Rooftop Photography Contest 2020- Prize Money 200 INR!

Photo by Pixabay.

The Strong Traveller is organising it’s first, exciting and one-of-a-kind ‘Rooftop Photography Contest 2020‘. As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay inside the four walls of our home, the only way we’re left to breathe the pure oxygen is by exploring the sweet rooftop of our homes!

But have we really explored and enjoyed the natural beauty found on our rooftops before the pandemic hit us so badly? Not quite so often… right?

We, at The Strong Traveller, believe that it is the perfect time to take a walk, do some yoga or maybe sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunset from the world’s prettiest, most beautiful and splendid place, our rooftop!

Come on, everyone !!!

If you think you’re absolutely’ busy’ in your life, close your Netflix, turn off the laptop and instead, visit your beautiful rooftop, find out something unique you want to share with us, click some pictures whatever you like and PARTICIPATE at our unique ‘Rooftop Photography Contest 2020!’

Do not forget we have a token of appreciation for the winners!

Winner Prize Money: 200 INR. (Only one winner will be selected after going through a blind-review process!)

The winner will be timely notified and will be featured on our travel blog and other social media platforms.

The next 5 best submissions will not receive any prize money but will surely be featured on our social media platforms.

Entry Fees for each participant: Rs 20/- only (Paytm & Net Banking accepted only)

Deadline: Wednesday, 30th September 2020.

Submit your photography today!

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Rooftop Photography Contest 2020

Rooftop Photography Contest 2020! Apply Here.