Life Hacks You Need To Know While Travelling

Today we are presenting you with a couple of life hacks you need to know before you backpack and set off for your preferred destinations,

1. Smaller the baggage, greater the fun

The purpose of a trip is to leave your heavy baggage behind and travel candidly. So, carry only the essentials.
• Instead of folding the clothes roll them, they would occupy lesser space and will provide more space for other items.
• Do not carry big bottles of requisite items for a small trip. Instead, transfer them into smaller bottles (especially oils, lotion or shampoo) and label them. The lesser the better! And you are good to go ;).

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2. Make checklists

What if, you realized you have forgotten the basic necessary items while travelling? You’re mood get spoiled, isn’t it?! So, make a checklist beforehand and you’ll see packing gets way too easy without forgetting anything. Because nothing is more frustrating than forgetting essentials.

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3. Carry a portable charger

An uncharged phone is the worst mood spoiler. Make sure to keep your phones/ laptops charged, whenever you’re near a source or in your hotel room. Don’t forget to carry a portable charger while travelling you never know when an emergency strikes! After all, an uncharged phone never captures the memories.

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4. Handling your documents

Documents like passports, original id’s and other papers are very precious and losing them may prove to be a headache for you. Therefore, keep the originals in a file and avoid misplacing them. Mail the scanned copy of all your documents to yourself beforehand as a backup.

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5. Use ATMs

Avoid carrying too much cash. Use cash machines to exchange currencies instead of money converters in order to avoid being charged extra fee. It’s always best to use credit and debit cards while travelling, as it is more convenient and safe than carrying lots of cash.

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6. Use your phone to socialize

Mobile phones are truly a companion when travelling solo, or with a partner and you just feel like partying and meet new people; Just search for local places on the internet and blend with the local people to peek into their lifestyle. Enjoy your trip!

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7. Book tickets beforehand

In order to ensure a fair price for your hotels and tickets, pre-book all your stays. Turn on “private browsing” on your browser to protect yourself from the high prices that some sites may offer you, just because you have visited them before.

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 8. Managing your small accessories

A female traveller understands the pain of bracing those little accessories. The best way to keep them arranged is in small boxes. • Tic- tac boxes are perfect to store your hairpins. It keeps them systematic and handy.
• If it’s a short trip, instead of carrying your makeup in original bottles, save space by transferring your base cream concealer, foundation into old contact lenses’ case.
• Your eyeglasses case is perfect to carry your accessories like watches, bracelets, and neck pieces.
• Ensuring that you don’t lose your earrings or a pair of it, use button holes to keep them together.

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9. Keep rechargeable batteries in the refrigerator 

It may sound crazy, but batteries retain about 90% of their power in lower temperatures. So to ensure your batteries remain sufficiently charged, keep them in the refrigerator of your hotel room.

10. Use the wi-fi

While travelling, checking phone becomes rare but at the same time it becomes important to keep your family and friends updated and the internet becomes crucial at that stage and spending on those costly data recharges is not worth. So, use free wi-fi wherever needed or just use the private wifi of some nearby restaurant or hotel. The private wifi can be used by digging the password online from FourSquare. Without worries, you can post your amazing travel pics and can stay connected with your family! Go there, where there is wi-fi!

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11. Don’t buy water at airports

Airport security is strict about carrying the liquids, be it an unopened bottle or an untampered seal… And buying water bottles from the airport will cost you more so, instead carry an empty bottle and refill it once you get past the security check.

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Mark your luggage as fragile and watch how it’s likely to be handled much more carefully than it would have been without the tag. Receiving your baggage first is another bonus.

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13. Offline google maps

Ensuring a constant wi-fi connection becomes impossible while exploring the city. The new google maps version allows you to save map areas and use them later even when you’re offline.

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10 famous cities to visit in South America

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Pros and Cons of being Selfish on a lone trip

Travelling holds different meanings for each individual; while for some it celebrates the spirit of spending quality time with people close to their hearts, for some other’s it is food to the soul. Every trip has its own benefits and setbacks. Let’s explore what being selfish on a lone trip can lead you into.

Pros of being selfish on a lone trip-

  •  Travelling into “over- friendly” countries like India and some other Middle-Eastern countries, make many travellers wary. Seeing a lone traveller, people tend to offer help, suggestions, company etc, but you need to be precautious; not everyone reflects what’s in their head. Thus, being selfish you can avoid falling prey to such people, thus saving yourself from falling into trouble.
  • Travelling acknowledges the spirit of freedom, the carefreeness, the rawness and an escape from the schedule of the daily life. Thus being selfish on lone trips add a shot of whiskey to your cocktail of life. You can live your freedom, make your own decisions without giving a second thought to it, set your own timings; you are the boss of your life (maybe just temporarily but why not?)
  • YOUR SPEAKERS, YOUR PLAYLIST- Not everyone enjoys the same taste in music, thus in order to avoid listening, “no bro this song ain’t that good” while you play your favorite song. Being selfish lone traveller makes you your DJ!

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Cons of being selfish on a lone trip-

  • If you land up yourself into some trouble like some medical emergency, missing your trains/ flights and being in a totally unknown place, being selfish would only make things worse.
  • As the saying goes, the more the merrier, the true fun in travelling is by being social, meeting new people, getting to know them and explore their lives.
  • Being in a totally new location, unaware of the places, directions, restaurants, hotels; you are very likely to fall into the trap of people trying to fool you by telling you prices higher than the original. Thus, in order to avoid ending up being fooled by such people interacting with the local people of that place and asking them suggestions regarding the same can help you from being tricked.
  • Not being able to split bills is possibly the biggest set back under this category. If you are social and friendly during a lone trip, you may find other groups of travellers or maybe another lone traveller to divide your expenses.

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This article is written by Shivani Gothwal.  Please write comments to modify, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.

Top 7 places to visit in the Middle East countries

Across the years the Middle East has emerged as a dear holiday destination for people willing to spend quality time in nature’s warmth replete with rich culture and tradition. The enormous diversity in cuisine evolving over years, with 14 nations distinct in every term yet sharing borders is a typical. Not only is the Middle East flooded with antiquity, but nations like China, Dubai, India with towering buildings, high-tech cities, fine roads and luxurious hotels make the Middle East the right vacation choice.

1. Dubai, UAE
The largest and the most popular city of United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the home of magnificent architectures including Burj Khalifa. With effectual supermarkets, splendid human constructions like the palm island, some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, Dubai is a must visit in the Middle East. The versatile spicy cuisine in enough to make your mouth water. Food, shopping, adventure, tranquillity Dubai promises to offer you all on your trip.


2. Petra, Jordan
The ancient city of Petra is believed to be rooted back to 9000 BC. With having around 27 spectacular sites to gape at Petra is one among the 7 wonders of the world. Away from the ever-changing modern world, Petra is drowned in its own rich history. Ride a camel amidst the arid raw desert and eyewitness the vibrant buildings, sandstone cliff faces and the ruins of what once was a thriving trading center.


3. Tel Aviv, Israel
If you wish to spend your vacations along with a Mediterranean beachside but do not wish to lose out on cosmopolitan metropolis or the smell of history and culture; then Tel Aviv, “The Hill of Spring” (as it translates to English) is the right destination for you. This vibrant city is titled the “Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ by the New York Times. Apart from offering you, incredible UNESCO recognized sites, the city has in the package for you stunning nightlife and luscious food.


4. Cairo, Egypt
The tradition city of Cairo has stood for beyond 1000 years on the banks of river Nile. Apart from the gargantuan and the famed pyramids of Egypt, the captivating architecture of the city like the Arab League headquarters the modern Umar Makram Mosque and beautiful temple provide you plenty of sites to be enchanted by; enjoying shopping and partying simultaneously.


5. Istanbul, Turkey
The largest city of Turkey, Istanbul is a blend of Asian and European culture with diverse heritage and distinguished cuisines. You will witness ancient mosques, churches, and museums existing simultaneously with little-packed bazaars and modern restaurants.

Blue Mosque and Bosporus panorama, Istanbul, Turkey

6. Abu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE maintains it’s rich history and culture giving you distinctly Arabian ambiance. Sites such as Corniche Park, the White Fort, the Heritage Village give you an insight into the Bedouin life and fine restaurants and hotels guarantee you a luxurious stay.


7. Hurghada, Egypt
The tranquil resort town, Hurghada, stretches across an area of 40 km along Egypt’s Red Sea. The turquoise sea water embellished with coral reefs is perfect for people seeking equanimity and planning to spend their vacations windsurfing and swimming. This busy resort town is also an homage to some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling sites.



This article is written by Shivani Gothwal. Please write comments to modify, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.


Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

An alluring helmet situated in the city of Himachal Pradesh with Parvati river drenching the green valley Kasol has emerged as the “Tripper’s Paradise”. I was very excited to visit Kasol to seek peace and find loophole from the tiresome schedule. May- June being the ideal time for trekking, I booked my hotel rooms and trek package beforehand.

Kasol is 1580m above the sea level and owing to the location, roads are the only flexible means of transport. The nearest railway station is Pathankot but being no direct trains to Pathankot from my city, I reached Chandigarh, which is approximately 281km from Kasol. By the time I reached Chandigarh, it was around 7.30pm. I had my dinner and by 10 pm I reached sector 43 bus station. I also checked the cab prices but buses turned out to be the most economical option. There are buses from Chandigarh to Bhuntar. The Volvo bus left Chandigarh at 11.15 pm. Being tired from the train journey I dozed off. When I opened my eyes at 4 am I was between beautiful hills and chilling breeze, I was in Bhuntar. After another 4 hours on road between steep roads and staggering view, I finally reached Kasol around 10 am.


Day 1

After having breakfast, I decided to hover around the city. The chilled breeze and the small lanes in the city are enough to pretermit all your worries. After wandering the city with foreigners being a common site, I headed to the famous Malana village. 21km away from Kasol and after an additional 1-hour trek, I reached the secretive meadow of Malana. The place being famous for its hash, people smoking pots was a common view here. I headed to explore the beauty of the place and the beauty kept me bound. After having my dinner here, I headed back to Kasol where I had hotel pre-booked. Booking hotels pre-hand is always the best way to assure you get the stay at fair prices.


Day 2

At 9 am I left my hotel and we were off to trek our way Kheerganga which marks the extreme end of the Parvati valley. Walking amidst green slopes and crossing the coniferous trees, the pristine scenic beauty never gets your eyes away. I witnessed the power of nature in form of varied captivating rock formations. Enroute we halted at a few stops including Shiva Temple and Rudra Naag Waterfall. After about 5 hours of trek, we finally made it to the impeccable surroundings of Kheerganga. After spending the evening relishing soft music around a bonfire and having dinner, I went to my tent to rest.


Day 3

Waking up in laps of nature’s spellbound beauty was one of the most relishing feel ever. After having breakfast, we headed back to Kasol crossing streams and woods. Reaching Kasol around 5 pm and bidding adieu to my camping mates, I had tea and bread at a local tea-shop. Capturing and absorbing all the fun and this mesmerizing beauty, I headed back to catch my train way home to Chandigarh.


The article is written by Shivani Gothwal. Please write comments to modify, or you want to share more information about the topic discussed above.