Coorg: From Mountains to Commercialized Homestays

Written by Sonia David.

I decided to travel to Coorg on my Birthday since I didn’t intend to be surrounded by familiar people. As I drove through the mountains and the soaked roads, the scenic view and the alluring wildlife was breath-taking. The view was not only admirable and angelic but eerie, alarming and absolutely horrifying to look at since I was acrophobic. Solo trips are the best because you decide what to do and be doubtlessly spontaneous with your plans. Little did I know that I was about to be stopped by a family as their car had wrecked in the middle of nowhere. No sooner than, the family I had helped were grateful to have been dropped at their hotel.

As I drove in my car to finally decide that I should call it a night, I began searching for rooms. There were beautiful, affordable, freakishly constructed homestays at every nook-and-corner of the place. On one hand, there were too many restaurants, while on the other, there were homestays. Since I was on a tight budget, I settled for an astonishingly, unalterable homestay constructed on the cliff side of the mountain.


Sometimes, travelling to a place alone, helps you live in that place like a citizen, rather than a tourist. Travelling with families have a different perspective on enjoying a holiday altogether though. But when you travel alone, it’s quiet, serene, emotionally spacious and timely. Coorg might be the “Scotland of India” but there is a whole different, culture and tradition to the way people farm, hunt, cook, travel, study, work, converse, socialize and live. Focussing on the culture, rather than tourist spots, initiating a conversation with the citizens who work there to make a living, understanding their backgrounds, hearing their stories out, eating home-made food from traditionally made ingredients is the best part of Coorg.

Although several people have visited Coorg, you can go ahead and visit Coorg yet again just for the culture, the food and moreover, the people. And then, feel free to share your experiences and comments on how a new perspective can change an entire travel experience.

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