Real Neat Blog Award!

Glad to receive the Real Neat Blog Award!

I want to thank PoojaG for giving me this wonderful opportunity to grow and build a wonderful community. She has been an awesome blogger as always and portrays varied interests through her blogs.

My Questions

What do you find encouragement in during this time?

During these tough times, it’s really important to find a little bit of encouragement to keep yourself going. Well for me, time and again I read through all the beautiful blog posts such as Dear Sikkim, You’re Truly Mesmerizing!Backpacking through New York, and PONDICHERRY: Where Souls meet Country

Way to Gangtok, Sikkim

Where do you want to go after the COVID-19 crisis is over?

I have always been in love with the little towns at the foothills of the great Himalayas. I would love to visit those places once again and enjoy the beautiful, green & chilly hill stations while emerging myself into local culture and cuisines.

What do you enjoy blogging about?

Many people have many ways of expression. For me, blogging is a medium with which I can reach out to people and love to talk about life!

A Screenshot from my Laptop Wallpaper

If you could vacation on the moon, would you?

Wow! That would be amazing. Can’t wait to make it happen soon.

Photo by Shairik Sengupta

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If you saw me at an airport, would you walk away, only say hi, or buy me lunch?

Why lunch only? I Would love to spend the whole day talking about blogs, connecting with people and grow together. Hey, for that you need to miss your flight and wait till dinner!

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If someone gives you a bag of your favourite snacks, do you have self-control and eat a little each day or devour it all in one day?

Honestly, I am terrible at waiting to eat a little every day. I would definitely finish it at once, and only then I would be happy.


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What is a book you recommend that you enjoyed during this time?

I would like to recommend The Night Train at Deoli by Ruskin Bond. He has been my favourite author of all times and this book would definitely give you a sense of simplicity, belongingness, mental peace and joy, for sure! Give it a read and let me know how you felt.


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Arkaprabha DasArkaprabha Das is the Founder & Editorial Chief at The Strong Traveller. He has always been a man of many caps. Apart from being an MBA professional, he is also a freelance writer, fitness-freak, Tabla player and, possesses a mind & heart of a true entrepreneur! You can always drop him a ‘Hi‘ at is LinkedInFacebook or Instagram account!


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