Korean delicacies to try out in Kolkata this Winter

Korean food restaurants are not that much popularly seen in Kolkata or even in other parts of India. In a street full of restaurants buzzing with food lovers, you might find one Korean restaurant in comparison to five Chinese and three Japanese restaurants. I was were very much delighted to have found a place which served a wide array of Korean dishes in the middle of a food court in New town, Kolkata. This food shop named The King’s Bakery serves many savoury bakery items which are gorgeously displayed in a glass showcase but they have no signage up in order to indicate the Korean cuisine delicacies that they serve. You would only realize this fact when you go ahead and start pondering through their menu.

Out of all the dishes that I tried out there at my one chance of visiting this Korean cuisine serving place, I loved the super yummy dishes below!

KIMBAB- Korean Sushi Rolls

KIMBAB- Korean Sushi Rolls
P.C. Ishani Roy, @ The Strong Traveller

If you are craving for your favorite Japanese sushi but are worried about the after effect it will have on your money bag, then it’s time to order a plate of Korean Kimbab. If you find dishes named Kimbap or Gimbap in your chosen restaurant menu, know that they are all the same dish. This is a dish made from cooked rice and the black wrapping that you see are dried sheets of nori seaweed. In the name Kimbab, Kim means seaweed and bab means rice. At King’s Bakery, Kimbab is segregated into its vegetarian and non-vegetarian variant, priced at INR 250 and 270respectively. The non-vegetarian variant that we tried consisted of chicken filling along with vegetables. The dish was served with 12 pieces of sushi rolls with a side bowl of dark vinegar sprinkled with sesame seeds.

KIMBAB- Korean Sushi Rolls
P.C. Ishani Roy, @ The Strong Traveller

This is a must-have dish if you are a sushi fan. This was the first time I tried out a sushi dish and I am now hooked on it forever. If you have never had sushi before, you should go for Korean sushi rolls. The tangy taste of the seaweed covering took me by surprise for the first time when I tasted it but then the taste of the rice and the inner filling made be realize how delicious a simple healthy dish can be.


Dak-Galbi is a Korean spicy chicken stir fry dish served with lots of vegetables, fruits and rice cakes. This was an absolute favourite of mine out of all the Korean dishes that I tried. I loved the crunch juicy spicy flavour of the chicken and the aroma of the dish has left a lasting memory of Korean food in my mind. Dak-Galbi is made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a gochujang-based sauce along with sweet potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables.

P.C. Ishani Roy, @ The Strong Traveller

This is a total hearty meal and serves all the hunger pangs entirely. This dish will satiate all your winter cravings brilliantly. The chicken just seemed to melt in my mouth as I took a bite.  You will definitely see yourself wanting to have this dish over and over again. This dish is priced at INR 550 and is totally worth it.


Korean noodles are also known as “guksu” or “myeon” in the Korean language. This is one of the oldest Korean dishes in Korean cuisine. The dish was a large bowl of noodles served with vegetables, eggs and chicken. This might look like your regular homemade noodles but trust me it’s not the same. The taste of the noodles is very soulful and will make you want to take it back to your home, get inside your cozy blanket and have it with your dear ones. This bowl of noodles comes at the same as that of the Kimbab.

P.C. Ishani Roy, @ The Strong Traveller

The unique aspect of these noodles was the length of each noodle. I went on and on slurping each noodle and it just wouldn’t end! When I looked up about Korean noodles on the internet I surprising got to know the reason behind such long noodles. In Korea, traditionally noodles are served during birthdays and weddings. Long noodle symbolizes long life. So when somebody is served with this bowl of Korean noodles, the person who serves it actually wishes for his or her long life and happiness. I recommend everyone to get a bowl of warm Korean noodles during this winter.

All in all my experience with Korean cuisine was amazing and I cannot wait to try other dishes at other Korean cuisine restaurants. King’s Bakery is a must-try out place for everyone wanting to have healthy and delicious food at an affordable price while visiting Kolkata, India.

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