THAILAND: An Adore Country in Southeast Asia


Written by Nikita Chandola.

If you’re thinking to spend your best time in islands or explore the Buddhist temples or enjoy the Thai food then you are on your right track to Thailand. You will discover the best tuk-tuk rides, floating market, week-long beach parties in Koh Phangan, Thailand’s blend of lively beach living and urban energy is fabled for solo, families, friends or couples’ travellers alike. You have so much to see there, so below I have mentioned where and what to do in Thailand.


Have you thought why Bangkok is in the top tourist destination? It’s a bustling capital city of Thailand. Although there is constant smoke, garbage (which you’ll get used to it), crowd, there are still things which a tourist shouldn’t miss.

It’s gateway to the region, but also city of contrast; reasonable and expensive; beautiful and ugly, calm and chaos all at the same time. It may not be the prettiest and a perfect destination picture but it’s home to an unbelievable amount of history, culture, architecture and Food!

Divide your stay, one day for temples and another day to explore more in the city or visit nearby, bustling Pattaya.

You’ll be probably suffering from jet-lag but you have only limited time to spare and make full use of it. Arrive at Grand Palace early when it opens, because it becomes very crowded afterwards. The architecture is mind-blowing and a must-see place. The Temple of Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace are in the same complex so you can cover both at the same time. Try out some tasty street food and head on to next destination Wat Pho (aka The Temple of Reclining Buddha), it’s a beautiful temple with the largest Buddha (reclining) in Thailand. Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) is situated on the west bank of Chao Phraya river, it is the most stunning temple because of its dazzling design and riverside location.

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Wat Arun temple, Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

Next day, explore the big city livin’, like experience the Skytrain it is really an experience in and of itself. Then, visit Siam square a multi-story shopping with a massive collection of brands. Next, you can visit Sky bar if you want, it is an expensive place and not for people with budget limitation. It’s a rooftop bar and you mostly are paying for the view (you’ll get to experience the beautiful view of the city) than the drinks or can either opt for vibrant street life (visiting Khao San road, Chinatown or go to the best nightclubs and bars)… And don’t miss out the Floating market where they sell vegetables and fruits sitting on boats.

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Bangkok streets


Thailand has the best Islands to offer as it provides various opportunities for spiritual, exploration and relaxation even water sports… Either for beach parties or peaceful time, you have dozens to choose from as each is quite distinct from others. Below are a few of my favourite islands, which I will recommend to you.


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A small archipelago in Krabi province is the largest island of the group and only island with permanent inhabitants. Also, my most favourite island with tropical beaches, vivid turquoise water filled with colourful marine life and lots of activities to do like snorkelling, diving, and boat trips to Koh Phi Phi Ley (location for the movie ‘The Beach’). It’s a perfect paradise for everyone!


It is the most famous and busiest tourist islands. One definitely needs to visit this island as it offers beautiful beaches, plenty of choice of leisure and activities, to shopping and perfect nightlife with great choice dining. A perfect party beach trip with friends in this largest island in the country.

 Ko Kai (Chicken Island)

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It is called as Koh Hua Khawan or Koh Poda Nok and sometimes spelt as Koh Gai or Koh Khai meaning ‘Chicken Island’. The Chicken island is derived from the rock formation like the head and neck of a chicken. Most island-hopping tours from Krabi to Phuket take a quick stop here, tourists grab the cool photo opportunity in this picturesque island. The water surrounding the island has superb coral reefs, giving visitors a chance of great snorkelling and scuba diving.

Northern Thailand

Thailand trip doesn’t end here there’re many other beautiful places to explore in Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are two beautiful places to go and explore as both are poles apart. With Chiang Mai the largest city in Northern Thailand & land of misty mountains, colourful hill tribes, a paradise for shoppers and delight for adventurers. A wild child will always find plenty of nightlife here.

Whereas on the other hand, Chiang Rai is an asleep province town with a pleasant atmosphere, compared to Chiang Mai. Though, it doesn’t let you down with its cultural, and historical attractions… but nightlife will be a little less interesting than Chiang Mai. It’s a perfect stay for those chilling out and taking it all slowly, savouring moments as it comes.

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