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Has writing always been one of your special interests? Have you ever wondered whether you could earn some extra bucks by writing for others who are in need for it? Does your heart skip a beat when you’re paid for doing what you love?

If yes, then wasting even a single moment would be a very wrong decision to make because you wouldn’t want to miss any good opportunity that comes your way. The world has changed a lot through these many years as we started to explore multiple avenues, which gave us different outlooks of the word ‘income’ other than the traditional 9-to-5 boring jobs. The time has come when you can say Goodbye to these cubicle jobs whenever you feel like, and for the first time in your life, you can say yes to pursue your long-standing dream. It is you who has got all the potentials to become a successful Content Writer so don’t let those skills go into waste; all you need is a little head start.


Every single person has their own stories to tell. People choose the writing profession depending on many situations that happened in their lives. Some choose it without giving many thoughts about it. They think it is all they are capable of doing. Some people choose it out of necessity. These are the two broad reasons mainly.

The struggle comes in different forms in our lives. But the only common thing among all is that everybody gets to start from zero. Whether you believe it or not, nothing can be achieved overnight. The more you bleed out, the more your proposals keep on getting rejected by your clients, the more you learn. The number of times you fail to grab a good bid is directly proportional to getting high paying projects in the near future.

You may be stuck in your cubicle job and you might be severely missing those golden days you used to write the best contents in your class back then. And now you’re striving for freedom through your own words written on a paper or typed in your laptop screen. You know what? You are not alone!

Lisa’s story of becoming a Content Writer from a regular 9-to-5 corporate job


Some of our friends in our circle have witnessed some of the greatest achievements of all time. Lisa works in a software company as a Systems Analyst. After completing her engineering degree she got into this job like everybody else.

The first two years were really fun for her. She had her own small space, where she put all the stickers of marvel characters to keep her motivating all the time. Her tenth-floor office apartment had all the professional ambience she hoped for. She could look at the entire city through her glass wall. The environment, parties and friends were all good.

But somehow after two years, it all started to become monotonous. Lisa wanted more from her life. Those glass walls, centrally air-conditioned rooms, high-end office luxuries were not enough anymore. Sitting at her desk all the time and doing some technical things started becoming very strange to her. She had been having very bad days back then, as she couldn’t even focus on her work. We used to have discussions through texts mainly. She asked me what she should do with her life that she’s not happy with. She tried to understand what was the element that was missing out from her life? Well, she had the answer beneath all her curiosities.

She started to write short fiction stories on her weekends and during the little, she could get time after coming home from the office. Her closed walls couldn’t stop her imagination. And now she is doing pretty good writing for herself and for her clients.


Here the point is, how we all struggle to get what we want from our lives. We started writing when we were in high schools. We have two different stories on how we get into this profession.

…and this is our story. Not a fairy-tale I suppose!

Myself Arka, I started writing when I was just a 7-year-old kid. I used to attend an English teacher with my elder sister who was 15 years then. The teacher used to teach Shakespeare to those high school students and my work used to be to only listen to them. Sometimes she used to give me a few writing assignments from the high school textbooks. These were mainly stories from a given statement or essays. I used to sit beside a window at her classroom and look outside. Sometimes I felt terribly bored because most of the times the classes would take place during afternoons. And afternoons were the only time for me to play football with my friends.

I used to watch people on the road, what they might be doing, birds going back to their nests after a tiring day and so on. And finally, I used to pen down my thoughts. And when I would begin my writing I used to get so immersed into it. At the end of each class, she would evaluate my content and give remarks. She used to announce how well my thoughts were, in front of everybody. I was too shy and used to hide behind my sister’s back. Finally, she would give me something or other to eat, like foreign chocolates or maybe nuts and almonds. I used to eat them while returning back with my sister and give her a small piece of it. That was how writing came into my life at a very early stage.

Now I would like to tell you about how writing turned from a passion for earning bucks as a passive source of income.

When I was in college, I was still a shy guy. I rarely spoke with people unless and until it was really necessary. The problems with introverts are well known. So I devised a way to communicate with the world. Through my writing. I started writing on anything and everything. In the beginning, I practically had no niche. You got that right, random thoughts and random ideas. I used to put them up on my first blog and I began sharing them over Facebook. Well, this one was surely a good decision. When you open up on social media platforms you can attract people with similar minds.

One day I came across a Facebook group, where I saw people sharing their posts and all. Having no idea about how it works, I just shared one of the posts on which I was really confident.

For a noob like me, there was not a single post like or anything. I used to open my account over and over again to see any kind of activity. Nothing! I got depressed somehow about this. Then I started searching who are the people there in the group. I went through almost each and every profile. Then I found one interesting guy and approached him directly. We started talking (basically I did!). Then I shared my post with him. BOOM!

It worked. He was really happy with that. And asked if I would want to write blog posts for him. As he was really a busy man, so he depended on me to write for him. And for the first time in my life, I got my first contract as little as $5 dollar per 1000 words. From that day onwards, I didn’t look back.

Now let me show you how another friend of mine, Ishani, managed to get her first client. So let’s hear what she’s got in her bucket.


‘When I first started out writing contents for clients, I barely had an idea about how vast this platform was. I just had the intention of being able to earn some money with which I could fund some of the things I craved to buy as any other regular college student. I despised asking for money every time from my parents for every little thing I wanted to buy. I wanted to be independent.

So I was casually looking for some work that I could do from home as a college student when I suddenly bumped into my first client on one of the social media platforms. We had a talk and I convinced him to give me a chance even though I had no prior experience in content writing. He agreed for it and slowly with every day coming as a challenge and learning from my mistakes I eventually became good at writing contents. My client was also happy with my performances. He used to appreciate the work that motivated me to keep on improving my skills as a content writer. I earned a good amount of money from this side hustle and slowly the desire of growing within this platform developed inside me. 

This was how I started out as a content writer and forever want to remain as one. The writing was a hobby I was completely unaware of and it has become a part of my life without which I now feel incomplete. It has also given me a sense of freedom and created opportunities and experiences which I otherwise would not have got.’ 

Just like everybody else, we were not right at the beginning. We all made mistakes, even the silliest ones! In our journey, we crossed many obstacles, but we feel now that maybe we had someone to guide. It might give us a head start. And that’s what we took as a mission to help millions of potential writers out there.

We are here to provide you with all the secrets and necessary skills that are required to become a Content Writer so that you can start living your dream life.

Anyone can become a Content Writer. Maybe you are a student, or a professional, or a housewife or just someone working to earn a livelihood. But if you are reading this post the common thing about all of you is, you are someone who is really interested in the continuous process of learning and development who wants to pursue the side hustle or his / her career as a Content Writer.

Nowadays companies are having a high demand for freelance content writers. Did you ever ask yourself, why is this so? Well, hiring a permanent employee means high costs because a company needs to provide various employee benefits to that person and also huge costs are associated with training and development of the same.

So it is always a better option for the companies to hire skilled and experienced freelancers who can work from anywhere around the globe, as long as they have a laptop and a good internet connection. Believe me, it is always a better option to outsource employee requirements as it saves the companies a lot of money.

And why should you take this as a golden opportunity?

There is very less number of people who have a creative notch, so consider yourself as the lucky one! Writing can be boring to someone who works from morning to evening at a monotonous cubicle. But at the same time, it is fun for you, because you create words while watching the beautiful sunset around any corner of the world. You want to become a Content Writer because you believe the whole world is your home; you get paid for your writing, with that you can travel different places every day and you will become a global citizen.

So tell us, why do you want to become a Content Writer? 


If you are a newbie, you may write as follows:

Writing has always been a great matter of interest within me. Whenever I get some opportunities I write about it. So I believe that my deep passion and interest in writing down my thoughts, have pursued me to become a Content Writer. I remember when I was just a ninth-grader at school, I won a writing competition. It was my first ever exposure to the field of content writing. Though at that time I was not sure or rather I had no idea if at all it would help me anyway to become a successful writer or not. But later on, I realized that pursuing as a freelance writer would definitely help me to do what I always loved to do. That is why I am really interested to become a Content Writer.

If you have some experience, maybe you can follow as given:

I have been writing web contents and articles for 3+ years with different clients since my college days. Along with my studies, my love and a deep interest in Content Writing has taken me to achieve greater heights by learning new domains of knowledge that I might have some idea from before, and into some other areas that are completely different to me. Whatever be the subject matter my approach to them are always unique and easy to understand for the readers with a lasting impression to retain their focus and interest. I have been fortunate enough that the contents I have written are highly loved and appreciated by them, both in terms of quality and quantity. 

So these are provided just to help you with some ideas. Please, don’t copy the given ones and try out different ways, approaches to reveal your inner words to become a successful content writer.

Last few words

In a few days, I myself & Ishani are going to launch our first book Online Money Making using Content Writing. So, guys, we have really worked hard in order to provide you with free content writing resources on a regular basis through our blog here at Right now we really need your little love for us. Do follow our blog, comment below if you have anything on your mind and share your love by spreading our small effort with others as well.

Stay tuned for our next chapter Thoughts Into Simple Words. Hope you’ll find this one interesting as well. Happy reading! 🙂

Arkaprabha Das

Arkaprabha Das is the Founder & Editorial Chief at The Strong Traveller. He has always been a man of many caps. Apart from being an MBA professional, he is a full-time freelance writer and possesses the mind & heart of a true entrepreneur! You can always reach out to him at



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  1. True. I was actually nodding several times as I was reading through your post 🙂
    When it comes to freelancing, there is nothing to lose, only the chance to actually join in the journey.
    Many are skeptical about this option of work, but as the times are changing, it seems that a lot are becoming more interested in what this industry offers. Content writing is simply one of the most sought after freelance tasks today- so taking the leap and trying out what it has to offer would surely be a great decision especially for those who have the skill to write. I have found lately and I do hope they would provide a fair chance for content writers as well. It’s a world of different possibilities, and it depends on us how we are going to embrace these opportunities right in front of us waiting to be taken.

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