Top 5 Incredible Places To Visit In Kalimpong, India

Written by Ivy. S. Horo.

Kalimpong is a small hill station located in the northern region of West Bengal. It served as a gateway in the trade between Tibet and India. Kalimpong, situated on the ridge overlooking the beautiful Teesta river is a moderately popular tourist destination owing to its temperate climate and proximity to other famous tourist attractions of this particular region. One of the most essential features playing a key role in the economy of this small hilly town is Horticulture. 

Its flower market is notable for its huge selection of orchids, nurseries which export Himalayan grown flower bulbs, tubers and rhizomes. 

Kalimpong is a very small hill station as compared to Sikkim or Darjeeling, however, it offers a pretty decent range of touristy things like sightseeing. 

Enlisted below are the five most essential places of Kalimpong you must pay a visit to

Morgan House 

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Morgan House is one of the finest examples of British architecture in India. This aesthetic mansion was built in the 1930s by a man named George Morgan. The house is surrounded by a beautiful landscape which adds to its beauty. Although it was converted into a hotel after the demise of its owners, it serves as a very popular tourist attraction of Kalimpong always leaving the onlookers marvelled with its beauty. Morgan House is considered to be haunted and is enlisted with numerous lists of haunted places in India. 

Dr. Graham’s Homes

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Education is a very important factor amongst the local residents of Kalimpong. Every year several people from all spheres of the country visit the town to get their children enrolled in some of the best schools. Dr Graham’s Home being quite famous. 

It is located in the lower steep of Deolo Hill. Sir Anderson Graham of England had established this place in the year 1900. It is an international institution and is recognised across the globe. It offers vocational courses in dairy, farming, medication and clothing. The building of the school is beautiful and is one of the chief attractions of the place. 

Deolo Hill 

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Deolo viewpoint is one of the most significant tourist attractions of Kalimpong. It is located at a staggering height of 1700m above sea level and is labelled as the highest point of the city. 

Deolo hill is the origin of three important reservoirs which serve the water requirements of the entire town. The hill is otherwise known for its unusual, humongous height that offers marvellous and breathtaking views of the surrounding lower valleys. A recreational park is situated ay the hill which offers several adventure sports you could indulge in. The huge park is covered in lovely flowers and picturesque infrastructure. 

Cactus Nursery 

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This is a very unique and unusual nursery and it is the place to be if you have a special liking for cacti. There are tourists who would prefer a stereotypical garden of flowers and then there are absolute cactus lovers for whom a visit this nursery would feel like therapy. This nursery also consists of a variety of orchid plants. The location has a stunning backdrop and attracts a huge quantity of tourists in the peak seasons. 

Zong Dhog Palri Fo Brang Monastery 

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This monastery was sanctified by Dalai Lama in the year 1976. It is also known as the Dupin Monastery. 

The monastery possesses the design and architecture of an archetypal Buddhist construction. The place is serene and calm, the aesthetics of the place include stunning wall paintings. The overall ambience of the place is surreal and soothing. 

Sherpa View Point 

Located in close proximity to Deolo Hill, there is a huge statue of Lord Buddha in a rock garden. The watershed right within this statue is the Sherpa View Point. It offers a view of the scenic hills of Sikkim, one can also see the beautiful Relli river flowing through a lovely valley. 

Kalimpong also offers a wholesome amount of adventure sports which the tourists can indulge in. 


Paragliding is the latest form of adventure sports that are boosting the tourism of this place significantly. Delo Hill is the starting point of paragliding. There are two different types of flights that you could take from Delo Hill.

Medium Flight- This lets you glide through the sky at a relatively lower altitude. The cost of medium flight paragliding is Rs. 2500.

High Flight – A high flight usually takes you to a higher altitude and lasts for a longer time. The scenic beauty of the valley down below is spectacular.

River Rafting 

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The Teesta River meets Rangeet River and a confluence is a great place for river rafting. However, there are different levels of white water river rafting that you should consider before signing up for it. The levels are decided according to the difficulty in accomplishing them.



It is a wise idea to skip river rafting during the monsoon season since the water gets really rough and the river becomes turbulent.

You should also be well-prepared for rafting in this river. It requires some amount of experience as well. The surroundings are stunning and the experience of life-changing.

The cost of river rafting is Rs. 800 per head.

Mountain Biking 

If you like living life by the edge, then you will absolutely love mountain biking in Kalimpong. There are a number of routes that go through some of the picturesque locations in Kalimpong.

Mountain Biking in Lava

You could choose to ride a mountain bike from Lava to Lolegaon, from Kalimpong to Lava, from Lolegaon to Siliguri and from Kalimpong to Peshok.

You will usually be charged a security deposit of around Rs. 1000 for the bike apart from the cost of mountain biking. This fee is refundable.


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Kalimpong is home to so many hills and mountain ranges that trekking is an invariable option in this hill station.

The ideal time for trekking in Kalimpong is from October to February and from February to May.

You will witness bright and beautiful blooms on your trek. You will also come across pristine streams and cascading waterfalls on your route that will make the entire journey a memorable one.

For a 1-day trek, the cost is around Rs. 2500.

This small hill station is beautiful as well as equally adventurous with breathtaking views, covered in greenery and many fun activities. Kalimpong undoubtedly stands out providing a wholesome trip! 

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