follow it regularly for a better lifestyle. To stay fit and healthy one must-must have a routine. So, here are a few things which I include in my routine and one must too.

1. Drink water

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 Always start your day with 1 glass of lukewarm water. Every health expert’s first opinion will always be, to drink water in the morning. Half of the problem solves there, when you start drinking water in morning. Not only morning but whole day drink minimum 3lt water, at least body needs this much water. It keeps you fit, hydrated and starts your day refreshing.

2. Read an encouraging quote

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Everyday read something which motivates you from within. Studies have shown a person who reads positive quotes or something content is more likely to be happy and positive all day. Therefore, you will always have a healthy and better lifestyle.

3. Don’t Skip Breakfast

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Never miss breakfast no matter how busy you are or wherever you are. A healthy breakfast should always contain food rich in proteins, vitamins and iron and all healthy & heavy. It’s a good start to a day! I know if you are a working person and is not in a habit to eat in the morning, it becomes difficult… But don’t think much, just start as there is no easy way to it, gradually you will see it will become your routine.

4. Keep yourself fit with yoga

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It’s very important for a person especially with stressful life to spend an hour or two keeping oneself fit not only externally but internally too. If you are healthy from inside you will always be healthy from outside. Meditation or yoga is the best way to keep you away from outer chaos and calm from within.

5. Walk, walk every day

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Did I say it before? If not, then it should be a part of the daily routine. Go out inhale the fresh air, stay positive and exhale the negatives. In fact, walking is the best exercise one can do to stay fit. If you are like me, lazy to go to the gym but wants to stay fit than nothing compares the 1hour walk.

6. Travel, as much as you can

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I know it can’t be a part of daily routine, but it can be a year or once in 6 months task. It’s important to make it a yearly routine to go explore, one such place which makes you feel most alive and happy. Go, explore this beautiful earth, there is so much to see. Give yourself some Me-time or your family some of your time far from all these city lights. It’s fun to meet new people, learn new things and eat varieties of cuisine from around the world.

7. Always be Grateful

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 Never regret any part of your life, instead, be grateful for whatever you have or whatever you’re getting. Because somewhere, someone is dreaming to live a life like yours. Always include people in your prayers, who have helped you to reach this far!

8. Keep smiling, stay happy!

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At the end of the day what matters is you’re happy from within. If you’re happy, definitely your family and loved ones will be happy. Don’t regret anything, eat what you love, do what you think is right and always keep that smile on your face.

It’s the best mantra for a healthy life😊

When you start implementing these tips in your daily life it will become your routine!

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