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Written by Sweksha Sharma.

Do you enjoy exploring new places just so that you could try out new and famous dishes in different places? Does the entire thought of food challenges give you an adrenaline surge? In that case, these food challenges are unquestionably your cup of tea! 

Here is a list of 9 insane challenges that you must try at least once…….what are you waiting for? Go check them out.

1. ‘Khali Bali Thali Challenge’ – Win A Bicycle Worth INR 60,000

Image by Priyam Patel from Pixabay 

The first challenge on our list comes from the city of Delhi, located in the heart of the city – CP; Ador2.1 is an authentic Indian restaurant that offers the massive and utterly delicious, the Khali Bali thali. This thali is 80 inches in diameter and has vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options; the challenge here is to finish this huge thali of food in just 40 minutes. I wonder how anyone is going to do that.

But if somehow you manage to do so, you win a bicycle worth 60000 (well I guess we will need that for a bit of an exercise after filling ourselves with so much food).

2. Nagaland’s ‘Chilly Eating Challenge’

Image by Shivam Patel from Pexels

The famous chilly eating completion is one of the major attractions at the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland that takes place in the first two weeks of December where local tribes display their cultures and traditions.

This crazy challenge involves eating “Bhut Jholokia” which happens to be one of the world’s spiciest chillies and you need to eat them raw one after the other, non- stop even the best contenders are left whining at times.

The one who consumes the maximum chillies in limited time is declared the winner. Well, the good thing is that they have the paramedics ready… never know….just in case.

3. ‘Abs Challenge’ in Bengaluru

Image by Chad Montano on Unsplash

The ABS (Ass Burning Spicy) challenge is a delight for all the spicy chicken lovers out there. This challenge is from the Plan B restaurant located in Bangalore and involves the participants to simply eat a complete plate of 6 chicken wings covered in an additional zesty sauce

 **WARNING: this might not be as easy as it sounds, you are not allowed to have anything else like water, mocktails etc. during the competition and if you win then you get to feature on their prestigious wall of fame with all the other legends who won this challenge.

4. ‘Khade Chamcha Ki Chai’ at SodaBottleOpenerWala, Bengaluru

Image by Suman Maharjan from Pixabay 

We all enjoy a cup of tea every now and then, and for most of us in Indians, our chai is so important to us that it at times influence our mood. But do you love it enough to risk diabetes for a cup of tea that is so sweet (90% sugar), that a spoon stands straight in it? Yes? Then this challenge at soda bottle opener should be a piece of cake for you.

Gulp down this super sugary Tea in 30 minutes and you win a surprise gift along with a picture of yourself on their wall of fame with all the heroes who could complete this challenge in the past. Till date only 3 people have been able to complete this challenge, will you be the 4th?

5. Death Wings At ‘Social’

Image by RitaE from Pixabay 

Woah! Woah! Now calm down don’t be scared of the name, an adventure like this is essential for you to qualify as a foodie.

This challenge comes from the famous “Social”, In this, you need to complete a plate loaded with fiery wild Buffalo chicken wings yourself, and you win lemonade on the house!! Does not sound like a tempting reward? Well, I am pretty sure it will once you eat these super spicy wings.

Remember, sharing will be taken as cheating.

6. ‘Ravan Thali Challenger’ in Talegaon

Image by Chan Walrus from Pexels

The list of food challenges is unquestionably incomplete without this challenge; you must complete this before you consider yourself a crazy food lover. This test includes 4 individuals and they have to finish 32 delicious non-vegetarian dishes.

From mouthwatering Biryani to tasty Tandoori Chicken to spicy fish you have everything on one plate and if these 4 participants somehow manage to finish it in a specified time, they win a cash price of INR 5000 and do not even have to pay for the food that the ate.

7. The Burger Barn Café, Pune

Image by Pexels

Next up on the list is the Burger Barn Café of Pune that offers a foot-long burger that weighs approximately 2kgs. This huge burger is loaded down with 6 distinct patties of chicken, hotdog, salami etc. and is topped with an egg (Imagine how overwhelming it would be!).

In addition to this, it is presented with fries and a milkshake. The challenge here is to complete this entire meal, if you do so in 30 minutes you get to feature in their Wall of Fame and if by chance you happen to finish it in 15 minutes you get a free dinner.

8. ‘Hindustan Ka Sabse Bada Parantha’ (India’s Largest Parantha)

Image by Francesco Paggiaro from Pexels

Three paranthas with widths of 1 foot 6 inches each are all that you have to push in your mouth to finish this test and to get free dinners for a lifetime at Tapasya Junction.  But all you get is 50 minutes to complete this challenge.

Try not to let the record of just two individuals finishing this test in ten years dishearten you, do as well as you possibly can and get free paranthas for a lifetime!

9. ‘Mother-In-Law’s Revenge’ in Delhi

Image by Dana Tentis from Pexels

Not the most famous one on the list but definitely an interesting one, this challenge is from old world charm at Delhi.

The challenge involves the competitors to eat an eight patty burger, a big pasta bowl;  side of fries and a huge yet tasty glass of milkshake in one go within 30 minutes, if you do so you get your picture displayed on the wall fame.

This was our list of insane food challenges in India, share with us your experiences and other challenges that you know of or have tried.

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