Travelling and staying in shape at the same time may be a difficult challenge for many of us. Staying fit and healthy may be the last thing comes on one’s mind while travelling. But it’s not that hard, especially when it comes to your health nothing is impossible. It’s definitely not possible to find a gym in your convenience wherever you go, but then also you can stay fit. There are some tips that help me to stay in shape while travelling, it may help you too.

1. Your diet plays the most important role

Probably, focusing on a diet while travelling doesn’t strike in one’s mind, but it should as it have a lot of impact on how you feel. Of course, you won’t like to see that extra fat on your body after your vacation. So, eating healthy becomes more important while travelling.

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Start your day with a heavy and healthy breakfast, it will keep you energized. You can find some hotels that serve free breakfast along with tea. If you’re a budget traveller it will be helpful.
Don’t just consume lots of calories to be full. It’s better to think about the nutritional value before eating. Consuming some form of a protein is always good and will be a benefit to you. It can be from any source animals or vegetables.
Try to eat natural food instead of eating packed food items which contain loads of calorie. Pizza, burger, pasta, bread, noodles, soda, candy etc. should be a big NO (you can have a little bit of junkie, but not totally rely on it). These are all processed food full of nonsense with zero nutritional value. So instead, have some meat, fish, eggs, fresh vegetables, some nuts and seasonal fruits. Protein is a must for a daily diet! You can also consume some dairy products such as milk, cheese, buttermilk etc. Yogurt is a good  option for your health as it helps to keep the balance of the pH level, so have at least one yogurt every day. Energy bars and packed fruit juices are full of sugar instead of all these calories, have some real fruit. If you don’t have fruits, you can go with a protein bar (but don’t overeat it).
Don’t wait for your meal time, one must never leave stomach empty. Try to eat in every 2-3 hrs. And you can also buy groceries from the local market to make soup or eggs or oatmeal.

2. Basic workout

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Exercise is the other way to stay fit. When it comes to exercise, it doesn’t always mean to rush to a gym and engage yourself with weight lift machines. As I can’t go to the gym while travelling, so I try to do some basic home-based exercise wherever I go. You can go to a nearby park or stay in your hotel room to do exercise. All you need is just some morning time and lil’ bit of motivation. Squats, push-ups, crunches, lunges are great exercise one can do. Otherwise, you have other option to choose like can visit a local yoga class.
Hiring a bike is a great way to explore local things. Else, the best you can do is go on hiking or can take a city walk instead of a vehicle. It will definitely help you to burn some calories.

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3. Stay hydrated

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Drinking a lot of water is healthy It’s very important to stay hydrated while travelling. Drinking water is easily available in every place. But, you should keep a self-filtering water bottle considering the circumstances.
Always remember, there is no substitute for water. Soda or packed juices contain a large quantity of sugar and can make you dehydrated. So, never drink juice as a substitute of water when you’re thirsty.
Drinking alcohol is not at all healthy. It may not be possible to always avoid alcohol and that to when you are travelling, but its good to keep it in a limit. It’s better to have light beer or wine, instead, heavy consumption of alcohol. Don’t forget to have water after drink.

4. Stay active

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Exercise is not the only way! Try to keep yourself active while having fun doing things like, swimming in a swimming pool or taking part in adventurous sports. Using the stairs is a great way to stay active. Or you can have a walk to nearby beaches. (such a pleasant feeling right?!)

A vacation is a special lifetime opportunity for everyone. So, don’t try to be perfect. Just be yourself, keep some points in mind and make your vacation an awesome one!

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Written by Anwesha Karmakar.