Living by the Atlantic Ocean

Being a student I’ve had an opportunity to take part in Work and Travel USA Program which brought me to a small green town of Wells in Maine, where I lived by the Atlantic Ocean for four months.  It was truly an experience of a lifetime – adjustment to a new country, socialization and search for jobs, friends and adventures.

Image by Oksana Vasikovska


The town itself appeared very tranquil and clean, and many tourists from all over the U.S., come there to enjoy a peaceful vacation and the natural setting (quite nearby there is a villa of the President of the USA George W. Bush). Although you would not see much youth here as the resort is more popular among elder generations; anyone can find harmony and joy here just by walking along the coast or basking under the gentle sun glistening on the waves or watching the river fall into the ocean.

Image by Oksana Vasikovska
Ocean water is cool and refreshing; surfers find it quite enjoyable navigating the waves far off the shore. The best way to get around is by bicycle, but there are local trolleys as well.

At times, reminiscing, I miss those breezy days of life by the ocean.

Image by Oksana Vasikovska

It’s a wonderful day, isn’t it? We go out there and smile into the wild, just because of you.

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Written by Oksana Vasikovska.

received_1104365019624859.jpegGreetings from Ukraine! I am an ordinary human looking for my place and path in this magnificent world. I believe in the power of will, knowledge and love.

Oksana Vasikovska is a life-learner, translator, and holds a Master of International Relations and Regional Studies


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