3 Scariest Travel Stories of Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky, a traveller, shares the scariest travel experiences he had till date in his heart-touching travelogue.

The first experience he shared was of Astana, Kazakhstan in 2017. Being a passionate photographer, he loves on taking photos of each good as well as bad experiencing photos. So as he started taking photographs at 12degree Fahrenheit, such a freezing temperature at that moment, a cop called him and asked for his passport but the traveller didn’t carry at that moment. So he requested the police to allow him to go to the nearby hotel as he lodged there temporarily and also where his passport was to be found. But to his utter surprise, the police didn’t allow him and instead dragged him into the police van heading towards the police station. The traveller was utterly confused, nervous. Out of his nervousness, he took out his wallet and handed over 50 USD dollars to the police. Receiving the money, the police dismissed him. The traveller relaxed now became more cautious in clicking photos in the erstwhile Soviet territories.

The Second travel experience took place in N’Djamena, Chad in 2018. After getting down in this adorable place, a local(alias taxi driver) offered him a ride in this heart touching city so that he gets acquainted with the exciting locations. The former readily agreed. And the two of them started heading on a motorcycle taxi. But as soon as they covered some kilometres, policemen started tugging the local(alias taxi driver). The traveller thought this to be pretty normal. So he didn’t put much interest. The scene continued but up to a point. Finally the local(alias taxi driver) was caught by the police. The latter asked for a license but the driver couldn’t return him the same. It was then found out that the local wasn’t a taxi driver. He was a thief who had stolen the motorcycle taxi. Procrastinating the situation, the thief knocked out the policemen and left the place. The traveller shrewdly moved out of this chaos and dug into a mini-share taxi which stood nearby. Searching for his seat, he found an empty space beside a marsh mellow eating kid, so he sat next to him. Finding the kid interesting, he took a pic. Seeing his photographic session, the driver from the taxi frowned out, dragged him, pulled his shirt, distorted it and finally showcased his knife.

And the scariest experience, Drew Binsky had was in India while travelling from Udaipur to Jodhpur in February 2015. It so happened that in the midnight when everyone was fast asleep including the traveller himself, the driver himself lost control over the brakes. As a result of which the sleeper bus completely overturned. Cries and cries filled the air as everyone was stuck inside the bus unable to breathe properly. Finally, the ambulances came after some of the passengers managed to come out including the foreign traveller. The latter was badly injured as glass pieces stuck his feet. The nurses urged him to take him to the hospital but he insisted to go to Jodhpur. So he caught the next bus and headed to Jodhpur. While he was travelling on his way to Jodhpur, he couldn’t calm himself from the incident he faced at Udaipur.

This article is written by Meenakshi Choudhury.