Top 10 Food Cultures in the World


Written by Sonia David.

Food, the transition from a basic need to an exquisite vogue has now become one of the richest and most ethereal industries on the planet. The kitchen has become a space, not just for women to express themselves, but for everybody who intends to be ingenious with food. Although there might be a repertoire of preference or paramour variant with each individual, the Food Industry has never failed to offer relish, innovation, and abstraction. So, here are Top 10 Food Cultures in the World which you absolutely need to try or add to your bucket list:

1. Italian


Italy is one country where enjoying the cuisine is simpler than talking about it. The authentic tinges of the cuisine i.e. green, red and yellow never fail to deliver a magnificent blend of taste and flavor. The accurate cipher of the cuisine is the quality
of the products. Italian cheese, olive oil, coffee, pizza and several other ingredients and dishes incorporate and embody the Italian Cuisine, making it one of the best in terms of quality ingredients as well as the unconventional appetite.

2. Mexican


Mexican cuisine is indeed a fusion of a variety of European countries, specifically Spanish food. Mexican food includes beans, corn, chilies, and meat which is yet another exceptionally distinguished element of the cuisine.The meat in the Mexican cuisine usually consists of chicken, beef, goat, pork, etc. which is likewise inculcated by Spanish food. The Mexican Cuisine has also influenced African and Asian people enabling them to indoctrinate the marvels of Mexican food.

3. Indian


Indian pasturage has the best variety based foods and imprints on the cultures and taste. Indians are immeasurably apprehensive and cognizant of generating and manufacturing meal choices. Since most meals rely on religious groups due to the diversity and non-secular attitude of the citizens, some are vegans, and the others are non-vegetarians. Indian Meals are divided into two major components i.e. The Europeans and the Mughals who have enormously influenced the assortment of Indian cuisine recipes. The spices, zest and the extravagant seasoning of the food are what makes the Indian cuisine authentically breathtaking.

4. Singaporean

‘Bak kut teh’ may have come from Southern China, and fish head curry from Southern India, but today they’re just Singaporean. A disparate country that can offer you a head spin, but the food is something worth travelling for. The ever odoriferous coconut jam on toast in the adumbration of superstructures, and hearing the crisp fissure or crack of the distinguished crab shells in the narrow passageways of the red light districts is spine thrilling and captivating when the amazing cuisine is thoroughly enjoyed.

5. Greek

greek salad.jpg
Greek Salad

Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine. The cuisine mainly utilizes varied vegetables, grains, wine (white and red), olive oil, fish, and meat (including rabbit, lamb, veal, beef, poultry, and pork). Some Other additional and supplementary ingredients also comprise of cheese, bread, olives, herbs, lemon juice, and yogurt. The desserts are strongly influenced by the glorious Ottoman cuisine and are a delight to ingest.

6. Japanese

japanese sushi.jpg
Japanese sushi

Japanese cuisine offers a plethora of delectably appetizing of dishes that are regional as well as international. Restaurants in Japan are assorted from portable food stands to age-old ryotei, atmospheric pubs, and lounges methodically elevated and hoisted terraces over rivers, cheap chain shops, and unique theme restaurants. Numerous restaurants are also specifically designed to serve a distinctive and lone type of dish, while others usually offer a diversity.

7. Ukranian

Ukranian foods might be insignificant or inconspicuous, but it sure is one of the best food cultures in the World. Although Ukrainian dishes might be unauthentic in ways since they originate from different countries, they are yet legitimate and unconventionally innovative in their preparation. The cuisine is principally about fat and enormously tasty foods. A variety of soups, pastries and meat dishes comprise of the cuisine. However, Ukrainian borsch is contrasting than the Russian one, it is insignificantly considered.

8. Spanish


Traditional Spanish cuisine includes earthy and uncomplicated flavors. The ingredients are locally and regionally grown which boosts the palatable entrees. The mountains that run through Spain in infinite directions tend to act as characteristic barriers to the elucidation and enhancing the difficulty of transport facilities until the 20th century. Due to this, cooking differs massively based on the different regions.

9. American

american bread.jpg
American Bread

The American Culinary Traditions are one of the best in the world solely because New York City congregates several cuisines mentioned above in the list. Food has a special place in the hearts of the American population. Although it is at the center of many holiday traditions, it also reflects the past and present demographics along with the varied cultural influences. This is however bought about through the different flavors of the country.

10. Australian

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.jpg
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

The Australian cuisine will surprise you with its unexpected features in their food habits. Although there is no specific origin with regards to Australian culture and Cuisine, it’s authenticity is still significant with the preparation and construction of various meals. Some of the local specialties, such as kangaroo, possum, ostrich and crocodile meat are favored by most of the citizens and tourists. This is something definitely worth trying.

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