My Journey Through Cape Comorin– Part 2

Written by Vishwa Kiran.

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Life shivers at night, darkness rules everywhere. Birds hurry towards their nest, but some creatures like Owl, enjoy the darkness around them. They are all bound by Nature’s rule. Every creature in this world is meant to be bounded by the mother Nature.

Cape Comorin
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“Rest” is the basic need for survival, sleeping heals you more than anything you do in the daytime. And also, your sleep will completely depend on what you do in the daytime. We often get distracted by our thoughts. The thoughts which take you to the height and the same thoughts which will put you down. Know your limits. Understanding those limits will be very difficult because everyone is born in different circumstances. 

No creatures in the world dig their own grave but we humans do that. We dream to live an ultimate life without consciousness. Most of them hesitate to live a purposeful life. Understanding our purpose in life will limit our thoughts and make you wise. 

Life relieves pain at dawn, birds enjoy the morning and a ray light is like a ray of hope. The morning seems to be a wonderful thing happening in the world. We come across both dawn and dusk. We welcome the sun wholeheartedly; a day seems worthy but spending a day without guidance seems to be useless.”

A small stone fiercely hit my head suddenly, “What the hell”, I screamed in pain. Harsha (a friend of mine) threw a stone while I was dreaming all these.

 We are on our way to see the sunrise. We believe the rise of the sun will raise our hope in living in this wonderful world. We walked on the calm road inside Vivekananda Kendra, where both the sides of the road were covered by beautiful trees. We felt completed in being there. We started walking in the sand and still, we didn’t see the waves. When we were walking on the sand, we saw our footprints printed in there. We left our footprints there. 

We heard the roaring of the ocean. The roaring of the sea made me lost in my dream for a few minutes. My friend Kishore shook me and shouted: “we’re here”. I closed my eyes and inhaled the cold breeze. The event of rising did not yet begin, everyone in there eagerly waiting for the “rising sun” with their camera.

A glint of light appeared at the end of the ocean. The light was so bright and our vision was blurred as if it was telling us to close our eyes because it’s changing its dress. Sooner it appeared, the rays of red light raised on the dead end. The “red round angry sun” seems to be raising up to the endless sky. 

Angry, it showed towards the earth’s creatures like bacteria, fungi which affect human beings. It raises up for the welfare of the people. It did not harm us, it relieves us from the cold, it makes us active and energizes us. In the long wide ocean, it appeared as a caretaker for the whole world. 

sunset at Cape Comorin
Image by Author

My friends became busy taking photos. And after some time, they told me to take photos. They handed me their phone, I thought of a unique pose to be captured. I told my friends to sit on the sands in a way I suggested. That inspired me, that Image represents as if they were talking about life in front of the brightest form of life. I froze that moment with the camera. It turned into an everlasting memory.  

Cape Comorin
Image by Author

With blessings from the Sun God, we got ready to go to Thirparappu falls. We rented a cab for that and we planned to visit two more places. After a long trip in the car, we reached Thiruparappu falls. In Hinduism, if you take bath in the falls, it takes out excess heat in our body. But all those are preached for human benefits and in turn what did we return to nature?

This thought made me sad. In the future, it won’t surprise us if we are restricted to taking baths in the falls. Because we throw all the shitty things in the falls like plastics, which affects many of the creatures inside the ocean, pond, river etc.

It happens more in India, where we celebrate and worship nature. I worried about seeing all this. So, it’s better to admire those rather than spoiling its beauty. 

In Hinduism, we perform many rituals and we are still practicing. When our ancestors created these rituals, we didn’t have non-biodegradable things like plastics. So, it seems harmless to many creatures in those ancient days.

guest writer- the strong traveller

But now it’s not the same as it was before. Now we have created so many things for our needs. Soon the restrictions should be made because most of the creatures died because of eating plastics. We should be aware and at least we have to teach our next generation about this. They copy our behaviors and we have to try to end this cycle.

With all those thoughts, I stopped bathing and got out of the falls. I just came out to watch and admire the enduring nature. We went to a lake, which was only 1 km walk distance from the falls and we travelled in the boat. It’s a self-cycling boat and the journey was so thrilling. 

Then we came to the end of our journey, the last place we planned to see was “Muttam beach”. It’s quite different from any other beaches in Kanyakumari. In Kanyakumari, it’s not at all safe to take bath in the ocean. You will always find large waves as it threatens you not to come near to it. In Muttam beach, we saw a large wave crawling with a huge amount of water and it angrily approaching the land and it splashes the water fiercely towards the rock.

It seems terrible to see those waves and we stepped back from the waves. We saw many rocks there which looked so ugly. The rock stood steadily even though it’s attacked by the waves. That’s why we call it, an enduring nature and we describe her as “Mother Earth”.

As usual, my friends started taking photographs and they asked me to suggest a beautiful pose. It just took to a dream which I always used to see me sitting in the sand of the ocean and watching the beautiful waves. I imagined those and I told my friend to sit in a pose which I suggested. The picture aptly described my dream.

Cape Comorin
Image by Author

Everyone left away from me to take more pictures, but I got stuck in those memories. I sat in the sand and the time was 5:30 in the evening. The sun is going to set and I closed my eyes, it reminded me of The Swami Vivekananda and The Poet Thiruvalluvar. As soon as I thought about them, I remembered how important a statue really is. It not only carries the effort of the builders but also the effect, it’s going to make in the human being’s life.

Whenever you find a statue you should not see it as a stone which was carved into a human. We have to search and study history before visiting the place. After knowing the history of that person, it will no more look like a stone. Because after knowing all the information about that person, it will remind you of their victory in their life.

Human beings celebrated them because they have lived a purposeful life. Knowing the purpose in life will make you reach the heights as they had reached in their life. Never forget that statue is like a messenger, which keeps you aware of your purpose, in life.

“Live a life, which no one had dreamt of because you are living a life that everyone is dreaming of”.

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guest writer- the strong traveller

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