4 Ways Remote Work Can Find You the Love of Your Life

Are you single?

Are you still waiting for the perfect man or woman of your life to come to you?

Fair enough! We have the perfect solution for you.

Studies say that a good percentage of remote workers fall in love with someone who also works remotely!

But why is that so?

Because remote work does not only give you ample opportunity to make you believe you have all the potentials needed to work from anywhere, but also it makes you think with whom you really wanna be for the rest of your life.

Sounds super cool… right?

1. Say Hello

My friend Danny has been moving around the world for a couple of years now! It is always better to let you know, I am much younger than him. ( 😉 ).

He is a great affiliate marketer. Surely he does have a huge fan following. That’s a little plus point you know, getting frequent attacks (I mean messages!) from opposite sexes.

One day I asked him about his girlfriend. Generally, we’re very much frank with each other. But you know he was blushing that day. Then he said to me his cute little story about how Danny met his girlfriend from the other end of the world!

It all started one day when the girl was very curious about his job and sent a Hello, How you doing?


A capture that defines love. P.C Pexels

2. Read Your Comments Section before You Sleep

Reviews and comments are two great ways to know what is going on your fans’ mind?

It tells you how good they are reacting to your posts or maybe what should you be improving so that they appreciate you more. Maybe sometimes you get big clients in your comments section that can turn into a huge pay for you.

But what it also says that you probably overlook, Who can be your potential girlfriend?

Well if you are single, you get to know something like Hey, I’m a writer too. Can we discuss any opportunities working together?

Whether you have opportunities in hand or not, you will surely wanna know how his thumbnail picture looks.

Awww… This dude is really hot!

At least enough to make you think twice before you go to bed. Then you would probably have a look at his profile. Then check out other six-packs sexy bottomless shirt flying photos in a beach shot.

Well after that you would definitely look whether he’s really a professional that he claims or not; I mean you must definitely.

If all the features match with what you’re seeking at the beginning, Oh my God!

Next comes the real story. The dating one!


Love is in the air. P.C. Pexels

3. Never miss Nomad Gathering

Whether it’s your first time or more, a gathering of working nomads around the world is always fun!

Mind you, I’m not here to provide gyans on retreats, what’s that or where does it happen!

But for those who have no idea at all- a Nomad Retreat happens in a place where you get to co-live, co-work and have fun for some days with other Digital Nomads around the world!

What you really need to know is travelling all along sometimes can be very much challenging. You get to see a lot of like-minded people having fun together and they will welcome you warmly for whoever you are.

But a lot of people working remotely have accepted the fact that, if you’re all alone, you need to plan your own places, own timings or everything you need to take care of yourself completely.

And of course, there are chances where you need to say a lot of Goodbyes to your fellow nomad friends. This is a really sad part for everyone. But you need to move on with it.

There stays something missing always in your heart. And you know it!

These nomad retreats or gatherings can be very much interesting if you do these things. You find someone impressive. Having a little chat alone can surely make you confirm whether he’s single or not.

And if he is, then try to find out if he’s interested in you or not. A slight inclination would work. If still, he is, here you go.

Go Get Him Girl!

There are various sites, Facebook groups like Nomad Soulmates, where you could get to talk with someone special.

4. Umm… Someone already in Your Friends

Have you ever wondered why this particular guy in your friend’s circle asks her friends about you? What do you do for a living? Which country will be staying this weekend? etc.

Don’t you wonder, why this particular girl likes your every photo you post on Facebook, Instagram first? Does it make sense to you, whatever I’m trying to tell? Well, if it does… man she’s hitting on you!

Now you know what to do. Maybe you would prefer waiting for a few more days. If it happens, again and again, you must do something about it!


What a wonderful view! P.C. Pexels

So the point here is to find the love of your life while doing your remote job. You never know when will that perfect opportunity come. Be open to all possibilities. You might find someone who has all the interests that you have.

You have promised to travel the world. You are not like other people. You have chosen your life that might be full of uncertainties. But there is no point of thinking I can only avail all the expenditures for myself. If you find that the other person who wants to learn and grow just as you do, give the person the right knowledge and opportunity to prove.

You know what we all fear our life. We think it is not possible. But there is always a way to make it possible. There are still chances to make someone feel great.

Give your life a second chance. The magic will upside down your world. You will feel good and loved. The world is really wonderful. This is us who strive to see the beauties around it!

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