Top 7 Beautiful Islands in the World


Whatever you wish to indulge in: culture, adventure, cuisine or simply kicking back on a beach under the sun, at least one of these tropical beauties are sure to tick all the checkpoints in your list.

It’s time to redo your summer bucket list with these ideal destinations. From the majestic shores of the eastern United States to teeming jungles in Asia, these places are miracles on earth. These breath-taking places have one thing common: vast stretches of landscapes to explore in the mornings and a place by the seas to view the stars at night. Suffice to say, whatever your pleasure, you will find it there.

7. Crete, Greece


Quite simply put, Crete has on display all that attracts travellers to Greece. While some parts of this islands may be filled with sun-seeking crowds and boat hopping tourists, much of its charm still remains unexplored. From rustic trails dotted with wildflowers or visiting the mythical birthplace of Zeus, one has plenty to be kept occupied for days.

6. Hvar, Croatia


Widely known as the most glamorous destination of Croatia, this island celebrated 150 years of becoming a tourist’s paradise this year. This pinprick of an island is littered with swanky hotels, top restaurants with a side of a lively nightlife. Trail and swim running contests are held here yearly giving the athletes a chance to experience rocky peaks and lavender vineyards.

5. Yaeyama Islands, Japan

This group of islands is home to the best diving and snorkeling opportunities that Japan has to offer. Laze on the golden beaches or take a hike through its mangrove swamps or immerse yourself in Japanese culture through the flower decorated villages found in plenty. Prompt ferry services to multiple islands make it easy to explore.

4. Menorca, Spain


This offers a sharp contrast to the boisterous islands of Ibiza and Mallorca, offering its own distinctive flavor of relaxation. It’s golden sand bays remain among the most acclaimed globally, while internally, the island still holds to its rural charm. It’s bronze age architecture remains unique, attracting travellers from a variety of destinations.

3. Lord Howe Island, Australia

lord howe

This beauty makes the bucket list of many Australians and is well known globally. Situated in the Pacific 300 miles from the mainland, this remote island thrills the adventurous. It’s isolation guarantees a unique ecology, from lush forests to crystal clear lagoons.

2. Maui, Hawaii


In short amazing! This little island clearly wins first place in terms of outdoor recreational activities. Zip-lining, mountain biking, and hiking are some of the adventures that make it such a pulsating destination. Along the coast, beauty awaits. Surfers glide across waves and deep sea divers swim among the marines. Padding a kayak with a view of humpback whales is a view no one would like to miss.

1. Boracay, Philippines


This nitty-gritty island towards West Philippines is what some call a miracle on Earth. A tropical idyll in Asia, this astounds with gentle coastlines and magical sunsets. Classic blue waters, stunning views and winding cobblestone streets exhibit a laid-back charm unique to this island. On a clear night, the stargazing is spectacular.

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