My Escape to Egypt

If you are thinking Egypt is all about the pyramid of Giza, then you are highly mistaken, about the beautiful country and the adventure it has for you…

As a child I always daydreamed about the land of pharaohs while reading by history books and was keen to see the land of mystery with my own eyes, I wanted the feel of an ancient land and sand dunes. A year back, I was on 7th heaven, when my friend told me about this month-long volunteer program in Egypt and then what I took my magic carpet and flew down to Egypt. It was no less than Alice in Wonderland feeling.

Image by Isha Dave

I was standing in the place which I always dreamed off, it was a freeing feeling, and the ambience was comforting enough. The first thing I did was to visit the wonders of wonders, the great pyramid of Giza I gasped and my stomach did a flip when I saw the huge great pyramids. I was tingling and my mind was trying to feel the history around me, but what I experience after that was unexpected the country which considered as ancient and historical was fun and adventures too. It was the month of Ramadan when I reached their capital city Cairo, and she was exuberant. From the holy sound of azan 5 times a day to the lively nights in khan-el-khalili to early morning city

Image by Isha Dave

viewing at maukhatam, everything was a thrilling mess of the city. Not only this, the port city, Alexandria was amazing. From its citadel, lighthouse, café-houses, and amphitheatres everything blew my mind away.


Overall I loved wandering around the temples and ancient ruins of Luxor and Aswan, clicking pictures outsides the aesthetic beauty of oasis of Siva, the desert safari in Sahara desert, the sky gazing in the black and white desert, the scuba diving in Dahab, to climbing the Mount St Catherine. Yes I did all this in Egypt, I know it is strange for someone with a vivid, imagination of this ancient country but I feel the country has is a lot more, then it seems, because everyone will tell you about its terror history, its gender discrimination, and a lot more but no one will tell you about its friendly nature, the hospitality, the helpfulness, the beautiful and fun places.

So stop pondering things and go and feel the beauty of Egypt yourself.

Image by Isha Dave


This post is written by Isha Dave.


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