Body Transformation Weight Loss Fitness Motivation

This fitness story is all about a guy who was obsessed since the tender age. Criticized by his friends, relatives, he made up his mind in 2010 to lose weight. He was 222 lbs with body fat 37 %, promised his family and himself that in May 2012 he would walk the stage with confidence to get his university diploma degree, he started striving hard towards his goal. But after 4 months, he understood that he was missing the potential power for success which is the Perseverance-the sole tool required when facing difficulty in reaching towards a certain goal. So he realized the element perseverance was missing and he added this into his essential ingredients of the journey towards the goal.

Striving for his goal went on day and night, following a strict routine, visiting the gym timely, doing push-ups and also various other types of exercises that are mandatory for losing weight, eating strict diets and ignoring his favourite cuisines. His practice went on and on and finally, the day came when he was to walk on the stage for his diploma degree. So in May 2012, his weight was -166lbs, Body fat-19.2%. Reducing weight by 56lbs, he got completely elated. Now his present weight is-141lbs and Body fat-9.3%. So his advice to the youth stays on the fact that –Never ever give up your striving towards the goal, no matter what circumstances arise.

This article is written by Meenakshi Choudhury.

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