5 Preparatory Essentials for Your Trip to Goa as a Young Traveller

Written by Khushboo Masih.

Goa trip? Alone? Without parents? It sounds like it’s going to be awesome and adventurous but wait for a second! Making it to Goa seems pretty much like appearing for a difficult exam and not just the easy English one but the Maths one. There is so much more than just to ask permission from parents.

Asking permission from parents is the ‘IT’ game like the basic structure of any formula but it’s not that easy as it seems like because you have to do a lot of things to reach that desired destination of sea breeze and tan.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind so you could finally make it to Goa.

Convincing Parents Process

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So, talking to parents about Goa and taking permission from them seems like an easy task for some kids but most of the parents are not so cool about an unsupervised trip. So here are the few pointers to get the parent’s permission.

  • Most of the children or teenagers don’t do what their parents advise them to do. It can be annoying at some point but believe me when they tell you to do something, it is for your good. So, the trick here is doing what so ever your parents want you to do and behave like a good boy/girl in front of them. When you start doing what your parents asked you to do, they will see how accountable you are to them and it acts as a plus point for your Goa trip.
  • Sometimes being at your best behaviour seems pretty much difficult as you cannot always pretend how nice you are, because let’s be real no one smiles all day from morning to evening but being at your best behaviour can add points to your Goa trip permission lane as you please your parent’s they will see how nice you are even though you are pretending. So, be at your best behaviour.
  • Now comes the most difficult part apart from asking the permission for Goa. To be interested in their things. Sometimes it is difficult to keep oneself interested in parents’ stuff as they have different thoughts and opinions about things but having an interest in what they like will make them realize that you value their interests. Plus points for Goa permission.
  • Showing them that you can take care of things like expenses, travelling, bags, and by not talking to any random stranger. Showing them how responsible you are can give their mind a second opinion if you are not responsible. It can increase the chance of a positive response from them.
  • After all the struggles and being nice, responsible and other things it’s finally the time to ask your parents about the Goa permission, and by seeing all the good you have done there might be a positive chance that you could finally get a yes for Goa. Pro-tip, ask them when you see that they are in a good mood and the environment is favourable.
  • Always keep them updated about your activities and things you are doing so they will be pleased and have a peace of mind that their child is doing okay.

So, after the permission session, it’s time to plan up for the trip and to make a list of things you will going to watch on your trip to Goa. Planning everything will keep you on track on the trip and also the expenses.

The Financial Plan

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Travelling to Goa seems easy and can be cost-effective if you plan your finances properly and always have a backup if things go as not planned. So, from travelling to accommodation to shopping you have to be in budget and should not go crazy and do over expense on things.

Goa is not an expensive place but sometimes things can get costly so cut down on things which you can do in your home state. Book train and flight tickets in advance, so you can cut on at the moment fare. Do things and activities on your own. Travel during the off-season to avoid high prices. Prices will be high as demand will increase so be careful what you want.

Transportation: Train/Flight/Road Trip

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Talking about transporting, there can be three suitable options train, flight and by car. The car option is suitable for those living near to Goa and doesn’t have to travel a lot. Early booking in train and flight will be more convenient and ease. Booking in advance will be less costly.

So, after reaching Goa you can take various transportation to roam around and which are in a budget-friendly mode like using a pilot service i.e. motorcycle rickshaws. These are extremely cost-effective. If it’s an all-girls trip then should try woman taxi services, these are new and introduced by the government. Hire a bike/scooter/gear bicycle on a per-day charge basis and roam whenever you want.


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Talking about accommodation the busiest season are December and January. So, if you are travelling in these two months then I recommend you to book in advance. So, there are four types of hotels you can stay in.

  • Budget Hotels

In this, you can get a decent room with a bed, toilet attached, and a TV It cost around Rs 200/ night but it is doubled in the busy seasons. You can also try the family house which has mud floors for that typical Goa experience and bathroom/toilet are in a small outhouse.

  • Mid-range

So, 1 star and other uncategorized hotels fall under this section. It cost between Rs 400-800/ night. It has a nice ensuite bathroom with other basic hotel facilities. These are available everywhere but try to book in advance to avoid high tariffs.

  • Upmarket

These hotels are classified from 2 stars to 5-star hotels. They usually have their restaurants with shopping facilities and can be enlisted in the luxury stay. It cost between Rs 2000-10000/ night. Special packages are available at a lesser price if you want to stay in the upmarket.

  • Long-term Rentals

If you are planning for one month or more then this is the best deal for you as long-term rentals offer longer stay and these are especially around in villages or near the coastal area and these rentals are given by these local villagers. Cost varies from Rs 3500-5000 depending upon the facilities the cost is covering. Longer the stay shorter the price.

The Site Seeing

site seeing goa
Image by Aakka Aakka from Pixabay

There are many site attractions where your eyes want to roll. If you want to visit a beach but with lesser tourists and want some peace of mind then you should visit Agonda beach. It is located in south Goa and have all the shops and tourist attraction but with lesser crowd.

Interested in history or want to know the 17th century then you should visit fort Aguada. It is a Portuguese fort in North Goa constructed as a defence from Marathas and dutch. As you know Goa is famous for the parties and casino so you should take visit Baga beach which is in north Goa and casino in Panjim. Interested in art, bakery, old buildings then visit the Latin quarter. Want to know what it’s like to be a hippie? Attend the arambol hippie festival it is located in the north Goa and you can have a hippie vibe with their songs, music, dances, and of course the drum rolls.

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