Planning a long vacation or just a little break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, beach holidays have always been the first choice. Be it a long family vacation or just a solo trip; the soothing breeze, the blazing blue water, and the infinite extended sky are enough to reminisce when you leave from here. Continue reading “TOP 10 BEACHES IN ASIA”

Top 7 Cruise Lines in the World


Who wouldn’t like to cherish an exotic vacation in a cruise across nations? Cruise lines offer you a superior experience just like we all have admired in the epic romance and disaster film, “Titanic”. International cruises are a perfect option to smell the breeze of the sea mixed with the diverse cultures across continents (and an advantage of socializing with people). So, if you want to experience the sea voyage this vacation season, here are the world’s top cruise lines to take you on an undaunted journey (bet me 😉 ).

1. Crystal Cruise


An American cruise ranked as the best luxury cruise, it is a complete exotic experience with its elaborate detailing of everything from penthouse suits to the epicure dining. It’s over the top experience is complemented by a trip worth reminiscing with various cruises from Europe to Venice and from LA to Miami. I hope you don’t want to miss this one!

2. Azamara Club Cruises

If for you travelling is more about exploring the destinations, Azamara Club cruises give you ample time to wander at various ports. It also ensures that your journey is trouble-free by ensuring you a class suits matching your mood. They also provide you with unparalleled service from the finest dining at sea to a peaceful spa and wellness retreat (as all cruise provides) with a taste of difference like Destination Immersion. Whether it is a romantic trip or you seek some adventures in your life, Azamara has all in store for you!

3. Viking Ocean Cruise

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Spanning across the Europe river Viking’s has a history of germinating from an initial 4 boat company to a current status of having one of the best engineering designed ships across the continents. The Viking River cruises escalate along Russia, China, Southeast Asia and Egypt other than Europe. The magnificent and insouciant architecture with gigantic halls and fine meals can make one love their time in this cruise. You can also visit behind the scenes at world-class museums and view the seldom-seen collections.  This all makes Viking the right choice of cruise line!

4. Silver Sea Cruises

The luxury cruise is designed with incredible and plush accommodation which makes you feel right at home. With its phenomenal and magnificent ships like Silver Muse, Silver Moon, Silver Shadow and many more, Silver Sea Cruises excel in food (ting-ting). Serving food in almost every cuisine: Italian, Asian fusion Indochina, Japanese sushi and a variety of seafood; This cruise line is replete with every comfort like deluxe suits, uncluttered pools and a staff that lionize it’s each & every customer and in addition there’s always something to keep you onboard whether yoga or aerobics or even live performances (I told you, it will feel like home). Have a Visit!

5. Seabourn Cruise Line

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Seabourn lionizes each of its passengers with personalized services and the intimate & embellished decor of it makes the right cruise choice for couples. The expenses of the ship cover everything including delicious meals, well-equipped suits, premium bars, fitness centre and tranquil experience. Seabourn aims to ensure you a vacation you will remember for a lifetime, the little far islands are covered individually to offer you a personal confront with each of the destinations.

6. Seadream Yacht Club

If you do not want to miss out on that little kick of adventure in your journey, Seadream Yacht Club is for you with a slogan, “It’s yachting, not cruising.” That doesn’t mean you will not experience amenities like big ships, the idea is to keep everything casual which makes this cruise line stand out from the rest. This line combines perfectly well with the opulence and the thrill of yachting. You have many reasons to choose Seadream yacht for your this season vacation and one of them is you can sleep under the stars on SeaDream’s signature Balinese dream beds (it’s truly something interesting), it was/is definitely on the bucket list of many;) Make sure to fulfil it!

7. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

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With sailing across 300 ports worldwide, Regent Seven Seas Cruises (formerly known as Radisson Seven Seas Cruises) have focused on building cruise filled with amenities to meet all your requirements, with smaller passenger capacities. Leave your planning and everything to Regent Seven Seas Cruises and drift amidst the waves enjoying the remarkable treatment. This line has luxurious cruises for you to an excursion to shores across the seven seas.


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Pros and Cons of being Selfish on a lone trip

Travelling holds different meanings for each individual; while for some it celebrates the spirit of spending quality time with people close to their hearts, for some other’s it is food to the soul. Every trip has its own benefits and setbacks. Let’s explore what being selfish on a lone trip can lead you into.

Pros of being selfish on a lone trip-

  •  Travelling into “over- friendly” countries like India and some other Middle-Eastern countries, make many travellers wary. Seeing a lone traveller, people tend to offer help, suggestions, company etc, but you need to be precautious; not everyone reflects what’s in their head. Thus, being selfish you can avoid falling prey to such people, thus saving yourself from falling into trouble.
  • Travelling acknowledges the spirit of freedom, the carefreeness, the rawness and an escape from the schedule of the daily life. Thus being selfish on lone trips add a shot of whiskey to your cocktail of life. You can live your freedom, make your own decisions without giving a second thought to it, set your own timings; you are the boss of your life (maybe just temporarily but why not?)
  • YOUR SPEAKERS, YOUR PLAYLIST- Not everyone enjoys the same taste in music, thus in order to avoid listening, “no bro this song ain’t that good” while you play your favorite song. Being selfish lone traveller makes you your DJ!

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Cons of being selfish on a lone trip-

  • If you land up yourself into some trouble like some medical emergency, missing your trains/ flights and being in a totally unknown place, being selfish would only make things worse.
  • As the saying goes, the more the merrier, the true fun in travelling is by being social, meeting new people, getting to know them and explore their lives.
  • Being in a totally new location, unaware of the places, directions, restaurants, hotels; you are very likely to fall into the trap of people trying to fool you by telling you prices higher than the original. Thus, in order to avoid ending up being fooled by such people interacting with the local people of that place and asking them suggestions regarding the same can help you from being tricked.
  • Not being able to split bills is possibly the biggest set back under this category. If you are social and friendly during a lone trip, you may find other groups of travellers or maybe another lone traveller to divide your expenses.

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This article is written by Shivani Gothwal.  Please write comments to modify, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.