Top 4 Business Ideas to 6 Figure Passive Income from Anywhere in the World

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Written by Arkaprabha Das.

Who doesn’t want to work from home and get thousands of dollars flowing into his bank account? Who doesn’t want to spend lovely evenings every day at a beach party with his or her loved one while making money without even thinking about it?

If you think you are among those few lucky people, who just want to lay back in the cozy comfort of your own convenience and earn a 6-digit passive income, without getting your ass working so hard, there you go champ; trust me this post is only for you then!

Why waste so much time and energy for a stagnant, boring job that gives a handful of salary, when most of it goes off into paying mortgage loans, car loans, credit card payment and debts all throughout your life?

Have you ever thought what all those burdens is giving you back in return? Nothing. There will be one fine morning when you get up, find yourself sixty years old and then after a few years, die. So much to see all around the world, so many beautiful moments you will be missing out on just by going to your office and paying off debt.

Stop worrying right from this moment and start living your life to the fullest! If you have one special business idea that can surely turn you into a millionaire, you better ask these 5 questions to yourself before you start your online business!

Here in this post, I’ll be talking about the top 5 ways you can earn without going to an office for a single day in your life!

1. Become an eBook Writer

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The easiest and the most profitable business you can ever think of is writing an eBook!

Let’s think of it from a business point of view. You’ve written an eBook of 200 pages and set the price $5, that’s not a big deal though. You get a minimum of 400 copies sold each month for a whole year, that is almost 4,800 copies sold each year. At the end of the year, you get to earn almost $24,000. And by the time of 4 years 1 month you get almost to get to $100,000, your dream 6-figure salary!

The above numbers are very straightforward and simple. I haven’t even taken various affiliate channels into considerations. If I add other means of earning money, then the 6 figure can be easily achieved within a year or two.

Remember you’ll be writing several other eBooks as well. The amount of passive income gets so high you can’t even imagine!

2. Sell video courses online

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Do you have a knack of teaching? Want to get a thick payment consistently without even teaching every single day?

Then the best way to pursue your dream sitting in a beautiful corner of your home would be selling your video courses online.

Each course can be priced between $20 to $200. After working on the video you just need the create some awareness among your community that you’re having one of the best courses featuring on Udemy. My friend, once you have finished making the videos and have put it over there, your work is over. Now you can just sit and relax; because a huge chunk of interested individuals will just be pouring in to buy your online course.

For example, you set your price $50 for a course, you get on an average 200 sells each month and you earn $10,000 without even working your ass off. At the end of the year, you get to earn $120,000!

This number isn’t everything if you increase your course fee or you get more sells, you easily achieve 6 figure income within a short while.

3. Become a blogger

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Blogging can never be skipped if you have a passion for writing meant for helping other individuals. The more people are getting into online reading, the more the demand is getting higher for bloggers.

You will need to start by doing a little research on the best types of internet connections in your area. You will need a great high-speed and stable connection guaranteed for this business idea!

Then, once this is sorted, you can begin making your own portfolio and creating a blog where you put up your content and share that with potential recruiters. Let’s understand how you can easily generate income from blogging.

The famous blogging platform Longreads gives you $250 for an 800 to 1,000 words blog post. If you write two such blog posts for them for a month you would be earning $2,000 from this one platform alone.

Now you’d also like to earn bucks from other good platforms by writing guest posts, that can fetch you $40 to $1,000 or maybe more.

If you want to know how to generate income from your blog, let’s get into it.

I suppose you own your domain and have all the rights to embed the third party ad services into it. The best ways can be to put up affiliate links and allowing other parties to put up their own advertisements there.

Trust me a good and well-optimized content gets so much traffic you can ever imagine. If you follow all these there’s no way to stop you from earning a six-digit salary!

It is really easy to get into the habit of writing to get what you deserve, check out how you too can become a successful content writer.

4. Become a YouTuber

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You’re carrying a smartphone! You love sharing experiences with the world outside by making video stories of it!

Perfect! You can surely become a successful You Tuber.

In order t o monetize your channel you need to join the YouTube Partner Program. For that, you need to have a certain number of subscribers and watch hours. That’s pretty easy!

When you know what you’ll be doing, how you can engage with your audiences and what value they’re getting from your videos; you will surely get more views and more subscribers as well.

Do you know each year successful You Tubers are paid in millions, far more than $1,000,000!

Last few words…

Just imagine a beautiful night, when you’re going to sleep in a cozy bed while watching the bright stars outside your window with some one special holding tightly beside you. You have all the time to spend with that special person. You have no worries about your job, no worries whether you’ll be getting a pink slip or not, no worries about anything.

Because you know thousands of dollars will be credited overnight and in the morning when you get up, you see that fat 6-figure passive income in your bank account.

You do a little work for one time and you reap the benefits throughout your lives. Your one-time involvement turns into a longtime source of income.

I bet you’d definitely look forward to it.

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