How to Create a Free WordPress Account: A Step-by-Step Guide for Bloggers

It is well-known that WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. Moreover, it has various plans keeping in mind the various needs of an individual. It has free plans for beginners and it also has paid plans for professionals and business entities.

Sometimes we want to share our thoughts but we do not have any idea, where to start and how can we start. Though the first answer to the first question, as I have already mentioned, is WordPress. There’s no doubt in that!

So without wasting any more time and energy for the readers searching the internet, here in this post, I am going to share briefly how can you create a free WordPress account for yourself.

Step 1: Go to

You will be able to visualize the screen as given below.


Step 2: Click on the button at the centre of the page, ‘Start your website‘.


After clicking on the button a blue screen will show up. If you do not have any experience with WordPress then the following steps are extremely important for you. Please look at the instructions carefully.

Step 3: Fill up with your credentials. 

  1. Put your email address,
  2. Choose a username wisely, that suits well with your personality. Also, please remember your username must be unique in a sense that nobody ever has taken it on WordPress platform,
  3. Lastly, Choose a password that must be strong and you can easily remember.


Step 4: Type your favourite domain name.

Here you need to type a name or keyword that suits the best for your would-be website. And the name you would type must be available, or it should be unique. If you do not get a unique name, you can see a wide range of options provided by WordPress itself.

Here in this example, my domain name was freely available.

Once you’re done selecting a domain name, now you can observe various types of plans available for you. Here we are only explaining creating a free website, so you do not need to buy any plans right now!

Just click on the free plan and select the option as shown in the example below.


Step 5: Click on Start with a free site‘.


After completing these steps, you must be excited, right!


Yayyy… Your site is ready!!!…


So, the hard work is over!

But the task is not yet completed. There are a few steps need to be completed in order to a get a fully functional WordPress site of yours.

Follow our next article on How to Setup Your WordPress Account: A Step-by-Step Guide for Bloggers!

Till then, hold on tight, my friend! 🙂


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