When music makes your travel awesome

A song that played constantly through a trip to Europe still unleashes a flood of memories. I spent a fortnight eating lavish pizzas in hole-in-the-wall diners in Venice, traveling by train through the breath-taking Bavarian countryside and walking along the Champs Elysee. And Green Day was my constant companion. 21st-century breakdown was a song I liked, grew to hate and then learners to love, because listening to it now brings back inescapable memories from the European holiday. I can just put it on and be transported to our hotel room in Paris, feasting on a box of Macarons and planning how to spend the next couple of days.

Music and travel go together like sun-kissed beaches and Pina Coladas; like fish chips; like warm jackets and hot chocolate- and you probably get the picture. Basically, travel is incomplete without music. Music, in all its forms, is an essential part of the travel experience, whether it be coming from the local radio, burnt CDs or even background music in an elevator.

As a solo traveller, music can be as important to you as a good read or even a new found friend. Music litters travel moments with wonder, as the Backstreet Boys did for me as the makers of the backing track to hours of gushing ravines and peeping castles on a train from Munich to Slovenia. Music can often feel like it’s everywhere, playing hundreds of times on the same radio station, or MTV or even in your hotel lobby, but listening to that particular beat years later triggers a flow of memories you cherish. When you may come across a mundane moment during your travels, which may sound rare but isn’t, music can give you the energy to persevere, to explore and to take on the unexpected.

Listening to a particular song, for me, is often more evocative than going through the gallery of my phone or flipping through a dusty photo album. A picture may say a thousand words, but the right song triggers a million feelings. Hearing a particular song takes me back to a certain time and place.

When I hear Alan Walker’s faded, I get immediately transported to a roadside restaurant in Bangkok. It’s powerful enough that I can almost smell the scent of a bowl of pho and the mint in a mojito. One of the most deceitful moments of my trip last year was when I got stuck on a six-hour bus to Kumarakom with seven percent battery on my iPod and no charger in my bag.

I have found that music and travel are the two things which people find utterly irresistible, and I am no exception.


This article is written by Aarushi Bhardwaj.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

An alluring helmet situated in the city of Himachal Pradesh with Parvati river drenching the green valley Kasol has emerged as the “Tripper’s Paradise”. I was very excited to visit Kasol to seek peace and find loophole from the tiresome schedule. May- June being the ideal time for trekking, I booked my hotel rooms and trek package beforehand.

Kasol is 1580m above the sea level and owing to the location, roads are the only flexible means of transport. The nearest railway station is Pathankot but being no direct trains to Pathankot from my city, I reached Chandigarh, which is approximately 281km from Kasol. By the time I reached Chandigarh, it was around 7.30pm. I had my dinner and by 10 pm I reached sector 43 bus station. I also checked the cab prices but buses turned out to be the most economical option. There are buses from Chandigarh to Bhuntar. The Volvo bus left Chandigarh at 11.15 pm. Being tired from the train journey I dozed off. When I opened my eyes at 4 am I was between beautiful hills and chilling breeze, I was in Bhuntar. After another 4 hours on road between steep roads and staggering view, I finally reached Kasol around 10 am.


Day 1

After having breakfast, I decided to hover around the city. The chilled breeze and the small lanes in the city are enough to pretermit all your worries. After wandering the city with foreigners being a common site, I headed to the famous Malana village. 21km away from Kasol and after an additional 1-hour trek, I reached the secretive meadow of Malana. The place being famous for its hash, people smoking pots was a common view here. I headed to explore the beauty of the place and the beauty kept me bound. After having my dinner here, I headed back to Kasol where I had hotel pre-booked. Booking hotels pre-hand is always the best way to assure you get the stay at fair prices.


Day 2

At 9 am I left my hotel and we were off to trek our way Kheerganga which marks the extreme end of the Parvati valley. Walking amidst green slopes and crossing the coniferous trees, the pristine scenic beauty never gets your eyes away. I witnessed the power of nature in form of varied captivating rock formations. Enroute we halted at a few stops including Shiva Temple and Rudra Naag Waterfall. After about 5 hours of trek, we finally made it to the impeccable surroundings of Kheerganga. After spending the evening relishing soft music around a bonfire and having dinner, I went to my tent to rest.


Day 3

Waking up in laps of nature’s spellbound beauty was one of the most relishing feel ever. After having breakfast, we headed back to Kasol crossing streams and woods. Reaching Kasol around 5 pm and bidding adieu to my camping mates, I had tea and bread at a local tea-shop. Capturing and absorbing all the fun and this mesmerizing beauty, I headed back to catch my train way home to Chandigarh.


The article is written by Shivani Gothwal. Please write comments to modify, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.