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These Haunted Places will make your Vacation Spooky!


Written by Aroona Banerjie.

The human mind always buzzes with curiosity. It is always natural for the mind to flex towards the realm of the uninvestigated. Since time immemorial, man has always been attracted to explore and communicate with the other side of what is unexplored. The practice of witchcraft and wizardry hasn’t been proved yet, but this definitely has a solid mention in the history books back in the rough 16th-17th centuries. Back in the day, many women who were mostly idle, consumed their time to invoke the spirits of the other world- and ended up invoking the malicious ones and started making offerings to Satan. Many brave hearts as I would like to call them, boast that the world of the unseen doesn’t exist. Well, to this day, there have been many incidents reported regarding the horrendous real-life experiences of the visitors who paid a visit to places painted with a history of satanic presence. If you’re valourous enough, do pay a visit to these 7 most haunted places in the world!

Hill of Crosses, Siauliai

hills of crosses siauliai
Photo by Pixabay

The place is painted with eerie fables and myth, which date back to writings in the 1850s. There rests a mountain of crosses armed with metallic rosaries. When there is a storm (which occurs every other night), the rosaries dangle and create an illusion of chants as if several priests and other icons of saints are chanting their verses. The origin of this is very blurry and unclear, as it isn’t known, however, some say the crosses were left there by the mourning relatives of Russians who were against the regime of the Tsar- who was known to suppress the religious identity of the people in that era. The place isn’t entirely evil but is said to be surrounded with holy spirits who were religiously bent. The government has tried many unsuccessful attempts to destroy the hill but in vain. Drop a visit to feel the unshakable faith of these people who have long departed.

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

Hoia-Baciu Forest Romania
Photo by Atlas Obscura

Back in 1968, a technician had captured a blurry picture of UFO sightings in the forest area. Guess what adds up to the spooky factor of the forest? The curved and bent trees. Also, many visitors have reportedly seen a house located in between the forest, which when pictured from above, represents an inverted cross- something very antichrist in order to invite the satanic spirits. Many visitors have been said to be ‘zapped’ into another time zone and era. Those who haven’t- have either experienced rashes or nausea. Plus, the place has successfully earned the name of the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania. The place is a must if you are stout-hearted.

Hotel Monté Vista, Arizona

hotel monte vista
Photo by Pexels

The flagstaff hotel is said to be shrouded in mystery. There is a certain room, 305, which holds a special feature in the hotel and draws many queer tourists who want to experience the feeling of seeing a real-life ghost. It is said that the room was preoccupied with a longtime guest, who stayed in the hotel for months and never left. The ghost of this old woman can be seen resting in a rocking chair staring by the window side. The room beside it, 306 hosts the ghosts of harlots who were murdered in that room and dumped below on the street.

Amongst all, the story of the Phantom Bellboy tends to enchant the visitors. The ghost staff rings the bell and shouts room service and fades away while walking in the hallway, thus causing the spookiest sight to watch. If you ever visit Arizona, book a stay at the hotel and witness this at your own risk.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

bhangarh fort rajasthan
Photo by Tripoto

Known to be one of the spookiest places in Asia, Bhangarh sure lives up to its reputation of being a top haunted space. As mythology has it, Bhangarh has a dark past of being under the curse of a priest who was enraged when the buildings of the city’s shadows were taller than his own. Since then the priest cast a nasty spell on the city which became doomed forever. Others say a Tantrik fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh, and his potion of magic spell was busted and he was banished from the city into exile. Jilted, at the palace by the princess, the furious wizard cast a spell that led to the downfall of Bhangarh, leaving it under ruins. Also, the city remains shut to visitors post 5pm in the evening as it is said that the ones who visit Bhangarh at night- never return from there. Planning a trip to Rajasthan? Be sure to visit this place- but during the daytime!

Shrine of Anneliese Michel

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Annelise Michel, or better known as Emily Rose, was a young German teenager who is largely known for being possessed by multiple demons- including Lucifer himself. Earlier she had been diagnosed with epileptic psychosis, she started having visions and began to hear demonic voices. She was believed to have been chosen by The Lord Himself, to make people realise that the threat posed by the other realm is real. She underwent a rigorous exorcism but died due to starvation as her body was both intolerant to food and medicines. She became excessively repellant to religious objects and despite being medicated she died at 20. Still, people visit her Shrine in Klingenberg am Main, Bavaria.

These are some of the places, with actual haunting history, If you ever wish to pay a visit,

Beware! You’ve been warned before!

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  1. Very interesting. I listen to haunted podcast from time to time about haunted places and it is definitely spooky to listen to. Don’t know if I would like to visit any of those places especially the one about the Annaliese. Nope, leaving that right there. Lol Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have visited Bhangarh Fort! No eerie feeling at all! Though my mother joked about seeing the ghost of the tantrik on the top of a hill! I have watched the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose too!

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