Top 8 Affordable and Attractive Cafes to Explore in Satya Niketan, New Delhi

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Written by  Vaishnavi Gupta.

Satya Niketan, located in South Moti Bagh, New Delhi is one of the most delightful and happening places for college students. Keeping in view that it is the central hub of south campus, this makes Satya Niketan the first go-to option in the where-to-head-to discussions.

Students living in PGs and searching for the same also prefer Satya Niketan for having good food, game zone and gym few steps away from their PGs. Whether it’s about craving for scrumptious food, chilling around after a tough day of lectures, celebrating birthday parties or hanging out with your squad, Satya Niketan makes sure not to disappoint. Here is a list of pocket-friendly food outlets and cafes you won’t want to miss whenever you visit Satya Niketan.

1. Big Yellow Door

Image by So City

Big Yellow Door, located in the front lane of Satya Niketan, is one of the most famous and affordable cafes with its diverse items in the menu. With its outlets located in Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar and Club Road, Punjabi Bagh as well, BYD serves attractive and mouth-watering food along with maintaining good quality standards. With its friendly staff and good ambience, BYD is a favourite choice of everyone. Work up on your appetite, for their quantity is surely not going to disappoint you. Their white sauce pasta, kitkat shake, baked nachos and cheesy fries are worth drooling over. 

COST FOR TWO: 800 INR (approx.)

Image by Instagram page of BYD

2. Echoes

Image by Author

Echoes is the one of the most overwhelming places you will ever visit. The staff here is deaf and dumb which makes it one of the most visited cafes out of curiosity. Along with aesthetic ambience, their menu is designed in the form of a notebook with their specialities marked as very important. The theme of this cafe is remarkable and noteworthy along with finger-licking food which will make you step into Echoes all the time. Its lasagna, pizza, cheesy nachos, Ferrero Rocher shake and chicken popcorn will bless your taste buds. In short, Echoes is a wholesome package of amazement!

COST FOR TWO: 800 INR (approx.)

Image by Instagram page of Echoes

3. Woodbox Cafe

Image by Author

Woodbox cafe makes it to the list of favoured cafes in Satya Niketan because of it’s ambience and the scummy shakes. It serves a delightful treat of Herbivores as well as chicken platter which makes it stand out of the crowd of average cafes.

At a very affordable price, Woodbox offers these platters which include veg dimsums, veg dragon rolls, chilli potatoes, peri-peri mayo fries, grilled vegetables, cheese garlic bread and mini veg green burger in vegetarian platter.  They have their outlet in Hudson lane as well which serves the same quality food. With a large variety of Italian dishes and shakes, people visit Woodbox for its platters which are appealing enough for you to long for them!

COST FOR TWO: 800 INR (approx.)

4. Cafe Diaries

              Image By Instagram Page Of Cafe Diaries

Cafe diaries is yet another cafe, popular amongst the people who visit Satya Niketan. Students come here in large groups as well for a birthday treat or to relax after a restless day. With its beautiful ambience and the vibes it holds, people love to click aesthetic pictures here.

They also have board games to keep you busy before your order arrives. They serve unique dishes like Keema Katori and many other which you won’t find anywhere else easily. On top of that, their Butter chicken rap, fried tandoori momos, satay fries and hot coffee can make your evening perfect and brighten up your mood!

COST FOR TWO: 650-750 INR (approx.)

5. Amigo’s Hub

Image By Instagram Page Of Amigo’s Hub

Amigo’s Hub is located in the second narrow lane of Satya Niketan and still manages to seek crowd’s attention. You will never find Amigo’s out of customers because of its great service and mouth-watering food which makes it one of the most crowded cafes of Satya Niketan. It offers a large variety of flavoursome shakes and burgers.

Their club sandwiches, cheesy garlic bread and white sauce pasta are to die for! At a very affordable price, Amigo’s hub offers the best quality food with best crowd and ambience. So if you visit Satya Niketan and do not visit Amigo’s hub, you’re missing on alot you need to have!

COST FOR TWO: 500-600 INR (approx.)

6. Cafeteria and Co.

Image by Delhi_Foodie_Girl

Cafeteria and co. is one of the most stylish and elegant cafes with its outlets situated in many other places. They serve toothsome desserts to gorge on and a variety of continental, Mexican and Italian food which will make you crave for more and more!

With their speciality in desserts, people can travel miles for their Tiramisu shake, caramel nut brownie sundae and pizza. Their presentation is also Insta worthy which adds on to its first class reputation. With their courteous staff, prompt service and lovely ambience, it can add to your list of favorites real quick!

COST FOR TWO: 900 INR (approx.)

7. Crazy Kitchen Rooftop Cafe

Image by Treat Story

Crazy kitchen rooftop cafe is a two-storeyed cafe with an enclosed area and a beautiful rooftop to spend the evening with food in a comforting breeze. It is a perfect place to come with your loved ones and the lighting at night makes the view more alluring. What could be better than enjoying your food and drinks in a perfect atmosphere you could ask for? So when it comes to ambience, Rooftop cafe is a ten-on-ten.

Their top specialities are vegetable noodles, pizza, Oreo shake, veg sizzler and a lot more. They also serve veg cream parantha which is a unique dish less heard of. Its beauty lies in how quiet its rooftop is where you can comfortably enjoy your luscious food!

COST FOR TWO: 700-750 INR (approx.)

8. Off Campus

Image by YourFoodBaee

Off campus is yet another charming cafe with an adorned rooftop. Whether you want to talk your heart out with your friends or rant about how your day was, Off campus is a perfect place to get cozy vibes and enjoy your food.

With the joyful and radiant crowd, you are going to have your best time at Off campus! Their friendly staff serves you food with utmost professionalism so that you don’t regret anything about this cafe. People usually love and prefer to try their cocktails, white sauce pasta, butter chicken croquette and desserts. So enjoy the chilly breeze in winters with perfectly hot food at Off campus!

So what are you waiting for? If you still haven’t planned to visit Satya Niketan, do it as soon as your gut demands to be treated by the inviting food of these astonishing cafes which won’t disappoint you in any way. Because all the foodies out there know how good food and good life go hand in hand!

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