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Written by Anusha Kala.

Mumbai has always been the city that never sleeps, unceasingly pulsating and exploding with colours and lights. It’s eternally had the most cohesive blend of flavours and art. At every corner of the city, there is fresh food to try and distinct spots to explore. So here’s a list of the most artistic, tastefully designed, and pocket-friendly restaurants right from Mumbai’s by-lanes to beautiful rooftops and beyond excellent food, which are perfect for a visit with friends, family or even by yourself!

1. Prithvi Cafe

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One of the most prized gems of Mumbai, housed within Prithvi Theatre is the Prithvi Cafe with its warm string lights and bamboo and marble décor. With cinema, art, and delicious food, under one roof this place is invariably buzzing. It’s also one of the best places to try out authentic Indian filter coffee as well as its famous Irish coffee. For tea lovers, the cutting chai and Sulemani chai is remarkably inviting. Besides its delightful Indian food, the waffles are heavenly, to say the least.

2. By The Bae

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Located right across Versova beach gives this restaurant its quirky name: By the Bae. With an extremely colourful and quirky design, this resto is divided into three sections, indoor, outdoor, and a rooftop with the most picturesque view of the sea. The vivid and fresh décor with distinctive colours adds to the fun and friendly vibe. With interiors inspired by Santorini in Greece, it serves appetizing Indian and Italian food and is ideal for brunch. Overall, it’s a refreshing place with great pizza and refreshing drinks to savour with good friends.

3. Bayroute

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In frame: Mouttabel, an appetizing Middle Eastern dish, made with smoked eggplant, blended with tahini, creamy Greek yoghurt, garlic and lemon mezze that will melt in your mouth. 

This fine-dining restaurant offers one of the most unparalleled and unique cuisines including Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Moroccan, and Greek. It has branches in Juhu, Powai, Bandra, and Lower Parel, but the most exceptional one is the branch in Cuffe Parade. With a refined and sophisticated ambience, the menu is an eclectic mix. The entire vibe is distinctly authentic and has a striking Mediterranean touch and so it is the perfect restaurant for an Arabic meal in the Bay. The classic Baklava and Zafrani Milk Cake are definitely highlights.

4. Dome, Intercontinental

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This chic, rooftop fine dining, provides the most stunning view of the Arabian Sea and Queen’s Necklace. Located in Church gate, it’s one of the most exceptional rooftop restaurants in the city with its beautiful all-white decor and breath-taking view, and the corner seat especially gives one a panoramic view of the sea and the Marine Lines. This rooftop lounge has a Pantheon-style Dome often found in Rome. A little highly-priced, it’s ideal for a special occasion when one can enjoy the breath-taking sunset, top-notch ambience, and refreshing Asian food.

5. Birdsong Cafe

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For all fitness freaks, located in Bandra, on Hill Road, a lane that is rich in its tradition, is Birdsong Cafe with food options that are both healthy and delish. The menu is packed with selections inspired by Continental, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Indian cuisines, with a focus on all things organic. It has both keto and vegan selections and is an apt choice for good coffee and conversations. If you love avocado, the Avocado Toast is appetizing, airy, and crisp. For a satisfying end to the meal, highly recommend is the vegan chocolate cake, that was dense, chocolaty, and delightful. 

6. Jamjar Diner

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With branches in Versova, Andheri, and Bandra, Jamjar Diner is known for having an excellent American breakfast menu and a dainty setup that radiates pleasant vibes. The Versova branch also offers a rooftop setting, which makes it an ideal brunch location. It also has a retro vibe that is unmatched. From the music Jukebox to the quirky decors of cameras and televisions and the super enjoyable collection of books, and games, it’s ambience is eccentric and engaging. Popular for the vivid decor and innovative desserts like the Flowerpot desert and dark chocolate mousse, it’s a must-visit destination.

7. Leaping Windows

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A well-kept secret, that is heaven for booklovers is Versova’s Leaping Windows. With a playful and extremely aesthetic ambience, it has a cosy basement filled with an exceptional collection of books. The entire concept of the cafe is well thought through and carried out with perfection. The whole character and aura from graphic books and novels, to the lights and the food, is just beautiful and unique. The entire place is done up extremely tastefully and its Irish Coffee is a must-try.

8. Hello Guppy

Picture Credits: Olive Bar & Kitchen

Located in Bandra Kurla Complex, the restaurant hub of Mumbai is the fresh, all-day Japanese Café with a vibe that’s straight out of Japan. With quirky decor, the entire backdrop is inspired by Japanese pop art and is funky and hip. Think pastel colours and unconventionally tiled walls, disco-balls, and flamboyant patterns. At a Japanese place, trying the ramen goes without saying, and at Hello Guppy you will not be disappointed. he ramen is authentically cooked and even the wasabi is just right and adds so much flavour. Their raindrop cake with a magic pop on top and the cheesecake with the matcha fondant is unlike anything you’ve ever eaten before.

9. Tamasha

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There’s something magical and infectious about a room full of lights and good music. Located in Andheri, Tamasha is both an outstanding place for lunch and conversation during the day and to party at night. This gorgeous place along with a rich aura has delectable food and especially their JD Infused Dal Makhani is to die for. Ideal for celebrating a special occasion, Tamasha presents you with all the essentials for an ultimate night out. 

10. The Homemade Cafe

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Located in Juhu this cafe and bar are snug, cosy and so alluring right from the get-go. On first look, it’s natural to fall in love with this cafe, adorned with bougainvillaeas blooming on brilliant blue exteriors. Just like leaping windows, it too has a remarkable library and even more rich and dense hot chocolate. Utmost importance has been given to designing the details and giving the interiors a homely and warm feel. The cafe has a very European feel, just like open-air quaint French cafes.

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Anusha Kala is a contributor at The Strong Traveller and an aspiring lawyer. A movie enthusiast, she loves experimenting with photography and media and feels strongly about harnessing her skills to promote a good cause. She puts her heart to whatever she does and is a true perfectionist. Besides having a vibrant personality and great aesthetic sense, she is passionate about travelling, music, and everything artsy.


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  1. This looks great. I spent a few days in Mumbai in 2012 and celebrated Diwali there. It was quite something else and so memorable.

    1. Yes, Diwali is celebrated in every nook and corner of the Indian subcontinent. Thank you so much for visiting India and hope you’d enjoy visiting all other places as well!

  2. I stay in Mumbai and still haven’t visited some of these😅! I’ll probably go check them out after this situation blows over.

  3. North Indian food is ‘comfort food’ for me. I once ate at Bukhara restaurant in Doha, Qatar. I would drop everything and go, if I could eat there again.
    Thank you for the suggestions. My last trip to India was in 2011. Now I am longing to go try out your favorites!

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