Top 15 Best Kombucha Brands In India You Must Try

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Written by Ishani Roy.

Kombucha is a gut-friendly health drink, a variant of fermented tea that has been existent since ancient times. Although people have been drinking Kombucha for a long long time, it’s awareness in India has just begun to start growing.

Kombucha is a non-alcoholic drink that contains vitamins, amino acids and other nutritious contents which are associated with many health benefits. Many homegrown brands have come up in India producing Kombucha and making it available in the Indian market. The sales of Kombucha is also gaining momentum and is becoming a noticeable player in the Indian beverage industry.

Kombucha was also an influential part of PepsiCo’s brand portfolio in 2016. Here are the top 10 Kombucha brands in India that are loved by Kombucha lovers and are gaining prominence amongst their customers. 

1. Borécha, Goa

Borecha Kombucha
Picture Credit- LBB

We would highly recommend this brand for Kombuchas if you are looking into reducing your alcohol intake and would like to start off your journey with a drink that gives you the taste of cocktails and is absolutely great for your health.

Borecha was started by two brothers, Aditya Ishan Varshnei and Anish who are the owners of Goa’s famous new brewery, Latambarcem Brewers. The idea behind this brand was the flavourful drinks that Aditya used to enjoy back in Manhattan while working there.

Founders of Borecha Kombucha
Founders of Borecha, Picture Credit-

When he came back to India he started longing for this drink and that is when he decided to open his own Kombucha brand in Goa, India along with his brother who is a chef. The meaning of Borecha is “good tea”. It is available in 9 different flavours such as Mango infused Kombucha, Orange, Cola, Guava Chilli, Roasted Coconut, Rose Cardamom, Pina Colada, etc.

They can be used as cocktail mixers as well. Borecha uses Gluconic and glucaric acid in their Kombuchas which helps to remove toxins from the body, naturally detoxifies your liver, reduces cholesterol, aids in weight loss, boosts immunity and has a lot of other benefits. Borécha is available in select stores across Goa and also on Amazon.


Price– A pack of 3 bottles is priced at INR 480.

2. Atmosphere Studio, Delhi

Atmosphere Studio
Picture Credit-

Atmosphere Kombucha is a homegrown wellness brand based out of Delhi, India. It was started by two sisters, Rebekah and Ariella Blank. Both sisters are wellness experts and have also expertise in brewing exotic, gut-friendly and fizzy Kombuchas which draws influence from the Himalayas.

Their artisanal beverage is made by their all-women team using all-natural and real ingredients. They bring out the highest quality Kombucha by brewing them for over a week and making them go through several fermentation processes. Their Kombucha drinks are infused with fruits and herbs that are delicious and very good for your health.

Atmosphere Studio
Picture Credit-

Some of the popular variants of this brand are mango berry, raspberry lemonade, spicy ginger, jasmine, blueberry, wild mulberry, strawberry creme and blue mint. On their website, you will also find various other interesting healthy recipes and tips that will help you enhance your overall health. As of now they are shipping across Delhi NCR and Jaipur.

WebsiteAtmosphere Studio

Price– A 210 ml bottle will cost you INR 220.

3. HappyBooch, Mumbai

Happy Booch Kombucha
Picture Credit- LBB

If you are vegan and are looking for a healthy detoxifying drink then Kombuchas produced by Happybooch is at your rescue. These bottles of health packed with nourishing nutrients that are natural and flavourful are an amazing solution to your search for drinks that will build your immunity, help in digestion and improve the overall wellness of your body.

Happybooch is a small batch, vegan and artisan Kombucha brand. It was started by Shailaja Sharma in the year 2017 who is on a mission for healing and nourishing your body by producing gut healthy and natural probiotic Kombuchas.

HappyBooch has an amazing range of vegan Kombuchas which is available through select retailers like Nature’s Basket, Amazon and FoodHall outlets in Mumbai. They offer many different flavours out of which Chai Spice, Beauty Boost, Rose Lavender, Blueberry Kiss, Basil Lime, Ginger Love, Mango Bliss, Apple Cinnamon Spice and Strawberry Dreams have turned out to be the best choices. 


Price– A 250ml bottle will cost you INR 150.

4. Mountain Bee, Bangalore

Mountain Bee Kombucha
Picture Credit-

Mountain Bee Kombucha is a Bangalore based craft Kombucha brand started in 2018 by Honey Islam. Honey Islam stumbled upon Kombuchas while volunteering at a fermentation festival in Goa in 2016 and then decided to launch her own brand in Bengaluru after leaving her job at an MNC and named her brand as Mountain Bee.

Mountain Bee champions in making crafted Kombucha from the tea leaves of mountains in India. They brew their Kombuchas through 5 different ways of fermentation to bring out the best flavours. Mountain Bee offers a wide range of flavours to choose from such as wild watermelon, pomegranate vinegar, and original kombucha.

Some of the most exotic flavours are Flower n Spice Kombucha made of long leaf green tea from the Nilgiris, aloha ananas and butterfly blue pea tisane, that’s infused with cinnamon and star anise.

5. Bombucha, Mumbai

Picture Credit- LBB

The speciality of Bombucha which was started by a couple in Mumbai, Nitin Gandhi and Monika Powlowska is that they use green, black and sometimes white tea which is then infused with organic fruits. They then mix cane sugar which is very low in sugar and SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast).

SCOBY is an age-old fermenting process that helps to digest the sugar in the tea and produces good bacteria. This mixture provides a jaw-dropping flavour to the brew and will leave you spellbound. Their products are fermented for over 20 days, unpasteurized, raw and rich in probiotics therefore is nothing less than a potion of health. They produce small batches of these fermented brews.

Monika Polowska before starting Bombucha had already an experience of experimenting with Kombucha back in London which then developed into a brand when the couple came to India and started looking for Kombucha options and decided to have their own brand grow. Some of the best flavours offered by Bombucha are Blueberry Lavender, Mango Turmeric, kanji, elderflower, etc. 


Price– A 500 ml bottle will cost you INR 240.

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6. CommBucha by MAVI, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Indore

CommBucha by MAVI
Picture Credit- LBB

This brand has been started by a couple who on their trip to the U.S. came across Kombuchas and absolutely fell in love with the benefits and the flavours of this beverage and then decided to bring the Kombucha culture to India.

Mashi and Vikram then launched their company with the name “Miraculous and Vital Indulgence” commonly known as MAVI and named their Kombucha drinks CommBucha which relates to the Community of Kombucha lovers. CommBucha’s delicious and full of goodness Kombucha drinks has also been backed by Luke Coutinho, a famous celebrity nutritionist in India.

Luke handpicked CommBucha as one of the selected vendors to be part of Luke’s Inaugural Farmer’s Market on 17th December 2018. CommBucha offers 6 perennial and 6 seasonal flavours out of which Some of the amazing flavours are Golden Sunrise (Pineapple, Ginger and Turmeric), Apple Spice (Apple, Nutmeg and Clove), Summer Koolcha (Watermelon and Mint) and many more. 

WebsiteMAVI’s Pantry

Price– A bottle of goodness will cost you INR 160.

7. Zen Tiger, Mumbai

Zen Tiger Kombucha
Picture Credit- WhatsHOT

Zen Tiger is one of the most loved Kombucha brands in Mumbai. It was started by Rakhi Jain who upon her visit to a farmers market in Australia came across this ancient elixir drink and decided upon making it available to the Indian market. Rakhi Jain herself is a sports nutritionist.

She started the company and converted a room in her Mumbai house into a lab and also partnered with a food scientist. The Kombuchas produced by Zen Tiger are gluten-free, infused with fruits, vegan and packed with nutrients.

Zen Tiger’s offerings include four awesome flavours which are classic, rose with rose petals, apple and cinnamon, and hibiscus and kokum. Zen Tiger is definitely on its path towards expansion but for now, they only deliver in Mumbai in parts of Andheri, Bandra and Khar. 


Price– A 250 ml bottle will cost you INR 150.

8. Bhu Kombucha, New Delhi

Bhu Kombucha
Picture Credit-

Bhu Kombucha was started by Isha Sawhney in New Delhi in the year 2017 after she left her job as a journalist wherein she used to write for popular magazines and newspapers.

This women-led fermented foods and drinks startup has gained a lot of popularity amongst Kombucha lovers due to its product quality and immense benefits. Bhu Kombucha retains its top quality by fermenting its drinks in small batches which are then flavoured using fresh organic medicinal and therapeutic plants.

They have nine different flavours in their offerings which are Cinnamon and Star Anise, Chili and Lime, Turmeric and Ginger, Cucumber and Mint, Original Green Tea, Vanilla Bean, Pineapple & Ginger, Apple & Cinnamon and Turmeric & Ginger.

WebsiteBhu Kombucha

Price– A pack of 4 bottles each of 450 ml will cost you INR 1200.

9. Good Life Kombucha, Bangalore

Good Life Kombucha
Picture Credit- WhatsHOT

The background behind the starting of Good Life is very interesting and unique. Ashwini Raghupathy, the founder of Good Life Kombuchas is a classical dancer who lost her voice in 2012.

She turned towards finding natural ways that could alter her condition and which is when she stumbled upon these elixir fermented drinks which improved her gut health and eventually brought back her voice.

With this life-changing experience, she then went on to start up a Kombucha brand that has become one of the best Kombucha brands in India. She has also been actively spreading the word about the benefits of gut health through fermented products since 2015. 

Price– A 300ml bottle costs INR 500.

10. Bucha Bar, Mumbai

Bucha Bar Kombucha
Picture Credit- Vibrant Wellness Journal

Bucha Bar, a Mumbai based Kombucha brand was started by Harsh Negandhi and another co-partner who embarked on their journey of Kombucha brewing from a small shack in Vagator, Goa. They have two delicious flavours, one is clarifying black tea and detoxifying green kombucha.

They are continuously experimenting with flavours and will soon come up with more interesting choices. One unique aspect about the Kombuchas made by Bucha Bar is that they taste very less sour because they leave the SCOBY to ferment for 4 days. They are currently delivering in and around Mumbai.

Bucha Bar’s outlet is located in Kalbadevi, Mumbai. They make home deliveries up to Lower Parel. You can also place your orders at

Instagram fermentdragon.

Price- A bottle of 250 ml costs INR 150

11. Raw Kombucha, Faridabad

The founder of Raw Kombucha found the benefits that Kombucha has while staying in New York when he started drinking this health drink for personal use. He then started brewing Kombucha in the USA and then came back to India after working for 15 years in the sports industry.

He then embarked upon the journey to introduce the benefits of Kombucha and make it affordable to the market here in India. They are also proud supporters of the Indian Cancer Society’s efforts. The Kombucha’s produced by Raw Kombucha are hundred per cent raw, made from loose leaf tea blends, organic ingredients and are absolutely free from any probiotics or artificial flavours.

They have five amazing flavours to try which are Apple Elixir, Mango, Lemon ginger and mint, Pomegranate Spiced, Pineapple and Mango. There is also a range of Herbal SuperTea Kombucha variants available which are made from cloves, oregano, basil, cinnamon, etc.

WebsiteRaw Kombucha

Price– Their price range varies from INR 599 to INR 1799 for different pack sizes.

12. Hydra Kombucha, Hyderabad

Every Kombucha brand started in India has an amazing and unique story behind why and how the brand was started. Hydra Kombucha is also a part of this bunch. The brand was started by two friends Rahul and Twinkle who came up with Kombuchas while on their trip to Gokarna.

Their curiosity then accelerated their interest in brewing Kombuchas after returning to their college in Manipal. They quickly understood the entire process and started brewing Kombuchas in small batches to retain good quality.

They offer lovely flavours which are Apple sunrise, Masala Chai, Pomegranate Basil, Grape Rosemary, Original, Mango Jalapeno and Pineapple Express. Their masala chai variant is an absolute favourite as it can easily replace your evening chai. Also, Pomegranate Basil remains to be their bestseller. 

WebsiteHydra Kombucha

Price– Their price range varies from INR 180 to INR 520 for different pack sizes.

13. Ombucha, Hyderabad

Ombucha was founded in Hyderabad and is a brand on its way to gaining more and more prominence for its Kombucha drinks. They craft their brews in small batches in order to get higher vibration. They started out their journey with two flavours and are gradually adding more to their list. You can message them on their Instagram page in order to place your orders.


14. Toyo Kombucha

Toyo Kombucha
Picture Credit- Zomato

Toyo Kombucha is another amazing brand wherein they have two choices available for their customers. One is their Low Sugar Kombuchas and the second category is Zero Sugar Kombuchas.

They have a range of six flavours which are Exotic Peach, Original, Ginger Lemon, Lemon Grass, Mango, Pineapple and Cranberry. Each of these flavours is available as a low sugar variant and as a zero sugar variant.

Their exciting range of flavours helps you to slowly make the transition from sodas and other alcoholic beverages to healthy Kombuchas. This brand is a must-try if you are really looking towards making a change in your lifestyle.

WebsiteToyo Kombucha

Price– Pack of 3 costs INR 285 and Pack of 6 costs INR 570.

15. Khukrain’s Kombucha, Delhi

Khukrain's Kombucha
Picture Credit- Khukrain’s Facebook page

Khukrain’s Kombucha’s are a part of Krishi Cress. Krishi Cress is a farm that delivers fresh farm vegetables, kombuchas, mixed greens, etc. in the Chattarpur. The farm was started by Achintya Anand. Khukrain’s is their own Kombucha brand.

They specialise in triple fermenting the drinks using Ayurvedic principles, infused with flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit extracts from their own Krishi Cress farms.

They have many flavourful variants such as Glow which is a mix of basil, guava, and Arjun shak, Breathe which is a mix of borage, Japanese mint, and lemongrass, Immunity which is a mix of mint, turmeric, and Indian hibiscus.

WebsiteKrishi Cress

Price– A 200ml bottle will cost you INR 280.

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