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South Korean Lifestyle

Written by Erica Tomy.

South Korea, a country in Eastern Asia, which occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. Its official name is ‘The Republic Of Korea’ (ROK). They have a Presidential Republic form of government. The Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea, and North Korea are bordered by this nation. Seoul is the capital as well as the biggest city of South Korea. It has got a mountainous terrain. They have a republican government system, where it is believed that the laws made by the representatives they elected would be fair, there is common welfare and also the people enjoy freedom and prosperity.

1. Camping

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The Koreans love camping, barbecue, tents, grill and so on. Since three to four years, camping has become very popular as a leisure activity in South Korea, that the campsites are booked months ahead. They love adventure and like to explore new places and have a sleepover. According to the maker of Camping Roadmap, an app exclusively for offering information on campsites in South Korea, there are more than 600 campsites in the country. The import and sale of tents and camping gadgets have increased double times.

2. Fitness

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Fitness has its own value in South Korea, that the Koreans are body and health-conscious. Koreans work out in areas such as public gyms, where there is free access for all its citizens. There are many gyms in the country that are usually quite active from open to close. Koreans like to maintain a balanced diet by being conscious of their portions.

There are small parks, in most towns and cities, that have exercise machines. Even elder citizens indulge themselves in exercising at these parks and choose to stay fit always. The youth in Korea are very dedicated to work out and maintain good body shape.

3. TV Series

watching tv series
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The TV series, Korean drama and romance have become popular not only in Asia but also in the world. The Korean drama is referred to as ‘K-drama’.  People around the globe are craving to study the Korean language so that they could watch and understand their favourite hero’s dialogues without the help of subtitles or dubbing. These series have widespread availability, streaming online which offers subtitles in multiple languages. K-dramas have had a great impact on other countries. Some of the most famous series and dramas have been broadcasted via traditional television channels also.

In Korea, when K-drama and the reality are compared, most of the guys are gentlemen in real life just like in K-drama, it’s embedded in their culture. For e.g. offering his jacket when a girl is cold, opening car doors, always showing courtesy and respect towards females and treating their girlfriends as queens.

4. Music

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K-Pop is a musical style which is performed by young girls and boys band in South Korea. Their musical band has become popular not only in Asia but also all around the world. They conduct live concerts in different parts of the world and are admired by all their followers.

In addition, one of the biggest band in the world, BTS, has contributed to South Korea’s BOP (balance of payments) for music and entertainment and also to the nation’s GDP.  According to a recent article by the U.S. magazine, their annual revenue is about $4.65 billion, which puts them among the leading companies, Samsung and Hyundai.

5. Looking Presentable 

no beard
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The Korean girls mostly seem to prefer males who are tidy and look presentable. Even Korean celebrities, especially K-pop idols, frequently wash their face, shave, apply skin-care products and use face masks, to get a fresh look. Skincare is given its required importance in South Korea. Males here are mostly fit and clean-shaven.

6. Plastic Surgery


plastic s
Photo by Quang Anh Ha Nguyen from Pixels

More than, 20 per cent of females in South Korea use makeup and do cosmetic surgery. The males do plastic surgery as well to resemble their favourite heroes in K- drama and idols in K-pop. Men also use make up such as foundations, face creams, and lipstick. The women are physically fit, with beautiful hair and clear skin.

Double eyelid surgery, cheekbone reduction surgery and jaw reduction surgeries are the most common surgeries in South Korea as an oval-shaped face is a trend. They prefer using a mask to cover the scars post-surgery.

7. Staying away from UV rays

sun kissed
Photo by Alexander Stemplewski from Pixels

Koreans prefer staying away from the sun as the sun rays can cause many skin harms. They use umbrellas, face masks, scarf, stole, muffler and long-sleeved clothes to avoid the UV light from reaching their skin directly. They also prefer using sunscreens. All in all South Koreans have a skincare routine that is preferred by the beauty industry in many countries.

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Erica Tomy is a content writer at The Strong Traveller. Erica, apart from being a student of Bachelor of Commerce, she is also a model, an anchor and an artist, with the aim of becoming an entrepreneur someday. She is passionate about storytelling and making creative contents for various brands. She likes to do ‘smart work’ more than ‘hard work’!

29 thoughts on “South Korean Lifestyle

  1. Wow! that’s a lot of information. The camping, no beard, plastic surgery are so new to me. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Korean people are so humble. I Love K-drama but my favorite genre is ‘Historical/Period Drama’. I really want to try making Kimchi someday :D. Appreciation From Pakistan.

  3. Wow! That is interesting. My husband went there on a two week business trip last October a slightly different angle… No camping but he traveled to see the natural sights. . The history is also very interesting but some what shocking. I will write a blog about his experience in the next while. Thank you for you interesting blog.

  4. wow i didn’t know camping is a thing in South Korea! Thanks a lot for this blog, it’s quite informative. I’ve been interested in the culture and lifestyle of South Korea and i often see Koreans eat spicy food and i wonder if it’s` also part of their lifestyle. Hoping for more blogs about it! xx

  5. Here in the UK, camping holidays this summer will probably increase a lot, as people stay at home rather than going abroad for their holidays, if that is even possible, Many will not risk flying during the coronavirus pandemic.

  6. I’ve watched so much kdrama and I always thought if I were to implement a lifestyle it would be a south korean one. I like how they eat so much and dont gain a lot of weight

    1. Yes. Your right, they do not gain weight how much ever they eat. It’s because of their genetical structure, food habits and work out pattern.

    1. Your welcome. Yes visiting Korea has been added to my bucket list too.

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