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Why The Strong Traveller?

As a child, we used to play with various toys like aeroplanes, boats made of paper. We used to think we’d be travelling with these toys someday anywhere we want. Gradually we grow up! We go to school, college and university then we get into a job for a living. One day while peeking through our old bookshelf, we find a paper boat that we made during a rainy day at home. We could remember we used to play with it in a small stream of water near our door. A small paper boat has such a strong connection with our age-old days. So many memories, so many dreams are now miles apart!

The child within ourselves still keeps on dreaming each and every day to see every nook and corner of this beautiful world. Here at The Strong Traveller, we do not want your dreams to go wasted. We do not want you to miss out the beauty around you. We aspire to be the vocal agent of the child that lies inside you. We wish to wake up The Strong Traveller inside you. We do not believe in luck. Time is too short for us to enjoy the beauty the world has to offer us.

We want to become the change leader and create more leaders like you to lead fellow ambitious people and move ahead without any fear, without any regrets!


How Do We Propose to Lead You?

Leading the people so that they can reach their goals in life by travelling all around the world is not so easy task as it sounds. It requires a big change in your mindset. It requires how you are going to accept what we propose. Overcoming all the barriers in your life would seem difficult to you. But to do that you only need a helping hand, you need a friend to show you the right direction you have always wanted to move on.

Here we come to you as a friend, a philosopher and a guide!


What Do We Do Here?

We are a small group of aspiring people who seek to deliver new edge travel content of places from history, culture, food, people to hotels, transport facilities at your fingertip. The unique feature of The Strong Traveller that separates us from the rest is we also take care of your health while you travel.

The contents we provide from travel diaries to fitness tips are authentic, well-researched and highly recommended by successful people of their respective fields prove our commitment to our service!

Looking for the Man behind the Show?

Arkaprabha Das

Arkaprabha Das is the Founder & Editorial Chief at The Strong Traveller. He has always been a man of many caps. Apart from being an MBA professional, he is a writer and possesses the mind & heart of a true entrepreneur! You can always reach out to him at thestrongtraveller@gmail.com.

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