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Planning a long vacation or just a little break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, beach holidays have always been the first choice. Be it a long family vacation or just a solo trip; the soothing breeze, the blazing blue water, and the infinite extended sky are enough to reminisce when you leave from here.

On account to its equatorial location, Asia is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Indian Ocean, and on the north by the Arctic Ocean thus being a homage to some of the most captivating beaches in the world. The top 10 beaches are-

 Agonda Beach, India

A public beach located in Agonda village of Goa, India; Agonda beach is a serene and the composure if the place drags the tourists from all across the globe to experience the tranquillity of this place. The poise atmosphere and the clean glaring sand tempt the tourists as they perform the ancient “Yoga” that originated from India to permeate across the globe. Despite matching the virtue of the top beaches in the world and guaranteeing equanimity against the chaotic daily schedule, Agonda beach is very economical and thus owns to its reputation of the best beach of not only North Goa but also the best in Asia.


White Beach, Philippines

Situated in the Philippines, the little island of Boracay is crowned with many awards for its exquisite beaches. The White beach stretched over a 4 km area is adorned with glorious white sands, warm seawater and is lined with resorts, restaurants, hotels, lodging houses and what not!

The nights at White beach are as mesmerizing as the day. The entire beach lights up with candle-lit sandcastles, bars, and cosy restaurants. The entire beach is illuminated and so is your soul amidst the beauty and lustre of the place.


Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

If you wish to be on a human detox and just want a vacation away from hush to enjoy your solitude for a while; the “Lonely Planet” is just the place for you. Not only does the disseminated flawless white sand, the tall pristine palm trees and the speckless Bay of Bengal waters soothes your eyes, but you can also enjoy activities like local fishing boats, scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and motorbiking to smell the tradition and culture of the local villages around the area.


 Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Situated in Havelock Islands of Andaman, Radhangar Beach is all you might have imagined your holiday spot to be. Lush green trees complimenting the turquoise blue sea water, under the vivid blue sky; you get a closer insight into what paradise might seem like. When the sun reaches the horizon and merges with the vast expanses of unspoiled sand, nature unrolls the romance that fuses with the breeze, making it an amazing honeymoon destination for the lovebirds.


PhraNang Cave Beach Ao Nang, Thailand

Serving as an entire holiday destination, PhraNang Cave beach is a marvellous beach with pristine fine sand. Not just the crystalline water of the beach offers you the leisure of sunbathing and swimming, but also 2 small islands and caves. The picturesque cliffs not only embellish the beauty of the place but you can also enjoy adventurous activities like rock-climbing, diving, hiking, and snorkelling.


Nacpan Beach, Philippines

Situated around the El Nido town, the beach offers you the opportunity to explore it to the fullest. Rent a motorbike or a bicycle and surrender yourself to the allurement of this 4 km long beach. The pristine water and the high waves pull you towards it. On the contrary, the sunsets at the vast and capacious beaches provide you with the tranquillity you sought amidst the soft cream sand and the aqua neat water.


 Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka

The coastal town in Sri Lanka, Banota, is 62 km south of Colombo. With long broad sandy beaches sprawling under the canopy of verdant palm trees, this beach is a major tourist destination from October to April. This wide envelope of sand is also evident to some top-notch luxury hotels encompassing the coast. Apart from enjoying the invigorating beauty of the place, boat rides amidst the water is also quite popular.


 Nai Harn Beach Thailand

This little uncluttered exquisite beach is one of Phuket’s most quaint beaches. The prolific white sand smeared between green heels and crystal clear water has adequate hotels, restaurants, and resorts still managing to maintain the raw feel and the natural essence of the place. The calm and the warm water allure you to enjoy swimming and snorkelling.


Veligandu Island Beach, Maldives

Veligandu Island beach has flawless warm white sand, a barefoot walk on which drifts your mind away from your strains. Marked with a number of luxurious sea-facing resorts with A-class food quality, this beach provides you time to experience the rawness and discover yourself in the magnificent beauty of nature.


Nusa Dua Beach, Indonesia

If you are the person who finds sunrises mesmerizing, then Nusa Dua is undoubtedly the right holiday destination for you. Relax facing the placid sea lying on the warm white sand. The beach also has soccer and volleyball fields, to keep you indulged in the fun part of this place. Lined with a number of shops and vendors this lively beach offers you everything according to your mood.


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